Chapter 55 – [Epilogue] Zhao Yu Xiang’s Diary #3

Translator: XHu

Editor: Isabelle

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Today was family health checkup day.

Dad and Papa paid close attention to everyone’s health in the family, so everyone in the family had a thorough physical exam every year.

It’s really because the older and richer people get, the more afraid of dying they are!

There are many tests I didn’t need to get since I was just a twelve-year-old boy. I finished my exam very quickly — I was growing nice and strong just like last year.

Dad and Papa accompanied Mom to the gynecology clinic, and I didn’t know where Grandma Yu went. I could only wait in the hospital’s president’s office to wait for them to find me.

After a while, I suddenly saw Dad’s car drive away from the hospital through the window, and I froze. I wasn’t even in the car. How could they just leave without me? Could it be that after raising me for twelve years, they couldn’t put up with me clinging to their wife, so they decided to finally abandon me?

I hurriedly ran out to go find the hospital president to have him send me home. I didn’t have any money on me, and I didn’t have any way of taking a cab. I also didn’t want to burden my fragile legs to walk home, so I could only trouble the hospital president to serve as my chauffeur for now.

When I got home, I didn’t see my fathers. Only Grandma Yu was sitting alone in the living room staring blankly. From time to time, she’d smile, but then she’d look worried. What was up with her? Could it be that there was bad news from the checkup? Even though I loved Mom the most, Grandma Yu was the person whom I loved second most. I hadn’t fully demonstrated my appreciation for her yet, so she better not have gotten any problems.

Seeing the worried look on my face, Grandma Yu hurriedly told me her examination results. Her body was very healthy, and she could live another twenty years without issue. Hearing this, I felt relieved.

However, Grandma Yu said that it was Mom’s exam that had some issues.

My entire body immediately froze.

There was something wrong with Mom’s body?

I hastily rushed upstairs, wanting to find Mom’s room to ask her properly. However, her room was locked. I banged with all my strength, desperately wishing I could smash open the door and force my way in.

The door opened, and the person who came out was Dad, who normally always had a false smile on his face. However, right now, there was no fake smile on him — there was only ice cold fear.

He only said one phrase to me — “Get out.”

This was my first time seeing him so out of control. I was frightened out of my wits. Even after Grandma Yu took me downstairs to the living room, I still hadn’t regained my senses.

Grandma Yu explained to me that Mom wasn’t sick at all. Rather, she was pregnant.


I was frozen solid like I had been struck by lightning.

A forty-one-year-old woman can get pregnant?!

This was just too outrageous! No wonder Dad looked so terrible. I had read books before, and I saw that it was extremely dangerous for older women to give birth. I didn’t want Mom to be exposed to any kind of danger, and I trusted that Dad and Papa felt exactly the same way.

Who knows what will be the fate of my poor little brother or little sister?


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