Chapter 8: First Love — Actually, just like countless others, I had a crush on a senior when I was a first year university student.


Song Xiao Fang was Song Jin’s real name. When she’d begun her career, the company had disdained the fact that her name wasn’t pleasant to hear and had thus given her the stage name ‘Song Jin.’ Her excited voice was dispersed by the wind as Qi Xiao Yan didn’t react much to her name.

Song Jin continued to gaze at him, her smile gradually fading. “You don’t remember me?”

Qi Xiao Yan replied, “I remember you. I’m just a bit surprised.”

His ice-cold voice was like the purest crystal—just like Song Jin remembered.

Her fading smile lit up once more, and she couldn’t help but walk up to his side. “How long has it been since we last saw each other? Ten years?” Qi Xiao Yan was more mature than she’d remembered and had only become even more attractive with the passage of time.

She still wanted to talk some more, but when she saw some students walking their way, she instinctively grabbed his hand and dragged him inside of the school building to hide. The first floor’s pillar blocked the students’ view of them as Song Jin watched them walk out of sight. She then turned to Qi Xiao Yan and said with a slightly apologetic smile, “I apologize for the inconvenience.”

“It’s fine.” Qi Xiao Yan didn’t appear to care in the slightest.

Song Jin smiled and then asked, “Are you teaching here now?”


“Teaching math?”


Song Jin couldn’t resist giggling when she heard this. “You really haven’t changed at all. I’m truly both envious and sympathetic toward your students.”

Qi Xiao Yan didn’t reply to her comment. Song Jin looked up at him, and her lips faintly quirked upward. “When do you have some free time? I’ll treat you to a meal.”

Qi Xiao Yan replied, “You must be busy.”

Song Jin smiled lightly and countered, “I can always make time for a meal.”

Qi Xiao Yan thought about it for a moment but didn’t refuse her again. “Then, alright. I can go whenever you have time.”

“Fantastic!” Song Jin beamed happily. “Then let’s exchange phone numbers; I’ll contact you when I’m free.”


Once she obtained Qi Xiao Yan’s number, Song Jin looked up and realized that her assistant had found her. She hurriedly bid Qi Xiao Yan farewell. However, after taking a few steps, she turned around again and gestured for him to call her. Qi Xiao Yan stood there and eyed her for a few seconds. He then turned around and walked toward the stairs.

The morning passed by quickly. While the students all rushed towards the cafeteria, 《Youthful Era》’s crew had boxed meals delivered. Song Jin disdained the cast’s boxed meals because they were too greasy, however, and always brought her own food. Their lunch break was only thirty minutes long, fifteen of which were allocated to 《Star News’ 30 Minutes》 magazine’s exclusive interview.

The journalist for the interview was a polite lady who appeared to be around the same age as Song Jin. When she arrived at the studio, she courteously handed her press pass to Song Jin for her to examine. “Hello, I’m the journalist for 《Star News’ 30 Minutes》 magazine.”

Song Jin nodded casually and replied, “Let’s just begin now then. You only have fifteen minutes.”

The journalist’s lips twitched when she heard this; she suddenly felt as if she was interviewing a tyrannical CEO. She immediately sat down on a small wooden bench that Song Jin’s assistant brought over and began to ask the questions that she’d prepared.

The first few questions were quite conventional and didn’t cause any mental pressure even though it was a reporter asking them. The questions she’d collected on Weibo from some fans, however, did cause her to sweat a little. “Some of your fans say that the only reason you can rely on 《A Soul Haunted by Painting》 to become an instant hit—is because you’re attractive. What do you think about this?”

Song Jin stated, “I believe that I became popular not only because of my attractiveness, but also because of my intelligence.”

The journalist’s smile subtly froze for half a second. With a dry laugh, she said, “Indeed. After all, being admitted into Imperial Capital University at sixteen, your intelligence can be considered second to none in the entertainment circle.”

Song Jin replied, “Even beyond the entertainment circle, the number of people who’ve been admitted into Imperial Capital University at sixteen can be counted on your fingers.”

The journalist’s smile couldn’t drop for some reason. Just like the rumors stated, Song Jin really liked to use her IQ to look down on all living things.

“Then how come you didn’t think about studying for a PhD after you graduated from graduate school, but instead walked down the road of entertainment?”

Song Jin glanced at her. For a split second, the journalist felt as if she had asked a really stupid question.

“Haven’t I answered this question countless times in different interviews? Are you certain that you want to waste your time with this meaningless question?”

The journalist’s heart began to beat wildly. If Song Jin were a man, then these iconic lines would’ve normally been said by a tyrannical CEO! She quickly flipped through the interview notes that she’d prepared beforehand and then asked with a smile, “How do you feel about returning to your alma mater to shoot a movie?”

Song Jin answered, “The school hasn’t changed much, but it still makes me recall several memories from when I studied here.”

The journalist’s sensitive gossip radar immediately went off when she heard this. Such a sentimental response must be hiding a heaven-shattering secret! She looked at Song Jin with bright, expressive eyes and resolutely pressed forward. “Since the movie is called 《Youthful Era》 this time, I think that the audience will also want to know what their idol experienced during her youthful era.”

Song Jin pondered for a moment and then said in a seldom-seen softer tone, “Actually, just like countless others, I had a crush on a senior when I was a first year university student.”

The journalist’s blood instantly flared up when she heard this. Exclusive, exclusive! This was definitely an exclusive!

“Oh, oh, a senior! What happened afterward?!” A thin layer of sweat appeared on the hand gripping her voice recorder pen.

“That senior was a year older than me. Back then, we were in the same club, which is why I had the opportunity to interact with him. He’s very intelligent; in fact, he’s the most intelligent person I’ve ever met. Unfortunately, he was already a fourth year university student. We were only able to interact for a year before he went abroad to pursue his studies.”

The journalist chipped away at the topic relentlessly. “You guys didn’t contact each other at all once he went abroad?”

Song Jin smiled softly. “He’s a really busy person. All the mail that I sent him was pretty much equivalent to sinking stones in an ocean. I gradually became busy as well over time, until we finally lost contact.”

The journalist froze. Holy shit, had Song Jin just smiled?! Why hadn’t she captured it?! The caption could’ve been: 「NEET Males’ Goddess Recalls First Love—With a Sad Smile That Evokes Pity!」

However, she calmed herself down and said consolingly, “First loves are like that. Within the sweetness they carry is a hint of bitterness, yet they still continue to captivate people.”

Song Jin didn’t reply. Her assistant came to remind her that the allotted time was over. The journalist got up from her seat and said to Song Jin, “I’m extremely grateful that you accepted our magazine’s interview. Lastly, may I take a photo of you?”

Song Jin nodded and then tilted her head up to look at the camera in the journalist’s hands.

“Could you smile please?”

Song Jin smiled according to her request—an extremely professional and impeccable smile that made the journalist feel a bit disappointed. If only she’d taken a photo of that smile from earlier.

Once the journalist left, Song Jin used ten minutes to finish her lunch and then rejoined the cast and crew’s filming.


Inside of City Primary, Yang Wei didn’t go downstairs to buy fried rice again today. Instead, she followed the students to the school cafeteria to eat. She sat alone off to the side and pulled out her phone. The moment she logged into Weibo, she received a new follower notification and saw that she had an unread private message from someone following her. She first tapped on the follower notification, only to discover that the new follower was unexpectedly the Great God ‘Wait for Three More Minutes,’ which caused her to nearly choke on the food she was chewing. She covered her mouth as she coughed and believed that Teacher Yao’s words about how 120,000 people died every day from choking were possibly true.

Once she managed to clear her throat, she opened the private message she’d received. As she’d expected, it was also from the Great God ‘Wait for Three More Minutes.’

Slightly nervous, she held her breath as she read the message with rapt attention.

「I’m very sorry. Because of my readers’ irrationality, they’ve caused trouble for you. However, I don’t think they’ll do such things again. In addition, I read your novel and think it’s pretty good. If you’re interested in signing a contract, I can introduce you to my editor. ^_^」  

Yang Wei froze. This great god’s personality didn’t resemble her writing at all! This was the demeanor of a Great God!
She excitedly opened her novel and discovered that many readers had visited to give reparation points. Great God ‘Wait for Three More Minutes’ had also gone into battle with her body and given her pointers on all of her chapters!

Yang Wei was moved even if she shouldn’t be.

She suddenly felt that she’d truly been too impulsive when she’d negatively rated ‘Wait for Three More Minutes.’ This author’s writing was honestly really good, as she was able to write such a melodramatic tale into something so enchanting. If it wasn’t, how come she’d been able to read all the way up to the newest chapter? She reopened Weibo and sent Great God ‘Wait for Three More Minutes’ a reply.

「Thank you, Great God, but I only wrote that novel to amuse myself. I don’t plan to sign a contract, but I’m very happy that I’ve met you! ^_^」  

She didn’t forget to follow her back before she logged out of Weibo.

Today was Friday; thus, there only two classes that afternoon. Once Yang Wei had finished up her lessons, she punctually entered her classroom and organized everyone so that they could participate in the once a week school-wide cleaning. Once she’d confirmed that they were under the leadership of the work committee, all of the students threw themselves into their tasks. Yang Wei then returned to the office to clean up her own desk area as well.

Teacher Yao was wiping the window sill down when she suddenly exclaimed, “Quick, come look! A Maserati stopped by the school’s entrance!”
Yang Wei had been in the middle of wiping down her desk, but when she heard this, she stopped and went to take a look. Many parents had already parked their cars by the school’s entrance, but the red sports car especially eye-catching; it wasn’t a bright crimson, but rather the shade of a particularly well-aged red wine—sexy and flirtatious.

“That car must’ve cost at least two million right?” Teacher Yao fascinatedly stared at the Maserati and asked Yang Wei, “Which student’s parents do you think it belongs to?”

“I don’t know.” Yang Wei shook her head and then went back to wiping down her desk. “Wasn’t a student picked up by a Ferrari last time?” Even though City Primary wasn’t a school for the nobility, A City didn’t lack rich people. Even if the majority of the students were picked up by their grandparents or took the public bus home, some were picked up by their parents in a fancy car when school ended.

Especially during the weekend; the number of cars parked by the school’s entrance practically doubled then.

Teacher Yao was still lovingly gazing at the Maserati and had almost rubbed the window sill rotten at this point. “Do you think that that it’s your class’ Liang Ming Hao?”

Liang Ming Hao? Yang Wei’s brows twitched. If it was Liang Ming Hao, then wouldn’t the driver be Fang Cheng Ran?

The moment she thought of this, Teacher Yao called out again, “Someone got out of the car! It’s a handsome guy!”

…That can’t actually be Fang Cheng Ran, right? Yang Wei approached the window again and looked outside. Fang Cheng Ran, as if he’s sensed her gaze, raised his head and faintly smiled in their direction.

“Oh, I’m dying.” Teacher Yao clutched her chest and staggered backward towards her chair, while Yang Wei continued to look at Fang Cheng Ran from the window. Fang Cheng Ran then waved at her.

Yang Wei unnaturally turned around and went back to cleaning her desk.

Once the school-wide cleaning task was over, Yang Wei returned to her class in time to hear the class representative finish relaying the assignments from each course. Following that, the representative spoke about the matters of note during the weekend for ten minutes before finally releasing the impatient students who were itching to leave.

Yang Wei also sighed in relief; she could spend all weekend sleeping again.

Once she’d finished packing her things, she walked toward the school’s entrance. The red Maserati was still parked outside, and Fang Cheng Ran was leaning against it. The combined image of a captivating car and a handsome man attracted countless gazes.

Yang Wei shouldered her bag and walked up to ask, “Fang Cheng Ran, are you waiting for Liang Ming Hao? He already left earlier.”

Fang Cheng Ran straightened his posture when he heard Yang Wei’s voice and then turned to look at her. “I was waiting for you.”

“Waiting for me?”

Fang Cheng Ran smiled at her, opened the car door like a gentleman to invite her in, and then beckoned towards the inside of the car. “I don’t know if I have this honor, but may I take you out to dinner?”


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