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Idle Talk 3 : The Case of Koudzuki Jin • Koudzuki Shizuka (35)

「……Well done.」

「Thank you for your patronage!!」

Taking the goods she had been given, and with a subtle reply with gratitude, she let out a sigh.
For being in the hospitality business, she even now ended up being curt to everyone she meets.

Koudzuki Shizuka (35) was a sundry store employee.
Her manager often gave her a regrettable look, saying 「Even though you’d be such a beauty if you refined yourself wearing glasses!」, though it was useless for the person herself. Why is this so you might ask, is because she was 『The type to admire others rather than be the object of admiration.』.
Such a taste might be the fault of her elder brother Jin, but although she was grateful of her brother now, there was no foul play. Even in the neighbourhood quite close twins……is what they were known to be.

When she opened the goods her face dropped at the sight of the usual fare.
It was the same body wash that a regular customer reserves. When she said she had purchased 20 bottles this time, she replied 「If that’s so, then please reserve two for me! Also, I recommended the shop to someone else, so they might come to buy the same body wash! If it’s a man who shows up then well ……Goodluck to you!」, But Shizuka thought she was just cracking jokes to be thought of as a funny big sis, and turned a deaf ear to it.
This thing today, would cause something unbelievable to happen that would change Shizuka’s life, nobody had any idea.
Arranging the goods in the empty shelves, Shizuka, who had completed the preparations for opening the store, went to the entrance to open the shutter.


「Good Morning.」


「Um, it’s open, right?」


「Excuse me? Excuuse meee?」
When Shizuka opened the shutter, an unbelievably handsome young man[1] was standing there.
His moderately long hair had been combed upwards, even in a casual appearance with jeans and a T-shirt, wearing a bracelet and other accessories, he gave off a trendy feeling.
He had beautiful white skin that seemed unlikely of a man, and with a smile on his well featured face he stared fixedly at Shizuka.

「Are you alright?」

「……Ehm, ah, yes.」

He, who gently placed his hand on shizuka’s forehead, muttered 「There seems to be no fever.」. Caressing Shizuka’s cheek with the back of that hand, he softly tucked Shizuka’s frayed hair behind her ear.
At that moment, Shizuka, whose face had blushed so red, that it almost seemed to emit steam[2], said 「Welcome…」she cried out enthusiastically.
Koudzuki Jin’s(35) Sundays began early.
Shaving the beard he kept in the weekday, neatly setting his hair, he left home in fresh clothes..
He would order breakfast at the coffee shop at the station that opened early morning ; sipping on coffee, killing time till 10 o’clock. The surroundings were rather mundane. Did I make a mistake today……thinking so, he glanced at his wristwatch.

「It’s about time, I guess……」

After leaving the coffee shop, he detoured from the main street into an alley, where it was bustling with grocers.
His twin sister Shizuka, browsed the many shops along the way to work.

「They’ve not purchased any cute new groceries have they.」

Jin liked cute things. And he likes good looking men too.
Jin’s happy time was admiring cute groceries while gazing at ikemen on holidays. He would only gaze contentedly. He liked appreciating till the very end.

When he suddenly looked ahead, he saw a tall man standing in front of the shop where his sister worked.

(A flirt?)

As he approached him, the man turned around .

「Um, are you a regular customer ?」

The man’s beautiful face, even with a troubled expression, seemed handsome.
After turning and asking Jin, he once again turned to Shizuka. Shizuka was dazed as if her soul had left the body; her face glowed bright red. Certainly, if Shizuka, who had no immunity towards men, saw such a handsome young man, her consciousness level would surely drop.

「Ah, she’s my younger twin……huh?」

Jin realised. He had remembered seeing this man before…….

「Are you perhaps the model who recently debuted, Miroku?」

「Waa, you recognise me? I’m really happy!」

Seeing that radiating smile, Jin felt dizzy.
Jin first came across Miroku on the cover of his favourite book, ‘Men’s Nanna’. Jin fondly remembered getting excited at the sight of the resolute charm of an inexperienced model.
Because even chatting front of the shop would be a hindrance to the traffic, Jin entered the shop together with Shizuka and Miroku.

「Um, because my sister has become like this, I’ll be cashier, what are you looking for?」

「Bodywash……ah, of this brand. I’d like two please.」

「Ah, this brand is good, isn’t it? I myself use ‘citrus lemon’.」

「Ahh, you’re right.」

Miroku brought his face close to Jin’s nape. Not bothering about Jin, who froze in surprise, Miroku who was sniffing his scent, said 「It’s a refreshing and great smell.」near his ears and drew his body back.


「Thank you. I’ll come again.」

Miroku left the shop with a wide grin.
That day, even though the Koudzuki siblings recovered, the fact that it took a few hours, is a story for another day of the manager who came to work a few minutes later.

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1. Remember bishoujo and bishounen? Turns out, ossans can be Bishies too. But they’re called biseinen because they’re above 20. Also, the bi here actually means beauty. (I guess that’s an insult to a few Bishies?)

2. Like this.

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