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Idle talk 2 : The Case of Iwase Kyōko(39).

Yesterday at night, the bodywash was all used up in the bath.
Today this morning, when she thought of having cafe au lait, the milk ran out.
The train which she thought would be empty because of the Saturday, got delayed because of a breakdown.

And now,

(Damn it……I forgot the necessary materials today……)
Iwase Kyouko (39) was working at a publishing house.
A workaholic, her hobby was surfing the net.
She took pride(?) in herself for not being one to show superiority, but often she was told by her male friends, 「You have a female teacher-like appeal.」. She didn’t know what that meant but it surely in her mind seemed innocent .

(…………For the time being, let’s calm down.)

She was planning to write a report on the state of the shoot of the model that was going to run in the magazine, by sitting along his side, but had forgotten the necessary materials in the office.

(I might have been too high in spirits for Miroku-san’s shoot today……)

Lately, with his job in several volumes of magazines becoming abundant, the model Miroku was very popular with the staff at work.
She was planning a report on the secret of that popularity.
Basically, she remembered her colleague, who had been taking a leave on Saturday, telling her「I’m envious that you got to be in Miroku’s shoot!!」the first thing in the morning. Didn’t her colleague say that she was meeting a friend at a cafe near their office?
She gave a call to her colleague at once.

「I’m sorry, that’s the case, it’s left lying about my desk though……」

<But it can’t be helped that I have to bring her along, Kanohi will get angryー>

The one she called Kanohi must have been her friend. There have been many times when the people of this industry were called in, even on a holiday. This time, it had been Kyōko’s fault, she thought it must be inexcusable ……When it suddenly came to her mind.

「That’s right, how about we let that Kanohi-san visit the shoot too?」

<Eh? Would it be alright? >

「It’ll be alright if it’s just one person. It’s not as if Miroku-san is an artist. I’ll get permission.」

Getting an OK from the staff, she then apologised to her colleague who had brought the materials and her friend, and thus was then forgiven.
As always, the shoot ended with everyone being healed by Miroku’s Prince Smile……While they were lost in their thoughts, the panic of her colleague’s friend collapsing from a nosebleed…….
It was no laughing situation for her. The thing that came to mind seeing such a direct smile of his was, 「It’s gonna be me tomorrow」.
Seeing a flustered Miroku carrying her in a Princess carry[1], her colleague muttered 「I don’t know if I should tell anyone about this or not. Kanohi’s blood will overflow.」…….
「Ah, Iwase-san

After talking about various things to all the staff at the shoot, Miroku, who was attending to the collapsed woman, called out to Kyōko. Kyōko was drawn back .

「Pardon me, you know my name??」

「Yeah, I used to do sales in the past, and I only pride myself in my ability to remember people’s names and their face.」

「What’s with that 『only』? Miroku-san comes with many talents.」

「Haha, thank you.」

Seeing Miroku give a bashful laugh, her heart started beating loudly. In order to only not get a nosebleed, even if her face was all red, Kyōko maintained her senses, firing up.

「Ah, Is it alright if I take a bit of your time just before you return home? For this shoot , I want to put together a special feature on Miroku-san’s popularity at the shoot as a tidbit.」

「Eh! ? Mine!? Uwa, I’ll be glad to!」

Unable to face Miroku, who suddenly gave a bright smile, when she lowered her gaze a bit to look at her materials, Kyōko felt a person’s warmth on her cheek.
It wasn’t as if she had a hunch.
Soft black hair brushed past her face, and she could feel Miroku’s soft breaths. Kyōko was troubled and unable to move due to the sudden occurrence . She’s only Kyōko, yet Miroku closed in with his face, and came close enough to touch her shoulders.

「Iwase-san, are you wearing perfume?」

Miroku spoke while in such a posture. A pleasant tenor[2] tickled her ears, and Kyōko nodded her head, desperately holding onto her consciousness.

「Ahh, I smelt something good when I moved closer. It’s smells like something my elder sister bought some time ago.」ii

「It’s not……a perfume ……Maybe it’s a strong scented soap……」

Kyōko somehow squeezed out her voice. But still, Miroku held his face in close, 「Was it dark cherry, where did nee-san buy it?」and muttered. Sniffing and enjoying Kyōko’s scent like a dog, Miroku didn’t know the thing called self-respect.

「U-Um, I know where it’s sold.」

Miroku suddenly pulled his face away. She felt a bit regret, but she thought it’s good for the sake of her heart.
Kyōko quickly wrote the location of the sundry store that sold the soap on a memo page.

「They should regularly stock this brand’s bath goods here.」

「Wa, thank you!」

Taking Kyōko’s hand, which held the memo, Miroku was glad. Kyōko, who had her hand pulled, saw Miroku’s face at close proximity. His surprisingly long eyelashes and thin lips bewitchingly formed a smile. At a distance where she could even feel his sigh, Kyōko‘s consciousness became distant.

(Ahh, his face is close, I’m so happy, but it’s painful.)

He smiled sweetly, gently pulling away his hand, Kyōko returned a light bow to Miroku who left, pleasantly waving his hand.
And like that Kyōko’s knees gave away weakly.
The staff nearby who saw, called out to her, saying 「How unfortunate.」and 「Here, water」.
Miroku was popular with the staff on the site, but they felt panic at the occasional bomb of the air headed lady-killing pheromones.
It was something like a natural disaster that only the people at the site knew of, but of course not being written in Kyōko’s report, it became some sort of an unspoken agreement.

As for who’ll become the next time’s scapegoat(?)……God only knows.

T/N –
1. Thisƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ
Don’t blame me, this was the first image google-sensei gave.

E/N –
In vocal ensemble we have 4 voicings. Ranged from lowest to highest we have: bass, tenor, alto, and soprano. Miroku’s voice is a tenor which isn’t actually special (his voice is sort of deep)… In context his voice probably had good tone.

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