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Part 2.4

The film Fan Yuan chose was a science fiction film that was currently popular. The stereotypical plot of aliens invading Earth. The whole film was enhanced by the outstanding performance of the leading actors and actresses. The production was also excellent, with the director making everything more attractive by excellent use of special effects, such as the contrast of light and shadow.

Originally, Fan Yuan only intended to stall the male lead and prevent the plot from collapsing, but he was eventually attracted to the movie, and watched it till the end.

He was still immersed in the movie plot as he exited the cinema. He couldn’t help but voice his thoughts. “Actually, the lead actor didn’t have to die. His death had no actual influence whatsoever over the development of the story. What’s with getting infected by the st virus in the end, then finally taking the spaceship up into space and perishing alone? The script writers were too cruel. The man saved the Earth. Why couldn’t they let him live?”

Gu Qi patted him on the head and laughed. “Silly. If they didn’t do this, there wouldn’t be so many people that are moved, or sighing. The impression it would have left on people would have been greatly reduced.”

Fan Yuan disagreed, however. “It is too cruel to kill off a person at will just to leave a deep impression on the audience.”

“Xiao Yuan, it’s just a box office movie.”

Fan Yuan fell silent. He knew what Gu Qi said was true. It was just a story. There was nothing left to see once it’s finished. He had been here and there in myriads of worlds for many years. But the people who existed in the virtual world were present before his eyes. He could see in their eyes their joys and sorrows. He couldn’t see them as mere virtual characters.

He became dejected a moment later. “I know that this is just a movie. But the moment the creators wrote out each character, they were given life. In our eyes, they may just be insignificant roles. But in their own world, they are all people who are still alive. They can be hurt. They can be sad. They will all want to live. I can understand that he had to die if it was part of the plot, but if his death was meaningless other than that he just had to die, do you think that he would be willing to die?”

Gu Qi’s eyes flickered. He gazed into Fan Yuan’s clear eyes and explained with a complex tone of voice, “He wouldn’t, so what? Xiao Yuan, you are still too naive. You think that the hero’s death has no worth. Do you think that the villains were also willing to die? What about the lives of all the innocent people involved? There is little justice in this world. Some are born blessed, while some are doomed to fail. [1]Some people won’t even leave behind their names. Only those who are truly strong are not bound by these inborn shackles. As for those who are unable to be masters of their own lives, they don’t even have sufficient capital to complain.”

Fan Yuan felt a surge of emotions upon hearing his words. His eyes were like burning embers and said excitedly, “You’re right. No one is willing to live under someone else’s rule. If one wants to be the master of his own fate, one has to get stronger himself.”

Gu Qi was relieved. He caressed the white and tender little face. He pulled a smile and said, “Good boy. Brother will go fetch the car. Just wait right here for me.”

Fan Yuan nodded obediently. After Gu Qi departed, he said impassionedly, “Xiao Wu, I think what the male lead has said was reasonable. Starting today, my goal will be to become a senior law enforcement adviser. I’ll work hard, strive to become stronger until I reach the peak of my life! I don’t want to be just a stranger with no name at all. And I definitely don’t want to involuntarily act as this kind of crazy gay person!”


“Xiao Wu, did you hear what I’ve just said? Xiao Wu, Xiao Wu!”

After a long time, Xiao Wu’s mechanical voice rang. “Ding. According to the comprehensive evaluation result of Master’s abilities, that is an impossible task. I ask Master to keep his feet on the ground and set an achievable goal.”

Fan Yuan: “……” He just built up his confidence. Can you not strike people down like this!

In fact, he couldn’t fault Xiao Wu’s extremely poisonous tongue. People like Fan Yuan who travel through time and space doing missions were as numerous as the stars. These people were implanted with a system managed by the source world. Once the source world stops supplying energy, the actor will not have enough energy to travel through space and time, and will eventually fall into a deep sleep. Their spirits will gradually dissipate, which means real death.

One particular group among these people are special. That was the Senior law enforcement advisers who were said to number no more than ten. They had the power to directly extract energy from the source world. At the same time, they also needed to protect the normal operation of the source world. Sometimes they would go to certain worlds to perform tasks, all depending on their own preferences without limitations. These were actors with true freedom.

Senior law enforcement advisers were at the top in terms of acting roles. Furthermore, the emergence of a new senior law enforcement adviser would mean the fall of an old one. Even actors from the Male lead group dare not to mention the goal of becoming a senior law enforcement adviser. Fan Yuan, as a gay love rival, said such a thing so lightly. One could only say that he was overreaching himself.

Fan Yuan, after cordially retreating and with a mind that sobered up a bit, thought of the brave words he just said. For a moment there, he wanted to cover his face in shame.  “What I’ve just said, don’t take it seriously……”

Ding. Master, don’t worry. No one would have taken that stupid remark seriously.”



Fan Yuan was bored to death as he waited for the male lead to return. Suddenly, he was pushed from behind. Baffled by this abrupt motion, he turned around and saw three [2]Huang Mao-like boys looking at him with malicious intent.

“Xiao Wu, who are they?”

Ding. According to the results of detection, these people are freshmen students of Class F in Songzhen High School.”

Fan Yuan touched his chin. “Class F. The famous gangster class……”

With one arm putting pressure on Gu Yuan’s shoulder, breath reeking of tobacco smoke which made Gu Yuan’s brows knit in a frown, someone said loudly “Hey, Gu Yuan. Came out to see a movie, huh? Got any money? Why don’t you help us brothers out a bit?”

Fan Yuan felt around in his pocket and innocently shook his head. “Nothing.”

The boys looked at each other. The tall one exclaimed, “Who are you trying to fool?! Everyone in school knows that you are a young master of the Gu family. How can you go out without money? Your family is freaking loaded, you shouldn’t be unwilling to part with such a small amount.”

“I really don’t have any, and……” Fan Yuan took the hand off his shoulder. “Even if I have money, why should I give it to you? It’s my Dad and Mom’s,” he protested, biting his lips.

Ding. Master, it’s likely that you’ll infuriate them into beating you up.”

Fan Yuan retorted furiously,” Do I have a choice? The original host is a dull and introverted bookworm and otaku. I freaking want to crack an energy pill and wipe these gangsters out in a second, but can I? Why does it take so long for the male lead to get his car? Has he encountered an issue and forgot his little brother?”

Ding. Master, please be careful…….”

Fan Yuan turned around and saw a dark fist flying towards his face. He made a conscious effort to press down the subconscious action to dodge. He closed his eyes and said in his head ‘I’m a powerless otaku, I can’t get away from this!’


“…… Xiao Wu, did you get me me a painless pill?”

Ding. I haven’t exchanged for it yet…… But, Master shouldn’t need it.”

Huh? Fan Yuan opened his eyes cautiously and saw the fist stop point-blank in front of him. It was caught by a long, distinct hand. It couldn’t move anymore.

Fan Yuan lifted his gaze and saw an off-white coat flapping in the cold wind. The man smiled at him in backlight. The smile on his face was like a healing light, reminiscent of a beautiful, white-winged creature – the kind with a halo on its head.

It was different from the male lead’s overbearing aura. This person’s smile had the flavor of sunshine, the temperament of a lily magnolia – a nearly perfect man.

The male love rival…… Zhao Yuhao…… Why is he here?!

Radiating warm light, the male love rival slowly pulled the pervert’s hand away. He turned his face around, his smile even gentler but his eyes emanating a cold light. “Three boys bullying a girl is ungraceful, don’t you think?”

Fan Yuan ( -_-||||): ? ? ? ?

The previously loud-mouthed owner of the fist stepped back in fright upon seeing the male love rival. Shuddering, he said two extremely chuunibyou lines. “You are Sheng Di High’s Zhao Yuhao! Such damned bad luck! Bros, let’s hurry up and leave. This guy is a person we can’t afford to offend!”

Their expressions immediately changed at the mention of the name Zhao Yuhao. They turned and ran in a hurry. Twenty meters away, he turned back and shouted, “Gu Yuan, just you wait. You won’t be so lucky next time!”

Then, without turning his head, he ran away towards the sunset.

Fan Yuan: “……” Who did he offend now?!

Zhao Yuhao bent down and looked at him. With that trademark smile on his face, he said, “Don’t worry. If they cause you trouble again, just mention my name. That should do it.”

In front of his savior, Fan Yuan was very angry but he couldn’t show it. “Okay, thank you,” he said, after a long silence.

Unfortunately, the male love rival was insensitive. Completely oblivious to Fan Yuan’s emotions, which he struggled so hard against that he wanted to splash blood on the man’s face, Zhao Yuhao continued, “Your name is Gu Yuan? It doesn’t sound like a girl’s name. It also happens that my best friend’s brother is also called Gu Yuan. I haven’t met him, but I heard that he was a little otaku. Hahaha……”

Fan Yuan looked at him with a blank face. Suddenly, he looked behind him and said with a smile, “Big brother.”

Zhao Yuhao was stunned by her sweet smile. When he turned around, he saw his best friend staring suspiciously at them. His eyes had a dubious look and he felt a slight chill crawl down his back.

“Brother…… Big brother…… Big brother……”

The sound of Gu Yuan’s voice slowly echoed in his mind. For a moment, he seemed to be able to hear the sound of his heart breaking.


Translator’s notes:

[1] Unable to leave a mark in history, or to be significant enough to be remembered throughout history.

[2] Huang Mao – Original cartoon characters, one of which is a Toad boss. It’s also a  degrading way to call young boys, so teenage boys here. Probably some gangster-like students.


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