Chapter 53 – [Epilogue] Zhao Yu Xiang’s Diary #1

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Today we had music class, and we had Mrs. Hong who has the crappiest voice ever. She taught us to sing that stupid corny song, “My Family is So Happy”. I seriously don’t get why kids these days need to learn these childish songs that are a total waste of time.

Even though I totally didn’t want to do it, I still opened my mouth and sang along with everyone else. Mom says that no matter what I do, I still have to act according to my current age and position. I’m just an ordinary five-year-old kid in school, and I’m not any genius or son of the Zhao clan. As such, I still need to act with the same amount of childishness that other kids my age had.

When we were about halfway through the song, Little Tian who was sitting next to me suddenly burst out crying and sprayed a pile of snot and tears everywhere. It was disgusting. It was nothing like the beautiful scene every time Mom cried, which would make your heart ache on the inside. It’s no wonder that the two big men in the house get frazzled like the world is ending every time they see Mom’s tears.

Mrs. Hong immediately ended this song that sounded like murdering chickens and hurriedly rushed over to ask what was wrong. Little Tian said that her mom and dad got divorced, so from now on her dad wouldn’t come anymore. At home there was only her and her mother, so she really didn’t want to sing about her family being happy.

Idiot! Childish! Stupid! She’d cry so loudly for such a dumb reason? I looked at Little Tian’s bawling mouth with disdain.

I was actually slightly jealous of the fact that she could monopolize her mother. I also really wanted to live alone with my mom, but from a series of unfortunate events in the earlier half of my life, I knew that this was impossible. My dads wouldn’t allow Mom to spend any attention or energy on anyone else, even their own son.

Other people only had one father. I on the other hand had Dad and Papa who were always fighting for Mom’s attention with me. The two of them are seriously despotic and selfish people. Even if I get close to Mom, they’d give me a treacherous glare with their eyes, like wolves already marking their prey. If I ignore their warnings and cling closely to Mom, one of them will find an excuse to lure Mom away, while the other would stay with me to teach me a lesson.

That was why I hated them the most! They are my number one enemies in life!

My biggest dream is that one day I’ll be able to defeat them and kick them out of the house so they wander the streets as beggars. Then I’ll be able to live happily ever after with Mom.

This was why I’ve started to observe them. I want to find out their weaknesses and learn how to defeat them.

However, after examining for a while, I discovered that my dad, Zhao Yi Bo, is definitely a dangerous and ruthless two-faced man. Whenever I made him angry, he’d always smile warmly and kindly say that I’m just a child in front of Mom, but as soon as she was gone, his face would immediately become frightening and he’d use crude methods to punish me. One time he tied a rope around my waist and hung me from the balcony, and I spent the day suspended there. To this day, I’m very afraid of heights.

As for my papa Zhao Yi Xuan, even though he always looks very cold and gloomy, his heart is a little gentler than Dad’s. When I deliberately cling to Mom and take up his time with her, he at most will punish me by sending me to the library to study.

The two of them basically don’t have any weaknesses. Their only vulnerability is Mom, but she is also my weakness.

Nonetheless, it should still be okay. I will live longer than them, so Mom alone will be mine in the end.


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TL Note: “My Family is So Happy” is an actual real song. You can listen to it here.

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