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Chapter 6: Negative Score — Furthermore, looking at the author’s writing, it’s easy to tell how ugly they are.


Yang Wei looked at him, slightly surprised. She racked her brains, but no matter how much she thought about it, she didn’t recognize such a handsome guy. She asked, puzzled, “Do we know each other?”

Fang Cheng Ran’s eyes flashed with happiness, and he somewhat excitedly walked over to her. “Don’t you remember me? We were classmates in primary school. Back then, we were the only two Chinese people in the class.”

Yang Wei blanked out. Indeed, she hadn’t attended primary school in the country. Back then, it was due to her and her mother following her father because he’d been sent to work at his parent company. They’d stayed there until she graduated primary school. Back then, there had only been two Chinese students in her class; thus, their teacher had intentionally seated the two of them next to each other. Their relationship back then had always been very good. She suddenly recalled that his name was Fang Cheng Ran, at last placing his face to the small boy in her memories. “Ah, you’re Fang Cheng Ran!”

“That’s me; that’s me!” Elated, Fang Cheng Ran wanted to go up and give her a hug. “I didn’t expect to see you here. You look even more beautiful!”

“And you look even more handsome!” After mutually complementing one another, Yang Wei curiously asked, “When did you return to the country?”

Fang Chen Ran replied, “I just returned last month.”

Liang Ming Hao stared blankly at the pair and then tugged at Fang Cheng Ran’s arm. “You really know Teacher Yang?”

Don’t tell me that you want to pursue her because you think she’s beautiful?

Fang Cheng Ran read the unspoken question in his small face and hooked his lips into a smile, commenting, “I still have pictures from back then. Do you want to see them?””

“Yes,” Liang Ming Hao readily responded.

Fang Cheng Ran frowned minutely at him when he heard Liang Ming Hao’s response, only to hear Yang Wei ask, “Fang Cheng Ran, what are you doing now?”

Fang Cheng Ran was startled for moment, then turned and calmly looked at Yang Wei as he replied, “I’m the head of the Lobby and Housekeeping Department at the Grand Europe Hotel.”

Liang Ming Hao gazed at him with wide eyes, the look in his eyes clearly conveying, You have no shame.

The Grand Europe Hotel was the largest city in A City. Even though Yang Wei had previously heard that Liang Ming Hao’s family was in the hotel and restaurant business, she hadn’t expected it to actually be the renowned Grand Europe Hotel! She gazed at Fang Cheng Ran and sighed in slight admiration, “You’ve been doing pretty well for yourself!”

“Hehe, I’ve just been doing alright.” Fang Cheng Ran humbly chuckled. The hotel’s chairman was his father, while the executive director general was his older sister.

This type of stuff was not worth mentioning, though.

He looked at Yang Wei, his lips slowly curving into another smile as he said, “I wasn’t prepared to meet you here today. How about I treat you to a meal another day?”

Yang Wei nodded and replied, “Sure.”

“Then it’s settled.” Fang Cheng Ran smiled happily and waved at Yang Wei before leaving with Liang Ming Hao in tow.

Once they were in the car, Liang Ming Hao looked up at Fang Cheng Ran, who was sitting next to him, and smiled like a cunning little fox. “Uncle, is working at the hotel hard? Do they pay you? Hahahaha!”

Fang Cheng Ran turned to look at him and then shallowly smiled. “Do you think that I won’t let the chauffeur dump you on the curb?

“Tch. Me, afraid of you? I have enough money to call a taxi.”

Fang Cheng Ran didn’t respond, immediately taking out his phone in response. Liang Ming Hao quickly pushed down his hand. “Who are you calling?”

“My older sister, so that I can tell her that her son needs to have a conference with his parents again.”

Liang Ming Hao immediately pasted a flattering smile on his face. “Uncle, my mom is currently on her tenth anniversary honeymoon trip. Please don’t disturb her with such matters.”

Fang Cheng Ran smiled silently as he looked at him.

Liang Ming Hao had a clear grasp of things and said, “I promise that I won’t expose you in front of Teacher Yang.”

Fang Cheng Ran patted his head in appreciation.

It was silent in the car for a moment, and then Fang Cheng Ran said, “Your teacher is far more beautiful than Song Jin.”

Liang Ming Hao rolled his eyes. You’re still saying that you don’t intend to pursue Teacher Yang? Then I just won’t tell you that Teacher Yang’s already married!


Once Yang Wei had returned home, she swapped her shoes for the slippers lying at the doorway and slipped her bag off her shoulder. She then cast her jacket aside and immediately laid down on the sofa.

Ah—— This was, as it always was, still so comfortable.

She rolled around on the sofa twice like a kitten before getting up to change into a pair of pajamas. Once she’d tied up her hair, she poured herself a glass of milk and walked over to her computer desk. She sat down and started up her computer, lazily stretching once she’d done so.

She rapidly rapped her computer with her fingers while she waited for it to boot up. Once it had, she decided to skim through the books on Pu Jiang Network (JJWXC). She’d been extremely vexed at the novel she’d read last night; thus, she wanted to read a cute short novel to heal her injured heart today.

When she saw that 《Guard Against Marriage 》 was still ranked second in the romance section, Yang Wei couldn’t help but sigh at the tastes of the Pu Jiang readers and couldn’t help but curiously click on it to open it again. Her negative review from last was at the very top of the comment sections and already had thirty replies.

Furthermore, all of them were cursing her out.

Yang Wei was a bit dumbstruck when she saw this. What was wrong with these readers? Someone had even said that they were going to go and negatively rate all of her works?

She had indeed written a few novels when she was in university, but she hadn’t signed a contract with the website; they were purely to amuse herself and make herself happy. She hadn’t written since she’d graduated, but she did still use her account to read novels with. These people didn’t even have that much free time, yet they were going to hunt down and negatively rate all of her works?

She narrowed her eyes and then opened up a novel that she’d written over a year ago. Sure enough, there really was a negative score in the comments section.

「Hey you, just how much do you want to become famous? For you to actually go and give a negative review to my idol, your face must really be big.」

「This author’s comments aren’t much; I came to scatter flowers. There’s no need to thank me for the negative scores either.」  

「Furthermore, looking at the author’s writing, it’s easy to tell how ugly they are.」

Yang Wei: “…”

How do you know I’m ugly?! I was always the prettiest girl in class when I was a child! Even now, in class 5-2, I’m most worthy of the title: the prettiest girl in the class!

Yang Wei furiously closed the web page and then immediately downed her glass of milk.

These negative readers definitely hadn’t graduated from primary school. 《Guard Against Marriage》 had completely destroyed her three world views, yet she was forbidden from negatively commenting on it.

Bitter, and feeling like she was holding onto an unbearable grievance, she scrolled over to the author’s special column for 《Guard Against Marriage》, only to discover that the ‘Wait for Three More Minutes’ author was an idol-like god who’d earned thousands upon thousands of yuan over the years. She immediately opened the author’s Weibo link and sent him a private message.

「Hello, great god. I’m the Pu Jiang author, ‘Wing Blows Through the South Door.’ However, due to me posting a negative review on your novel, 《Guard Against Marriage》, yesterday, your readers are giving my novel a negative rating. Even though I truly didn’t agree with how your plot progressed, your readers posting negative reviews on my works is a purely malicious retaliation. Could you please stop their actions? I’ll trouble you to do so!」

Yang Wei felt slightly regretful again once she’d sent the private message. She’d run to the author’s Weibo in protest, but if the author was to furiously hang up on her, wouldn’t she be tarred black until the world ended? However, the other person was a large, idol-like god; surely they wouldn’t be so petty?

…If she’d thought of it earlier, she would’ve created an alternate account and used it to send the private message instead.

Yang Wei nervously logged out of Weibo and found a show to watch on television. Once she’d finished the episode, she finally felt somewhat hungry. She fought against her hunger for three seconds before she reluctantly got up and made stir-fried tomatoes and eggs for dinner.

Being divorced really was great. She could eat whatever she wanted and cook the fare as light as desired without having to cater to the desires of a picky man.

She quickly washed her plate, returned to her computer desk, and then opened up QQ. A Calabash Babies portrait cheerfully jumped up and down, which she casually clicked.

「Wei Wei’er, class starts next again next week. There’s a trial class on scenery tomorrow. Are you going?」

The sender was Jian Shuang. She and her boyfriend had opened a beginner’s drawing course online once she’d graduated, and Yang Wei was one of the teachers. She narrowed her eyes and thought about it. Now that Qi Xiao Yan wasn’t here, it seemed that she’d have a lot more free time from now on, which could coincidentally be applied to her side job. Her fingers quickly tapped across the keyboard as she sent back an 『OK』 emoticon. 「Give me the class. Is it still at 7:30?」

Jian Shuang replied nearly a second later. 「The trial class will last for two hours. It starts at 8.」  


「You’re free these days? Is Professor Qi busy with papers again?」  

Yang Wei pondered for a moment, but she still decided not to tell Jian Shuang about her divorce yet—if she did, there was a chance that her entire family would know by tomorrow. Although she knew that paper couldn’t smother a fire…she’d still drag it out for as long as she could. She really didn’t know how she’d face her mother.

Say, did Qi XIao Yan’s parents even know about this? They were both researchers and were normally even busier than Qi Xiao Yan. She and Qi Xiao Yan had been married for a year, yet she’d only seen them twice.

Growing up in this kind of family, no wonder Qi Xiao Yan’s nature was distorted.

She glanced at her drawings of Curly-bae on the computer desk pitifully. Whenever she was free tonight, she’d sketch two tear drops on his face.

Once she’d finished settling things with Jian Shuang, Yang Wei flipped through the previous scenery course’s powerpoint to prepare herself for the class. When she’d finished and nestled herself in her blankets, it wasn’t even ten o’ clock. She subconsciously glanced at the empty space next to her and pursed her lips.

Indeed, this bed was too big for her alone.

She forced herself to forget about Qi Xiao Yan, took out her phone, and opened Weibo. The great, idol-like god ‘Wait for Three More Minutes’ still hadn’t replied to her.

She contemplated for a bit. Since she had to take the public bus to school, she adjusted her alarm to six-thirty. However, after a bit more contemplation, she adjusted it to six-fifteen and then ultimately six-forty. Only then did she finally shut her eyes.


At the moment, Qi Xiao Yan had just finished marking the tests from that morning. As he stared at his students’ tragic grades, his mood improved significantly.

He then went to take a shower. As he dried his hair, he picked up his phone and scrolled through it. It was ten-thirteen; he didn’t know if Yang Wei had gone to sleep yet.

He opened his text messages and reread the message that Yang Wei had sent him that afternoon. The large face emoticon that she’d sent caused him to involuntarily quirk his lips. His fingers lingered over the screen for a few seconds, but he ultimately set his phone to the side. He slightly raised his head and ruffled his semi-dry hair. He then sighed nearly inaudibly as he went over to his bed and lay down on his stomach.

This bed didn’t have even the slightest trace of Yang Wei’s scent, which he didn’t like at all. If he’d known this would be the case, he would’ve taken Yang Wei’s pillow with him yesterday.

Forget it, he still had the key to the house anyway. He could always sneak back in and take the pillow sometime. That said, Yang Wei surely hadn’t realized that he hadn’t left his copy of the keys behind.

Qi Xiao Yan buried his face into the pillow and laughed somewhat mockingly at himself. Going to sleep wasn’t the same now that he couldn’t sleep with Yang Wei in his embrace.

Meanwhile, once Feng Cheng Ran had verified that Liang Ming Hao had fallen asleep, he finally poured himself a cup of coffee and returned to his room. He sat down in front of his computer and then opened up Weibo to check his inbox. He saw tens of private message notifications when he did, the majority of which were from fans. Thus, he mostly just skimmed through them, only to unexpectedly see a message from someone claiming that they were the Pu Jiang author, ‘Wind Blows Through the South Door.’


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