Chapter 15 Omake: Anime Adaptations of Light Novels

Translator: Krrizis
Editor: Me3

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「Asakura-san, I used to be a person who’s okay with anime adaptations of light novels consisting of one or two volumes of the novel per season…」

「Andou-kun, what are you suddenly on about?」

「Well, isn’t that the template for light novel animes these days? Particularly the majority of the ones from a year or two ago, the『M』and『F』paperback light novels that were made into animes had as much as five volumes crammed in one season. If you were unlucky, all of the published contents were thrown into the anime. I was one of those people against such things.」

「Ah… You’re referring to that. I get what you mean. It’s true that with light novel adaptations, I feel the anime can at most cover two volumes worth of contents before it feels like it’s gone overboard.」

「Exactly! In the first place, the story is self-contained within a single volume of a light novel. Despite that, they cram five volumes or more of original content to fill up an entire season that the important themes contained within each volume are somehow lost in translation」

「Isn’t that why the fans of the original work are always coming out and saying stuffs like『I really wanted to see that scene animated from the novel but why didn’t they do it~~!!!』or『That speech was crucial to the development of the chapter. Why wasn’t it shown on the anime and conveyed properlyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!』.」

「Of course. It was just as I expected of you, Asakura-san. You really are the only person who truly understands me」

「Fuee! R, really…?」

Muhuhuhu! Nyuhahahaha! Andou-kun just said something along the lines of『I knew it, our hearts share a tacit understanding as we are connected by our common interest in light novels NE☆』to me!! ← Excessively happy that she’s turned slightly delirious (Asakura)

「However, I was mistaken. I realized that after watching the recent animes…」


The recent animes? Don’t tell me―― *eyes sparkles*! (Asakura)

「Andou-kun, could it be…」

「It is, Asakura-san」


「I knew it!」

「Yup! The love comedy about a『loner』that loves catfish, that was invited to a catfish association filled with like-minded people by the『prettiest girl in school』that begins a series of misunderstandings between them. The anime has gone through four volumes of  the books within ten episodes yet the composition and script was well-written. There are important details that have been cut away but it has created a good pace for the anime! Uaaahhhh! That there was an adaptation with such presentation, I can’t help but completely admire it!」

「Me too~~ At first, I was feeling uneasy like『Eh!? They’re going into content from the third volume on the seventh episode!? How many more volumes is this anime going to get into!?』but now, I feel it’s very well constructed」

「Of course, Andou-kun!」



A love comedy where the『loner』is in love with the『prettiest girl in school』that begins a series of misunderstandings? Such a thing doesn’t virtually existー (Asakura & Andou)



Several days later, she fell in love.



  1. Namazu means catfish. If you haven’t guessed already, the author is parodying her own work here.
    30/05/2018 – As pointed out by some readers, it’s a reference to Gamers!
    Though honestly, the premise is super similar to LJ.

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