Mob Chapter 31 – What was beyond was something unknown

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I could feel myself floating for a moment. It was cold, like a freefall a long way down. When that calmed down, the dazzling light became gentle and I could feel gravity again as my feet landed on the ground. My right hand was firmly grasping Suou, I could also feel his presence. All that’s left is to hope that this is indeed my room.


When I nervously opened my eyes, it was my familiar room! Unconsciously I was about to cry out but since it’ll become a big problem if Mooks-san found out, I held  back. So as I lost strength, I became lax and sat on the floor.


[Haa~ I’m really glad. We were able to teleport safely]


I was really relieved. Although I had to teleport due to Suou’s unreasonable request and we were cornered because of Suou, I am really glad that I succeeded. Owahh~ the floor is stained with blood… my clothes, hands and feet are also bloody. I glanced at Suou, he too was covered in blood, but not as much as me. And so, it turned into two people in a state that could not be explained.


Haa…I cast purification magic on both of us as I let out a sigh. I’m really glad magic exists in this world. Or else, it would have become really hard work. I became weary just imagining it for a moment.


After the purification, I tried to stand up but my knee suddenly collapsed.




Drained as I was, I failed to get up, and instead I was about to fall headfirst to the floor. It was something I wasn’t expecting, so my brain and body couldn’t react at all. I saw the ground getting closer and shut my eyes. In the next moment, I felt shocked, but the shock was from Suou hugging me and not the shock of hitting the floor as I had expected.


Dazed I thought that I would fall over, but that soon turned into astonishment. Because as soon as I acknowledged that he caught me in his arms, he was suddenly princess-carrying me!!




He moved as he carried me, but between the shock and not wanting to recognize myself to be princess carried, I would rather let it remain ambiguous . Then, *poof* he sat me down on the edge of the bed. Somehow, his movements seemed gentle. Well, I am still a child…if he was rough on me, I would doubt his humanity.


[Th…thank you]


After all, he did help me and despite his methods, he did carry me here, so I need to thank him! When I did so, Suou looked surprised. Was it so rare for me to thank someone?…There is no reason to say it to this guy usually, but normally I do say thank you properly!


[You don’t need to thank me for something like this. More importantly, you use magic too much!


Using magic and sorcery like that, even teleportation… I’m sorry about that, but don’t overexert yourself like that. How is your condition? Do you feel strange anywhere?]


Eh? What? Is this guy worrying about me?? Also, the moment when he said that there was no need to thank him, his ears turned red. Is he embarrassed? No way…. moreover, this guy apologized! So he can properly apologize!! I’m a little touched. It can’t be helped because that I couldn’t imagine it with him being so brazen.


While thinking about various things, I checked the feeling in my hands and feet. Overall, my body does feel dull but it’s within an acceptable range.


[Ahh…. My body is fine. I think I was just tired just then.


Teleportation is also…hm? Why were you in this room in the first place? That’s strange.


If it weren’t for you, I would have easily teleported myself. Even saving the men in black was for my own satisfaction, so you…no, I was only able to notice the magic circle and understand it, and then help them thanks to you.


In that sense, I was saved because you were there. Thanks]


I remembered now, that’s right. Why was he in my room in the middle of the night at such a time, and moreover at the end of my bed! It is definitely strange. It’s strange!


But, if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t have understood the effect of the magic circle. I wouldn’t have even imagined such mental destruction. There was no doubt that even if I did notice it, I wouldn’t have had enough time.  I wonder how many of the men in black would have survived. Just thinking about it makes me shudder. As a result, I am glad he was there but it’s very complicated.


Still, it’s true that I was saved, so I expressed my gratitude from the bottom of my heart while looking at Suou’s face.


On the other hand, this guy moves normally even though he is wearing a bandage around his eyes. Despite that, how did he notice the magic circle? What is going on?


[I was planning to leave this Kingdom while there is this uproar. So I came here thinking of placing a mark on you before I go]


Just when I was feeling grateful towards you, you just had to ruin it!!


[Haa? Mark?? What’s that!!]


[Well, it felt like you would disappear while I was away from the Kingdom. I just don’t trust you. It’s fine if it was just needless anxiety on my part, but I trust my intuition. So I came to mark you just in case.


More importantly, is your body really alright? Normally, if you use that much magic, it’s gets to a level where it is not strange even if the cells in your body collapses. But you just kept casting it. At the end, you were planning to let me escape while you buy me time?…seriously what on earth were you thinking?]


I’m also scared of marks, but more importantly… what did he say? The cells in my body collapsing!? What’s that? I am seriously scared. I never felt my cells collapsing until now, but it was, in fact, happening? No no no, it doesn’t hurt at all. Normally, it would hurt if that happens, right? Ha! It can’t be that the reason I’m not growing because the cells that are supposed to make me grow are destroyed!! Ahh!! If it’s like that.


[No, I think the reason your height isn’t growing is simply because your growth is slow]


…hm? How did he reply when I didn’t even say anything?


[You said it aloud. You just did it again. As I thought, you are basically a fool]


[Wha!? I don’t want to be called a fool by a fool!]


Wuu, wha what is it. But I wonder if my height is really unusual. If my growth is just slow then it should still grow? No, it will grow. If you believe in yourself the road will open! I am doing my best drinking milk as well!!


[You didn’t say it aloud this time, but you are probably thinking about something stupid. Haa…leaving that aside, why aren’t you making use me?]


Ahh? My wish to grow taller is something stupid!? Hmph this guy, just because he’s height is tall!  He suddenly hit my head when I was thinking this!!


[What are you doing!? It hurts!!]


When I complained, he let out a grand sigh. What on earth is it!!


[Forget about your height for now. More importantly, answer my earlier question]


More importantly you say!! Is what I thought, but I was being stared at so I averted my eyes. Umm~ the question earlier? What was it again?? This guy really likes questions. Moreover, he becomes annoying if you don’t answer.


[About what on earth I am thinking about? I’m not thinking about anything in particular though?]


[I certainly did say that, but the one after that. why aren’t you using me? Making use of me?]


Ahh, he did say something like that as well. Use him he says~ I don’t like it.


[Don’t use you, you say. You’re saying it as if you’re an object. I hate that kind of stuff. You too, don’t talk about using you or not and just do the things you want to do the way you like. I don’t want to be used by other people as they wish. I’d feel disgusted!


Ahh~ it was a question wasn’t it. Why I don’t use you, it’s because I don’t need to. I will do it myself as much as I can. Even more so if it’s about myself]


[In order to fulfill what you want quickly, it’s better to make use of the things you can. You will be able to gain even more things easily if you do so. Yet you say you want to use only your own strength?]


If you answer a question he asks another question, he is so bothersome…I want to run away! But, it’s my own room so I can’t escape! Somehow, everything feels like a déjà vu again.


[That’s why I said it from the beginning, didn’t I? I don’t need it. I didn’t think that I would have  fun while gaining the things I want. If you don’t suffer at least that much to get what you want, it means your own power isn’t enough. If so, then you have to work hard for it! It’s you who wants it. Even if you use someone to get what you want, and that was something above your ability, then you won’t be able to handle it. Then there’s no meaning to it anyway.


Wait? But strictly speaking~? Well, it’s not like I’m living by myself. This place is also Mooks-san’s house. Sometimes, it helps if people help you. So, you can depend on someone. But, I don’t think it’s something that comes naturally. I’d appreciate it and I will thank them in any way I can. It’s give and take! Basically, work hard by yourself first]


Enough, I’m tired. It should be enough with this answer! Sitting at the edge of the bed, I’m falling backwards. This guy is after philosophy…philosophical anthropology? But, what is it that he wants to find out? I don’t know what it is he is trying to achieve.


[Well…that is… … …using someone is… …haa~. “You are, as expected, still you – no matter where you are” I feel like I understood a little bit of the meaning of those words]


Suou was grumbling about something while deeply sighing. Why are you the one sighing!? When I couldn’t accept it and was somewhat vexed, I heard a rustling sound from Suou. I got up, thinking that he finally felt like going home, but then I stiffened up.


Because Suou who  removed his eye bandage was on the floor sitting with his left knee on the floor and his right leg bent. …this, isn’t he kneeling!? Why on earth!?!?


What in that dialogue would link to this situation?? I don’t understand it at all!!



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