Overflow (Pt 1)

Translator: chibiPotato

TLC: Krrizis

Editor: Shirani

QC: Lady Blue

First Published on Ainushi



「… A karaage fit for that rich brat… What kind of flavour?」 


After finishing work, I was looking for chicken at the supermarket.


In saying that, as usual I ended up taking the cheaper cut of meat; after all the chicken will soften once I prep it. But, perhaps it would be better to swap it with the expensive one?


… Let’s swap. I don’t want to hear 『you upset my stomach』 after carelessly feeding him cheap meat.     



Since he’s such a brat, I decided he probably wasn’t accustomed to cheap meat.  


I’m also the same. Well, in my case it’s the opposite. When I eat premium meat, my stomach ends up getting distressed.   


Aaah, I have to spend unnecessarily because of Tachibana-san.


But I was also happy–. Saying 『it’s delicious』, he happily ate the lunch I made.


Besides, he wasn’t as bad as I thought.


Even so, I wonder why I cheerfully said 『Got it』.


… With all the shock I received, I may have turned stupid.


…… That’s right.    


Rather than choosing meat, there are other things I should be doing.


After I was done shopping, I returned to the apartment.


It’s no use running away forever.


Let’s properly talk it through and get dumped completely.


「I’m home.」


I took off my shoes at the entrance and entered the room. Satoshi was playing a game while sprawled on the sofa.


He probably didn’t meet up with that girl today.


「Welcome back.」


Satoshi was engrossed in his game, he didn’t even look at me.


… It can’t be helped.  


Satoshi was no longer interested in me.


Thinking about this made me sad and tears started brimming in my eyes.


「… I’ll go make food, ok.」 


I escaped to the kitchen so my tears wouldn’t show.


Let me calm down while I cook the food.


Even if I cry, Satoshi’s feelings won’t come back.


An uncool woman who got cheated on. Even so, I want to finish it off in a cool way to the end.


Stop crying.


Today, let’s make Satoshi’s favourite rolled cabbage.


Oh, I should also make preparations for tomorrow’s karaage.


I hope Satoshi will be pleased. I hope Tachibana-san will say 『it’s delicious』 again.


Let’s concentrate and cook.


Let’s get dumped after eating dinner.


I diligently made the food and moved the finished dishes to the room where Satoshi was, and placed them on the table.


Although the cooking was done well, and there was a delicious scent wafting about, Satoshi remained engrossed in his game without even glancing at the dishes lined up on the table.


… Yup. As usual.


This wasn’t the first time he ignored me or the food I’d made.


Cheer up, me.


Don’t start crying.


I finished bringing over all the dishes I had made and sat down in my usual seat.


「Satoshi, the food is done so let’s eat.」


I gently shook Satoshi’s shoulder when,


「I’m at a good part right now, so go ahead and eat without me.」


My hand got brushed off by Satoshi.


…… As usual, as usual.  


I told myself and waited for Satoshi’s game to finish.


Don’t cry yet. You can start crying when you’re single again.




After some time had passed, Satoshi placed the controller on the floor and picked up chopsticks in its place.


「I told you to eat first.」 (Satoshi)


Without saying ‘Itadakimasu’ he put some rolled cabbage in his mouth.


…… I wonder if it’s gotten cold??


「Is it good?」 (Kiuchi)


「Yup.」 (Satoshi)


Barely tasting his food, Satoshi just agreed.


If it was Tachibana-san, I wonder if he would be more pleased.


I wonder if he would have said 『It’s delicious』.


The two of us ate silently while watching TV.





After eating dinner, I finished washing the dishes and sat down near Satoshi.


Let’s start the talk.


「Satoshi… is there someone else you like?」


Calmly, calmly.


Because if I get sad or angry now, I’ll just start crying.


「Huh?! What are you on about?」


Satoshi frowned.


To me, rather than looking surprised, he just seemed to be annoyed.



If that’s the case, then there’s no need for me to feign ignorance.


Satoshi’s lie was completely futile.


「Yesterday, I saw… you and a cute girl together on a date.」


「Didn’t you have the wrong person?」


Would it be annoying to continue? Satoshi may not admit it if he doesn’t like being accused.


「…… I… didn’t mistake you for someone else…」 




After a moment of silence, Satoshi exhaled a sigh and,


「… Sakura… What do you want to do?」


Entrusting the end of our relationship to me.


That’s unfair, Satoshi.


I might decide not to part with you.


After all, I love him. It was only one-sided thinking from my part but I thought I would get married to Satoshi.


But, that’s no longer possible.


I was the only one in love so I guess it was inevitable.


To make me say it… Satoshi you’re a demon.


「…… Let’s break up.」 


「…… Ok.」


The three years we spent together ended quickly just like that.


Because we just broke up, I didn’t have a place to go to.


Until I could find another place to live, I had to stay in this apartment.


But, right now I want to get out as soon as possible.


「… I’m going to the convenience store.」


I left the room with my wallet.


I want to be alone.


I can cry when I’m alone.


I ended it well.


The me that didn’t cry was probably cool, right?


I bought a strong sake from the convenience store, and drank it under the nearby street lamp.


And then, I cried.




I cried for some time, then after confirming the lights were switched off in the apartment’s room, I went back.


I took a bath and dried my hair.


After that, I just went to sleep.


But, I couldn’t sleep on the bed together with Satoshi.


It was a loss from the start.


Even if I sleep next to Satoshi, nothing would happen.


But still, I don’t want to.


Satoshi probably slept with that girl on this bed.


The helpless sadness appeared again in the form of tears.


Alone, I laid down on the living room sofa, and cried ceaselessly.


TLC’s note:

14/03 – Oops. I realized we didn’t add this in. If you read Ch 2 Part 1, you may have noticed that we called Satoshi as Satoru. One of the reasons is just the interpretation of the kanji. Both Satoshi and Satoru derive from the same kanji character. :/ In future, we’ll stick to the original translator’s naming conventions.


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