Chapter 10: Question — This is a mathematics question concerning remainders.


The two-hour long class passed by quite quickly. Qi Xiao Yan worked on his own affairs throughout the entire time and treated Yang Wei’s voice as background music. When the class ended, he intended to withdraw. However, he saw a row of purple words appear on-screen when he went to do so.

Future Mr. Perfect: 「Teacher Flower Buns, you don’t have a boyfriend?」  

Yang Wei blinked and then said teasingly. 【Would you like to compete for the role?】  

Future Mr. Perfect: 「Can I? 『shy』」   

Yang Wei thought for a moment before she replied.. 【Let me ask you a question. If you answer it correctly within three seconds, I’ll consider giving you a chance.】

Future Mr. Perfect: 「I’ve loved before.」  

Yang Wei: 【…That’s not it.】

Future Mr. Perfect: 「I’d save you first.」

Yang Wei: 【…】  

She took a deep breath and then rapidly asked her question. 【A number is divisible by three with a remainder of two, divisible by five with a remainder of three, and divisible by seven with a remainder of two; what is this number?」

Li Gou Dan: 「23」  

Yang Wei and Liang Ming Hao were both stunned when they saw his response. Liang Ming Hao was stunned because he hadn’t even managed to clearly comprehend the question, yet this guy had unexpectedly responded in less than a second. Yang Wei was stunned because it turned out that Student Li Gou Dan wasn’t mute.

Future Mr. Perfect: 「I think he was trying to type 233.」(1)

Li Gou Dan: 「This is a mathematics question concerning remainders, and 233 also satisfies the conditions set. If you multiply 3, 5, and 7 together, their least common multiple that stays in-line with the conditions set is 105. I answered 23, which is the lowest number that still satisfies the conditions set.」

Yang Wei: 【…】  

Future Mr. Perfect: 「…」  

It truly was worth listening to this drawing class; even free math tutoring was provided.

Future Mr. Perfect: 「Doesn’t this mean that I answered correctly too?」  

Yang Wei snapped out of her thoughts when she heard this. For a second, she’d unexpectedly felt like Qi Xiao Yan was standing in front of her.. 【You replied slower than Student Li Gou Dan. Moreover, it already passed three seconds.】

Future Mr. Perfect: 「Then Li Gou Dan gets the chance? He might not even be in A City! You should reconsider my instead.」  

Li Gou Dan: 「I’m in A City.」  

Yang Wei: 【…】  

Why had Student Gou Dan become even more lively than before!

She closed the program she’d used for class and then said with a giggle.【Thank you very much for attending my trial class, everyone. Today’s class will end here. For those of you who wish to register, please contact the drawing academy.】

She took off her headphones once she’d finished speaking and logged out of the classroom.

She leaned back in her chair and languidly stretched her arms. She then got up and poured herself a glass of milk. The question she’d just asked was something that Qi Xiao Yan had once asked her. He’d said that if she was able to answer it correctly within three seconds, he’d agree to go and watch the christmas tree lighting with her. Of course, she naturally wasn’t able to reply correctly, but Qi Xiao Yan wasn’t able to endure her insistent bombardment about it being too confusing afterward. Thus, he still ended up accompanying her when everything was said and done.

She recalled how the staff member back then had said that every couple that watched the christmas tree lighting together would be blessed for a lifetime. Didn’t that mean that the couples who had watched it wouldn’t divorce?

Hah… No wonder Qi Xiao Yan had said that it was just a publicity joke to swindle children back then.

She suddenly felt like taking their divorce papers to the Consumer’s Association in order to file a complaint against them.

But then again, Li Gou Dan was actually quite amazing. Why had a person—one evidently a student at the top of their class in all likelihood—come here in order to learn how to draw? Could it be that he wanted to experience life?


Currently, student Li Gou Dan had just received a satisfaction survey from the academy’s faculty.

「Hello, the trial class has ended. Are you satisfied with our Teacher Flower Buns? ^_^」  

Qi Xiao Yan thought for a moment and answered: 「Very Satisfied.」  

「Then are you interested in joining our official course?」  

Qi Xiao Yan asked:「How much of the tuition fee will be given to the teacher?」

Jian Shuang stared blankly at the message and then replied: 「The teacher is paid per class ^_^」

Li Gou Dan: 「I think you should pay the teachers a commission based on the number of students that enroll.」

Jian Shuang: “…”

Yang Wei was really good. Even if she normally gained some fans when she was outside because of her appearance, this class wasn’t even taught where she could be seen. Yet, she’d still managed to gain a fan this quickly?

「Thank you very much for your suggestion. We will consider it ^_^」  

Li Gou Dan: 「Then okay; I’ll register.」  


Yang Wei climbed into bed after taking a bath. When she picked up her phone, it showed that she had an unread message from her younger brother, Yang Ming.

「Beloved sister, are you free tomorrow afternoon? I’ll treat you :)」

The smiley immediately made her recall Li Gou Dan for some indescribable reason. She shook her head and sent a reply. 「You aren’t making me pretend to be your girlfriend again, are you? I already said that I want to be paid the same fee as a lead actress.」

Yang Ming: 「I can’t say that I’m treating you?」  

Yang Wei: 「Nope. Last time, you invited me to eat four spring rolls on the streets; a dollar, five-for-two sort of thing『goodbye』」 (2)

Yang Ming: 「…This time won’t be like that. You can get whatever you want to eat; order as you please!」  

Yang Wei: 「Looks like this time’s girl is very troublesome :)」  

Yang Ming: 「She’s been stalking for two weeks now! Everything I say is useless. Even when I tell her that I have a girlfriend, she doesn’t believe me!」

Yang Wei: 「Next time, tell her that you like men. Then find a brother to help you out.」  

Yang Ming: 「Fuck you, just kill me then『goodbye』」  

Yang Wei: 「Fine, time and place.」  

Yang Ming: 「Tomorrow, ten o’clock, at Gate T. Wear something pretty. Love you, muah~ =3=」

Yang Wei: 「Buyout price, I’m turning my phone off at eleven!」 (3)

Yang Wei was just about to turn her phone off when she received a new message again. However, it was from Fang Cheng Ran this time. She blanked out for a moment but still opened it to see what it said.

「Good night, sweet dreams ^_^」  

There were only these simple four words and an emoticon, but they were enough to make Yang Wei’s mood immediately become complicated. The past two nights, she’d been saying ‘good night’ to herself; she hadn’t expected someone to remember to say ‘good night’ to her before she went to sleep, especially so soon.

Her thumb moved across the screen as she typed out a reply. 「Good night, sweet dreams」  

Once she’d turned off her phone, she glanced at the wedding photo of her and Qi Xiao Yan across from her and then closed her eyes.

Hmph, I definitely won’t wish you a good night.

Beneath the same starry sky, Qi Xiao Yan lay quietly in his bed and gazed at the contacts list in his phone. He whispered softly, “Good night, baby.”


The next day, Yang Wei slept till ten o’clock before she finally got up. When she recalled that her younger brother was treating her to lunch, Yang Wei was too lazy to eat breakfast and decided to head immediately to her wardrobe to begin fiddling with her appearance. Yang Ming was a third-year university student, so she couldn’t wear something too mature if she was pretending to be his girlfriend. She picked out a dress from her time in university and held it out in front of her.

Mn, the color is okay, and the design isn’t considered old-fashioned—this one then!

When it neared the promised time, Yang Ming’s anxious call arrived. Yang Wei picked up the call as she walked out the door. “I’ve already left my apartment. I want to eat at Lily’s Barbecue this afternoon.”

Yang Ming felt physical pain when he heard this; Yang Wei was truly ruthless. But when he recalled the girl who’d been stalking him for the past two weeks, he endured the blow.

Yang Wei left her neighborhood and took the subway to Gate T. Most students were currently awake and out hunting for food, so there were quite a lot of food stands in front of the school’s entrance. Yang Wei only had to look around once before she spotted Yang Ming by the gate. He was wearing a black hoodie with a white t-shirt beneath and dark, skinny jeans, paired with black high-tops. Yang Wei mentally gave him a like; this younger brother of hers was becoming more and more handsome.

“Little Ming Ming~” Yang Wei called out in an overly sweet tone as she approached him.
Yang Ming was startled and turned to face her, his eyes trailing over her body. “Wei Wei’er, today’s the weekend. Let’s not act too crazy.”

Yang Wei frowned minutely and decided to take the queen route. “Little Ming’zi, have you already set a reservation? You know I only eat fresh scallops.”

Yang Ming smiled and threw his arm over her shoulder. “Don’t rush, let’s walk around campus first.”

Yang Wei reluctantly followed him and displayed an aloof expression. “Isn’t this school the same as any other? I still haven’t eaten breakfast yet.”

Yang Ming continued to beam from ear to ear. “None of the other girls should bother me this year if I show you around campus.”

Yang Wei’s aloof expression faltered slightly. “You really don’t like men?”

Yang Ming replied, “I’m just keeping myself pure for my first love.”

Yang Wei raised a brow. “You mean your deskmate from primary school? Do your parents know about your puppy love?”

Yang Ming shrugged. “Of course they don’t. Back then, they ruthlessly, coldly, and unreasonably abandoned me. They even brought only their daughter abroad with them to deliberately provoke me.”

Yang Wei’s brows furrowed. “You’re still bringing this matter up, even though it’s been ten years? You were three years old back then; how could they have brought you…”

“Shh.” Yang Ming suddenly interrupted Yang Wei and moved closer in order to whisper into her ear, “She showed up.”

Yang Wei suddenly felt like she was in a police film. She subconsciously held her breath and furtively glanced behind them. Not too far away, there really was a girl following them. She had short hair and was dressed in a fresh, clean manner. She didn’t look like some crazy stalker at all.

All of a sudden, the girl’s gaze met Yang Wei’s, causing Yang Wei to hurriedly swing her head back around. She inhaled lightly and heard footsteps approaching her from behind. Da—da—da—

The girl quickly ran in front of them and blocked their path. Yang Wei frowned slightly, a somewhat impatient look crossing her face, and said, “What do you want?”

The girl simply stared at Yang Wei, looking at her with an exceptionally focused gaze that had held a nearly imperceptible plea within it. “Excuse me…are you Yang Ming’s girlfriend?”

When she saw the girl’s expression, Yang Wei almost didn’t have the heart to deceive her, but when she felt Yang Ming’s arm tighten around her shoulder, she hurriedly replied with a smile, “I am. Are you his classmate?”

The girl paled. As if she’d been wronged, she bit her lip lightly. “Are you really his girlfriend?”


The wind rustling through the trees seemed to have stopped; only, the girl in front of them continued to sway back and forth unsteadily.

Yang Wei then finally witnessed the ultimate skill of ‘crying in three seconds.’ The girl in front her’s eyes reddened, and then she let out a cry, “Wuwa——” She only let out a single cry before her tears began to flow like spring water, and snot dripped down her face without restraint. Yang Wei stared at her, somewhat stunned, as she hadn’t cried like this since she’d been in kindergarten.

The girl continued to sob, extremely heartbroken. All of the students that passed them cast sidelong glances at her. Yang Wei felt awkward. She wanted to go up and comfort her with a few words, but the girl then turned her gaze toward Yang Ming and said amidst choked sobs, “I won’t bother you anymore from now on.” She fled afterward, snot and tears still flowing.

Yang Wei and Yang Ming stood there blankly, their expressions a bit stiff. Yang Wei then swatted Yang Ming’s hand off of her shoulder and turned to glare at him. “Isn’t it a bit cruel for us to do it this way?”

Yang Ming’s lips twitched. His voice was quite hoarse as he said, “…Better to get the pain over with now, rather than prolong the agony.”

The two girls walking ahead of them whispered to each other——

“That girl that was crying so broken-heartedly a few moments ago. Did she just lose her love?”

“I’d say so. Speaking of that, did you hear that Professor Qi of Imperial Capital University got divorced?”

Yang Wei’s heart dropped. She was finished! Done for! Professor Qi had already become this popular?!

She wanted to drag Yang Ming away, except Yang Ming was already in the middle of walking up to those two girls. With furrowed brows, he asked, “What did you just say? Qi Xiao Yan got a divorce?”

“I, I also heard this from a friend at Imperial Capital University…” The girl who spoke stared at Yang Ming, stunned. How come this handsome guy was a fan of Professor Qi ?

Yang Ming immediately turned to glance at Yang Wei, who panicked. She didn’t get any time to explain however, as Yang Ming immediately dashed away. Yang Wei quickly chased him to the school entrance, only to see him climb into a taxi. She flagged down another taxi and quickly climbed into. “Help me follow that car up ahead. Thanks!”

The driver hadn’t come across this situation in quite a while, so he immediately asked, excited, “Chasing after your boyfriend?”

Yang Wei replied, “Catching a couple in the act!”


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Because you previously didn’t even know that the female lead had a younger brother 🙂


(1) 233 means “laughing”,just like “lol” or “:D”. It is from the No.233 emoticon of Mop forum, one of the biggest forums in China— a laughing figure. Chinese people on the Internet also use 23333 or 233333333333333 to express happiness.

(2) Aka a bargain deal, buy five for the price of two

(3) Buyout price as in the final call for a bid in an auction

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