Chapter 29 – Is it done by the same human being?

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Remembering the feeling of my body being pulled towards something, I jumped up to my feet at that disgusting presence.

I worked hard until Mooks-san came back, and when Mooks-san returned late at night I went home together with him. I was sleeping on the bed when I had a really bad feeling and woke up. I could still feel the unpleasant sensation. This had never happened before. I became confused because I didn’t know what it was. How should I describe the internal body? The external mana essence was extremely disturbed.

I tried to calm down the sense of discomfort that was running through my confused head and body, and after thinking for a while, I suddenly realized something.

Did something happen to the men in black!? I immediately probed for the mana essence of the magic but it was disconnected. Beside me cancelling the magic myself, it would naturally be released if the target person died. That’s right, it being disconnected meant that the men in black were about to die. It turned out just like Suou said it would.

I instinctively clicked my tongue and immediately cast detection magic zeroing in on the mana essence but nothing could be detected. I searched but there were forty people similar to the time when I put up a barrier. Yet I couldn’t detect anyone else apart from those forty people.

Even if there were no enemies, it was strange to have no guards over there. But why did the mana essence turn into scraps? I casted protection magic over them but why do they seem like they are about to die…did I fail?

I jumped down from my bed and took the robe that was hanging on a nearby chair…but I stopped there. Currently it was the middle of the night, and the moment I left the room I would be discovered by Mooks-san and moreover, how would I enter the royal castle? What do I do when I’m there in the first place? Clearly speaking, whatever happens to the men in black has no direct relation to me. I did what I could at the Agency. On top of that, what will I do from now on?

The only thing I know is that if it’s left as it is, the only clue that can possibly lead to the guys targeting Kei-san and Ani-san might disappear. Moreover, in the form of dead people. I unconsciously clenched my jaws.

[When I thought you suddenly woke up, you stiffen and when I think that’s the end you suddenly jump off the bed and grab your robe and then stiffen again. A kid is truly an existence I don’t understand. What is it that you want to do?]

My body instinctively jumped up. I turned around with great momentum and near the bed…Suou was on my bedside. Why was this guy here!? Why didn’t I notice!? He was really close!? No, now isn’t the time for that…no! This is also a problem! Ahh, my head is confused!!

[I don’t know why you are here but I don’t have the time to deal with you right now!]

After my declaration I started thinking again. Right now I won’t have time unless I think about what I should do. Even though I was in a hurry, I sent murderous intent towards the guy who was talking in a carefree manner.

[Ah~, is it perhaps the royal castle? Something probably started moving.]

I unconsciously glared at Suou who was speaking whilst being so easygoing.

[What? Whatever happens to those guys shouldn’t matter to a kid like you right?]

Suou, who was being carefree, asked with narrowed eyes. His eyes seemed to be probing for something but I didn’t have the time to care about it.

[That’s right. But someone important might experience something dangerous again because of it. Moreover, when I know someone is dying and I can feel it…]

Even now I could sense the continuous disturbance of the mana essence and I held my chest. An unpleasant presence invaded my whole body.

[Important you say, is it more important than yourself? That shouldn’t be. Moreover, it is normal for people to die. At that moment, the reasons are each to their own. That is their life. It does not concern you. You being like this, aren’t you just being a hypocrite? Or is it that you’re just an extremely soft-hearted idiot or you’re trying to be the good guy?]

I was dumbfounded at Suou’s words. That’s right, I do know. I know it has nothing to do with me. But something got caught in my chest. Thinking about what that was, I suddenly came to understand it and got shocked. However, I accepted it.

[It’s not for someone’s sake. I act for myself. That’s all it is. Just a good person, I’m not quite sure, but it’s just for self-esteem.]

That’s right, Kei-san and the others certainly worried me, but more than that, it’s the magic I casted on them. At that time, I left it to my irritation when I used the magic. It was magic I casted without thinking much about it, and moreover it was negative magic. It might be an exaggeration but it involved the lives of the men in black. Due to the exercise of my magic, it had happened. It was only a mishap, but what if it led to death as a result?

The magic I casted lightheartedly without any resolution, after hearing today’s events and the importance of it, I just wanted to do something about the guilt inside me. I was shocked when I understood my thoughts, but once you admit something you can accept it and fix it.

Yup. Since the aftertaste is bad, I want to erase it, even if it’s just a little. That’s all there is to it, nothing difficult. If it’s at a degree where I won’t die, then all I need is to do it. I was refreshed after thinking about it when Suou suddenly started to speak. You are so annoying.

[Is that so? Then I’ll go to the royal castle and kill those guys. Since you did save me I’ll erase the debt with this.]


[I’m saying I’ll go to the royal castle for you. I can easily enter the royal castle. I’ll find those dogs and save them if I can. Though I feel it’s a bit late.]

No, wait, you can’t enter the royal castle that easily. But it would be great help if he did actually go. However, if he said it doesn’t concern me then it shouldn’t concern him either, no, rather than me it doesn’t concern him. This guy, after saying all that just a moment ago, he really doesn’t make sense.

[No, I refuse. I’m doing it for my own satisfaction so I should do it myself. It’ll be strange to ask someone else to do it for me.]

That’s right, it’s strange to ask a person to do it for me when I’m just doing it for my own fulfillment. Even more so when it’s something dangerous.

[I know that it’s going to be dangerous so I won’t ask you to do it. I’ll go myself so you just go home already. Also, you were talking about a debt just a moment ago but that was also an extension of my self-satisfaction and I only happened to help you so there’s no debt. Don’t worry about it.]

After saying that, I closed my eyes and enlarged the image of taking in mana essence and transferring it. Suou still seems to be here but I don’t care. There’s no time. The magic mana essence is rapidly becoming disarrayed and is about to disappear. It means that the lives of the men in black are in danger.

Teleport…I think you can teleport if you use mana essence as coordinates. I haven’t tried it with a person. But if I can do it with objects there is no way I can’t do it with people. That’s how magic is!! Definitely.

Also after this, I won’t be able to experiment with other living things so all I have to do is try it myself. If there is something I have, it is myself. Though I’m an idiot to come up with such an emergency measure.

I took a breath and clad my whole body with mana essence and further strengthened the coordinates. I could strongly sense the coordinates. When the surroundings started to glow, a thin light and the mana essence started to revolve around me, and my right arm was grasped. Grasped!? Unexpectedly, when I gazed towards that direction Suou was holding onto my arm. That’s the only thing I can think of, but this guy is really an idiot!! The mana essence for the transfer started to wrap around Suou as well.

You can’t cancel the revolving mana essence during the teleport. If I cancel it, I won’t make it in time. I unconsciously clicked my tongue.

[You, cut it out already!? Do you want to die!? Ahh??]

Use mana essence to further cover the body, strongly sense the coordinates and strongly imagine transferring two people. So as not to be separated in various meanings, so it doesn’t fall apart!!

As it is, the thin light became a flash and wrapped around the surroundings. After a moment the light disappeared and we stood in the middle of darkness. My right arm was still being tightly grabbed onto. His presence was also still there.

I haven’t checked it yet but it’s not my room. It seems that the teleportation was successful and safe. The moment the light went out, I almost wanted to complain but I stopped. No, I couldn’t say it.

I knew that we successfully teleported without even looking because of the smell of blood permeating around me. Quite a lot. Its viscosity was to the extent that it would make you choke on it. The air was extremely stagnate.

When my eyes got used to the darkness, I observed the surroundings to the point of where I can see only and became lost for words. It was a picture of hell. The floor was a pool of blood and the walls, ceiling and everything was stained with blood. Several places probably had pieces of meat stuck onto it. Bloody chains were dangling from the walls. It was probably previously connected to the men in black because something that looked like a person was crouched under the chains. I wonder if he is still alive?

What did they do, for it to become like this? Is it something a human being would do, is it something they could do…. I started to tremble unconsciously.

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