Chapter 50 – Sequel「Class rep’s Observation Diary『Andou-kun』」

TL: Adzzz

TLC: Kriz

Editor: Forseti

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My name is class rep. I don’t have an actual name….. just kidding. Actually I do have a given name. However, everyone calls me class rep so I’m fine with being called that.


「Class rep, good morning.」

「Good morning, Andou-kun.」


This is Andou-kun. The school’s resident『loner』. As a result of yesterday’s incident, there isn’t anyone in this class who doesn’t even know him. But, there are still only a few classmates who’re trying to get involved with Andou-kun…. That’s right 『a few』.


「Andou-kun, good morning!」

「Ah-…….Good morning.」


This is Yamada. Yeah, if there’s anything that’s changed since the incident, it’s that Yamada has randomly decided to start talking to Andou-kun. Until now, there weren’t any students who had an interest in Andou-kun besides Asakura-san. And after that『incident』occurred, everyone in this class remained hesitant to speak to him. Oh well, since there wasn’t anyone except Asakura-san who talks to Andou-kun from the very start, the person in question doesn’t seem to be that bothered by it though…..


「Hey hey! Are you reading a book chock full of kanji again? Why, is it really that interesting? What’s the title anyway?」

「……It’s a light novel called『Dragons and dogs』(1).」

「Light novel….? Is that some kind of fairy tale?」

「It’s just a Narou novel ……」


Oh well, even though their conversation’s rather stilted, stupid Yamada still persists in talking to Andou-kun everyday regardless of the『Let’s just ignore Andou-kun』air that permeates the classroom. That is….. Well, I wouldn’t hesitate to bump my evaluation of Yamada from stupid to idiot if he is really doing this because he’s concerned of Andou-kun being treated as a pest by the class but his true objective is….


「So! Seriously, how did you get Asakura-san to talk to you anyway!?」



……There it is. In other words, stupid Yamada did not start talking to Andou-kun out of kindness. He just thinks that if he could be close to Andou-kun, he can indirectly get closer to Asakura-san.


「Heey! Andou, tell me~~」



Aah– Yamada’s really annoying…… What should I do about this?


「Hey? It’s okay if you only tell me Asakura-san’s type, you know?」


And he just shamelessly changed his demands…… No, wait a sec?


「Can’t be helped……

I’ll tell you then」*smirk*


「Uh huh, but i don’t want the other classmates to know, so come closer.」*whisper*whisper*

「O, okay!」




Andou-kun, really, just because Asakura-san has yet to arrive and you’re bored, don’t you start any funny business here.


「Yamada, I’ll only say this once so listen carefully okay?」*whisper*whisper*


「Asakura-san……likes a guy who has confidence in his physical strength.」←Big Fat Lie

「Are you serious!?」

「Yep! I’m the one who said it so there’s no mistake.」←Big Fat Lie

「Bu, but…… How do you show off your physical strength anyway?」

「Then, I have a brilliant idea…… Wanna hear it?」

「Yeah, tell me!」

「First, you’re going to run ten laps around the school topless.」


「Then, when you come back, you’re gonna shout『Fuuh! I worked up a good sweat! Today is another hustle, muscle! My body is muscle!』.」

「O, okay……? Hey, Andou? Will this really work? I feel like you’re pulling my leg…… And, I don’t really get why I have to be topless and do 10 laps around the school anyway?」

「You idiot, Yamada! This Stupi-da!(2)」


「You see? The reason you’re being topless is to bring out your pheromones.」

「Ph, pheromones!?」

「Yeah, being topless releases pheromones, don’t you know that?」

「Right! Certainly……」




Yeah, it certainly would come out…… For a perverted animal that is.


「And the reason for doing 10 laps around the school is simple.」

「The reason being!?」



「If you run 10 laps around the school topless,『chakra』would somehow come out right?」

「Yeah, certainly!」




No, it won’t.


「So that’s why….. If you get it already, then start running around the campus!」

「Alright! Thanks for telling me this, Andou!」


Rattle*rattle ~~ Slam!


「Fuu~ Finally I can read my light novel……」

「Oi, Andou. Can we talk for a bit?」






Isn’t that Yasuda-kun and Sawatari-kun who often hang out with Yamada-kun? I wonder what they’re doing? No way, are they going to get back at Andou-kun because he made a lot of fun of Yamada-kun!?




I’m fairly sure……The one with the bald head is Yasuda? And that flashy fellow who keeps saying『Word』is Sawatari, I guess?


「Yasuda and Sawatari…. right? What’s up?」

「What do you mean ‘right’…. You, at least remember the names of your own classmates. No, well, recently Yamada’s always talking your ear off you see…. Don’t you think it’s annoying?」

「Eh, annoying……?」


Why is Yasuda asking me something like that?


「Word! Loowks, here. Because Yasuda is Yamada’s childhood friend, he’s always had to step in and clean up Yamada’s mess, you see! Such a good catcher (3), ain’t he? And so, he’s worried since lately Yamada’s also making a pass at you.」

「Hey! Don’t say unnecessary things, idi- Sawatari!」

「Word! Soz!」


Aah, so that’s what it was. I only thought Yasuda as a baldy riajuu athlete but he also has the misfortune of trying to look after that pain in the ass Yamada huh……


「Yeah, it’s super annoying.」


I see. I have to properly convey my protest to the person in charge.


「O, ok…… Sorry for that. Huh, you’re unexpectedly honest ….. Well, if Yamada gets too annoying, don’t hesitate to call me. I’ll set him straight」


「’Kay, I’ll remember that.」

「Sorry. That’s all.」


Fuuh, Yoshida always hung out with noisy guys like Yamada and Sawatari, but unexpectedly, he has his own hardships. It’s Yamada and Sawatari after all. 



「Hm, What’s wrong, Andou? You’ve been staring at my head for some time now?」

「Nothing. Just, the reason you’re bald was because of Yamada, isn’t it? That’s what I was pondering over……」

「Andou, you’re a surprisingly rude fellow, aren’t ya?」

「Word! Andou, Yoshida’s bald because he keeps rolling in the baseball club, ya knoowz!」

「Ah, so that’s why.」


I thought for sure that he balded from stress because of Yamada……




Somehow, I get the reason why Andou-kun was a loner all this while.


「A, Andou-kun!」

「Ah….. Asakura-san」

「Oh, then, we’ll be taking our leave……」






Yoshida-kun, you read the mood. Thus, being aware of it, Andou-kun and Asakura-san who seem to be uncomfortable can only look away, blushing innocently~~ Well, they’re still not going out though……


「……Mo,morning. Andou-kun.」

「Asakura-san, morni――」




「Fuuh! I worked up a good sweat! Today is another hustle, muscle! My body is muscle!」




Ya, Yamadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! This guy, why can’t you read the mood and not destroy the moment time and time again! Swallow a piece of Yasuda-kun’s hair and learn from him, wouldn’t you!? But, Ah…. That’s impossible huh.


「G, good Morning! Asakura-san」

「Nn! Yeah, so about the novel you recommended before……」

「Aah!『LV 9, 99 Townsman』(4). What do you think of it?」


「Fuuh! I worked up a good sweat! Today is another hustle, muscle! My body is muscle!」


「……It, it’s so interesting! Especially the concept of raising your level by sacrificing your lifespan to the world and the battle scene!」


「Today is another hustle, muscle! My body is muscle~~~!」


「…………It was awesome!」

「……Y, yeah. If that’s the case, there are others I would recommend――」

「What, what is it!? Tell me, Andou-kun!」

「Okay!『I’m a cloud so――』(5)」


「Hustle, Hustle! Muscle! Muscle! My body is――」



「――musc! W, what is it? Asakura-san?」






Well, since that incident… It seems that it’ll be getting quite noisy around Andou-kun.


Translator Notes:

  1. Refers to 猫と龍 (The Cat and the Dragon). A Japanese light novel series that’s been serialized into a manga.
  2. Andou called him Bakada. A combination from the word Baka (stupid) and his name, Yamada. It rhymes.
  3. The word Uke (受け) has two meanings. One meaning is a catcher in baseball. The other is a submissive partner of a homosexual relationship.
  4. Refers to LV999の村人 (Level 999 Villager). A Japanese light novel series published on 2015 by Hoshitsuki Kitten and illustrated by Fuumi.
  5. Refers to 蜘蛛ですが、なにか? (I’m A Spider, So What?). A Japanese light and web novel series written by Baba Okina.


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