Chapter 51

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A climax that I was well-accustomed to finally ended, and I laid motionlessly from exhaustion. The shackles that bound me only left me inches of space to move, and yet I didn’t even have the energy to budge. I was defeated with my wings broken.

However, the twins did not leave immediately after their lust was sated like they usually did. Instead, they took out the keys and gently released the locks on my limbs and neck.

I couldn’t believe what they were doing. What was this supposed to mean? Were they finally setting me free?

“You’re letting me go?” My voice was hoarse after not speaking for so long.

“Mhm. We’ll go out together in a little bit.” Zhao Yi Xuan spoke softly and helped me put on a faded pink dress.

I already couldn’t remember how to express the excitement inside me. Finally. I could leave this narrow cage.

After cleaning up, we left that small stifling room in the basement. Since my eyes hadn’t seen the sunlight for so long, they shut reflexively when they encountered the blinding light outside.

Zhao Yi Bo immediately grabbed my waist and steadied my unstable body.

“Be careful!” he said tenderly.

He picked me up and didn’t put me down until we had gotten into Zhao Yi Xuan’s car.

The car quickly sped away from the Zhao residence.

“Where are we going?” My happiness from obtaining freedom very quickly died away. Terror about the unknown once again filled my thoughts. Where were they bringing me? Was it just another cage?

“Don’t worry, we’re just going to the hospital for a routine checkout.” Seeing how I was desperately trying to conceal my anxiety, Zhao Yi Xuan gently comforted me.

I slightly calmed down a little, but I still didn’t trust them fully. I had been trained too well to know this.

Yuhe Hospital sign soon appeared in front of me, and I knew this was a first-rate hospital under the banner of the Zhao clan. I was admitted here when I had tried to kill myself. After the car was parked in the garage, we immediately took the elevator to the department of obstetrics and gynecology on the fourth floor. Several senior leading physicians of the OB/GYN department were there waiting for us.

Not knowing what was happening, I was pushed by the doctors into the examination room, and they conducted a series of tests. Didn’t they say we were all coming for a routine checkup? Why was I the only one being examined? Furthermore, this was the OB/GYN clinic?

By the time I came out of the clinic, my mind was completely white.

I’m pregnant?!

I left the hospital in stupefaction as I sat blankly in Zhao Yi Xuan’s car. By the time we got home, I still didn’t know what sort of reaction I was supposed to have.

“You still haven’t gotten a hold of yourself yet?” Zhao Yi Xuan patted my cheeks with a little concern.

The feeling of his touch on my face caused me to instinctively turn to face him, but my eyes were still dazed.

“Ah…” I suddenly felt something cold on my neck, and it thoroughly jolted me back to my senses. Zhao Yi Bo had taken an ice cube and had rubbed it against my neck. I hastily squirmed away.

“Bo, don’t bully her.” Zhao Yi Xuan pushed away his hand.

“I just want to help her get a hold of herself sooner.” Zhao Yi Bo said innocently.

“Sweetie, you’re pregnant.” Zhao Yi Xuan pulled me into his arms with a smile on his face, and his chin caressed the top of my head repeatedly.

“Xuan, you want to keep the child?” Zhao Yi Bo suddenly turned grave.

“Yes. You don’t want to?” Zhao Yi Xuan lifted his head and looked straight at Zhao Yi Bo’s exceptionally severe expression.

“I definitely don’t want to keep it,” Zhao Yi Bo said coldly. “Actually, I already arranged with the doctors to have the abortion tomorrow.”

“How could you do that? The child will carry our blood. Didn’t we always want to have a happy family, a loving wife, and a few lively children?” Zhao Yi Xuan angrily released me, stood up, and confronted Zhao Yi Bo.

“I wanted to have a happy family and a loving wife, but I didn’t want any children. There is only one Qing Xia, and I am okay if the two of us share, but I refuse to put up with other people, even if it’s our own children. Besides, have you forgotten how Yan Shui Lin’s sister died?” Zhao Yi Bo refused to back down.

Yan Shui Lin’s sister? I think I had once heard Yan Shui Lin say that she had a difficult childbirth, and neither she nor her child could be saved.

Zhao Yi Bo’s words struck Zhao Yi Xuan still like lightning. There was nothing he could retort with, but he also couldn’t say to get rid of the child. He stormily turned around and walked towards the library, wanting to escape from this difficult choice.

After Zhao Yi Xuan left, Zhao Yi Bo’s firm expression disintegrated to pieces. He rubbed his face with his exhausted hands, and he called for Mama Yu.

“Mama Yu, take good care of her.” After saying this, he left to go upstairs.

“Miss…” Mama Yu hesitated for a moment before she couldn’t hold back from asking me. “Do you want to keep the child?”

Do I want to keep it? I don’t know!

Perhaps because I was pregnant, or perhaps because they thought I was too shocked from the news of my pregnancy to even consider running away in this short period of time, I was not sent back to that stifling room in the basement. I wasn’t forced to wear shackles that restricted my movement either. Instead, I returned to the room I originally lived in.

I laid on the large, neatly made, soft bed thinking that I should try and make sense out of this enormous mess, but it was simply impossible for me to do it.

In the evening, Mama Yu brought dinner to me. By this point, I was extremely used to eating inside the bedroom, but today I didn’t have an appetite.

After Mama Yu delivered my food, she didn’t leave immediately. Instead, she hesitantly stood beside my bed wanting to say something, but in the end she decided against it. She gave a sigh and turned around to leave.

I didn’t want to guess what she was thinking of saying to me, because I didn’t want other people’s thoughts to influence me. This was another important choice in my life, and I didn’t want to regret it.

The curtain of night gradually descended, and the world slowly become tranquil. I remained in deep thought. The twins did not come to my room, perhaps because they wanted to give me time to think alone, or perhaps because they needed their own time to digest this extremely surprising news.

Amidst the silence, I suddenly felt like there was something that was moving inside of me. Rationally speaking, I knew this was impossible. A six-week-old fetus could not be felt by the mother, but I felt moved inside my heart regardless.

This was the movement of a new life.

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