You may have read it already but MoMoe has just wrapped up the final story chapter to Flowers Reflecting the Sky (FRS). She’s come so far since she first started with us. There are a few more extras to FRS but otherwise, it’s more or less completed. Well done for completing your first novel, MoMoe~

If you love Flowers Reflecting the Sky and would love to read more of MoMoe’s translations, do check out Thousand Autumns and Qizi.

Thousand Autumns is a danmei novel that follows two people as they battle their values in a dog eat dog world. Will lawful good triumph? Or will lawful evil reign supreme?

A thrilling story set in a distant future, Qizi follows two people trapped in a relationship predetermined by an age-old ceremony. What will become of the two as they learn to deal with the circumstances that befell them?




Whilst we bid adieu to FRS, another novel arrives to fill the void~ *pops party poppers* Join me in welcoming Divorce: This is a Trivial Matter! (DTTM) ♥♥♥

My dearest friend and longtime Chestnut devotee, Kiseki from Radiant Translations helms the project along with her sidekick TLC Midnight and editor Kidyeon to churn this lovely out for us. Now, many may have read on NUF that this was originally going to be handled by one of my longtime collaborators, Mikan from Orange Translations. However, due to her busy schedule and after much discussion, it was decided that Kiseki would work on it instead.

Let me say firstly how grateful I am to have Kiseki on our site. I can’t think of a better person to translate this project than her. As the person who brought us Chestnut novels, I can’t thank her enough for introducing such a wonderful novelist to me.

Second, I’m thrilled that Chestnut fans can finally get closure. Also, come on! I desperately want to know how Xiao Yan and Yang Wei are going to get back together. (>.>;;; Yes. Ahem. *coughs* I totally do not have ulterior motives behind this *coughs*

Lastly, this novel then marks the “complete on-going” translations of all published Chestnut novels to date. Woohoo~ This does not include her new novel Gently Longing for the Vast Sky that’s releasing sometime soon. If you’re interested to translate this novel with us, don’t hesitate to send us an application email \o/! Come, come! I can’t wait for more Chestnut novels to be translated. Woots woots!

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