Overflow (Pt 2)

Translator: chibiPotato

TLC: Krrizis

Editor: Lady Blue

QC: Puissansa

First Published on Ainushi




The next morning, I woke up early to make the lunchbox.


… Should I also make Satoshi’s lunch as usual?


Although we broke up, until I move out perhaps it’s more natural to spend time as we have been.


It’s not like we hate each other and broke up on bad terms.


Only, Satoshi just fell in love with someone else.


Just that.

「Ok!! I’ll make it!!」


I started cooking, having pushed back the depression that bubbled up.


… However, so that rich guy will eat it, I took care of every little detail in his lunchbox.  


I tried using paprika instead of the green peppers that I usually used to stuff the meat.  


The potato salad that I used to put in aluminium cups, I put it in a hollowed tomato instead.


… In all honesty, I hope that this is the last time that I’ll have to do this.


Frankly speaking, it’s too bothersome.

『The lunchbox is too small.』


Suddenly, Tachibana-san’s words floated to my mind.




Oh no!! I forgot to buy a bigger lunchbox!!


… Should I borrow Satoshi’s?


No, no, no, no. Earlier, I decided to make Satoshi’s lunch as well.


Hmm. If that’s the case then there’s only tupperware…


… Yup. There’s nothing I can do about that.


Even though I paid so much attention to the presentation, in the end, putting it in tupperware is a bit…  


「… Morning.」


As I was worrying about packing the lunchbox, Satoshi woke up.


Although we broke up yesterday, Satoshi was still very much like his usual self.


I’m the only one feeling awkward, getting sad, and even feeling regretful.


「… Morning. I’ll put your lunch in your bag.」


I placed the lunchbox in Satoshi’s bag.


The unchanging habits of every morning.


「I made breakfast, too.」


I prepared breakfast alongside lunch. Just like usual, I set it up on the table.


The everyday life that would end after this.


The everyday life that I thought would continue forever.


「… You made me lunch. … Breakfast as well.」


Sitting down at his usual place, Satoshi gazed at the breakfast idly.


「… Yeah. Until I move out, I want to everything to stay normal. … I’ll find a room as soon as possible and leave. Until then, please take care of me.」


I forced a smile and bowed my head; Satoshi just said 『Sure』 and sipped his miso soup.


… That’s it, huh? It seems that there was nothing else he had to add.  


As expected, to Satoshi, I was merely a person he was living together with.


When I’m gone, he probably wouldn’t feel sad or lonely.


God, I’m pathetic.


I’ll look for a new place quickly.


After seeing him off to work, I decided to search for rental properties on my phone until my work starts.


I want to move out quickly. It’s too painful for me to be here.


On my way to work, even during the short time as I waited for the train, my eyes were glued to my phone.


During lunch break, even while waiting for Tachibana-san on the roof, I stared at my phone.


—— While I was doing this, I didn’t notice at all that Tachibana-san was behind me.


「Kiuchi-san, are you moving?」


Tachibana-san was peering at my phone from behind me.


「Aah!! … Yesterday, I officially broke up… so I have to move out quickly. … Um, I didn’t have a bigger lunch box, so I’m sorry for the tupperware … Here you go.」


I handed the lunchbox to Tachibana-san and resumed checking my phone.


「It’s because your boyfriend cheated on you, right? Shouldn’t the boyfriend be the one to leave in this case? Anyway, this karaage is super delicious.」


Beside me, Tachibana-kun was eating my lunchbox with gusto today too.


As expected, it’s nice to be told 『It’s delicious.』


「… That’s true, but there are too many memories in that apartment… It would be hard for me to stay there.」


I want to forget everything as soon as I can. It’s so painful that I can’t stand it.  


「… I see. I hope you find a good place.」




No, I can no longer shut my eyes to the facts.


I want to move out as soon as possible.


「Ah, here. The lunchbox fee.」



Tachibana-san handed over a 1000 yen note to me as I was engrossed with my phone.


「This lunchbox isn’t even worth 1000 yen.」


「This 1000 yen is inclusive of my appreciation and your labour cost. Just accept it.」 


When I didn’t take it, Tachibana-san forcibly stuffed it in my hand.


… His appreciation.


Whenever I made food for Satoshi, he never said that 『it’s delicious』 or 『thank you.』


It’s bothersome but I’m glad I made a lunchbox for Tachibana-san.


「But, ya know…」


Tachibana-san exclaimed with dissatisfaction.


But? What??? Even though I’m feeling so good about myself right now?!


「Today’s was super delicious, but I prefer something like yesterday’s lunchbox. Hey, Kiuchi-san, you made it unnecessarily a bit too fancy, didn’t you?」


Tachibana-san smiled bitterly, having seen through my efforts today.


I was exposed!! How embarrassing!!


「… That’s because it’s a lunchbox for the next president!? Unlike a person of my upbringing, this is meant to be eaten by a rich guy!? That’s why I took that into consideration.」


「I really don’t need that kind of consideration.」


And so, Tachibana-san refuted my words with a single strike.


… Is this a joke? Even though I worked so hard to make this.  


「So, when’s the next time you’re making lunch? Which days do we have a shift together?」


Tachibana-san took out his phone to check the schedules.


He didn’t seem to care about my efforts, but he seemed to like the lunch I made.


「Even if we don’t have shifts together, I’ll make your lunch so long as it’s not on my day off. If you’re saying you’re happy with my lunchbox…」


If it’s an ordinary lunch like yesterday–then I can make it however much, as I like.


「No, if it’s not on a day when we have a break together, then I can’t tell you my impression of it.」


Although he said that, he’s just going to say stuff like 『something’s missing』 or 『if you added this it would be have been much tastier.』


What he wants to tell me isn’t his impression.


「… Rather than impressions, you just want to criticise, don’t you?」


「That’s mean! Kiuchi-san, I’m shocked by your savagery!」


Tachibana-san cheerfully bit into the blow I’d just given.



But well, it was better than him taking it seriously.


… Somehow, I may have been misunderstood him.


Tachibana-san is easy to talk to.


「Hey, Kiuchi-san. Let’s exchange our mail IDs.」


Tachibana-san urged me to take out my phone.


We exchanged contacts with each other.


Tachibana-san added my email address.


「If it’s once in a while, feel free to complain to me whenever!」


Whilst saying that, Tachibana-san put his phone back in his suit pocket.


「… Instead of 『whenever』 you mean 『once in a while』, don’t you?」


Caught by his words, I immediately retorted.  


「Still, it’s impossible to listen to that everyday. But Kiuchi-san, you cried yesterday too, didn’t you? Your eyes are swollen today as well. When you get to that point where you cry and are unable to bear it, I’ll listen to you.」



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