A few days had passed since our anniversary but nonetheless, happy 2nd anniversary to Ainushi!

Two years in and a lot has changed since.

Many have been asking about our Japanese projects. They’re mostly on hold due to our busy schedules but there’s a couple in the pipeline that we’ll be resuming again. Amongst the expected projects are:

  1. Happy Life
  2. Maid Mother
  3. Loner & Juliet
  4. Debt Girl
  5. Crying in the Night, Unseen

I am especially apologetic to my fans about Happy Life and Maid Mother. For the past three months, I’ve had a number of things happen to me ranging from an increased workload at work to my grandmother’s passing. It’s been hard…

For the Chinese projects, the last chapter of Broken Winged Angel as well as the resumption of Midnight Cinderella will be out shortly. The translators have exams so gotta give em’ a bit more time.

The following project are on temporary hiatus pending the return of the translators:

  1. Masculine Puppy
  2. Minor Gay Lover
  3. True or False~ Love Game?
  4. Open Sea
  5. Stop Bothering Me, Emperor

If you’re interested to help out on any of our projects, do contact us. We’re always in need of assistance.

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