Chapter 17 Omake: A Maiden’s Secret

Translator: Krrizis
Editor: Me3



「Nevertheless, to think there would come a day where I’m conversing with you, Asakura-san, about light novels… Surely if you had told the me back when I had just finished the entrance ceremony, I wouldn’t have believed it」

「Ufufu, true. Me too. I didn’t expect that there’ll be someone that I could profess my『love for light novels』in high school」

「Yeah. So if I were to say『Am I good friends with Asakura-san?』, well, that’s a given …」

「O, Of course…」

Yup, it’s like the meeting between me and Andou-kun was…THAT!

It can only be『Fate』―― (Asakura)

「The turning point has to be the『toilet』!」


 Andou-kun… What are you talking about? (Asakura)

「I mean, the first time we spoke the conversation was on 『toilets』? To be frank, until we had that conversation, I thought because our class castes were different that I couldn’t heedlessly address you」

「E, Evidently but…」

But, the『toilet』being the turning point isn’t sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

No! Andou-kun!? Our meeting was because of『fate』, it’s not dreamy nor romantic if it’s『toilets』!(Asakura)


「Ah, Andou-kun … Isn’t there a better word to describe it?」

「Eh, like?」


『Like』!? Are you seriously saying that!? Are you honestly okay with the fact that we met because of『toilets』and not because it was『fate』? (Asakura)

「Which reminds me, there was one thing about toilets I was concerned about」

(Eh? Andou-kun. Now that we’ve reached this point, you’re『still』continuing the subject!?)

「W, What is it… ?」

「Do girls knock on the toilet doors too?」

I mean, I just realized it after I had that conversation with Asakura-san about toilets. Like for guys, we do have stalls but it’ll take too much time to knock on the doors when you’re in a hurry if they’re shut but the girls’ toilets only have stalls, right? Therefore, if they aren’t sure if the person behind the door is in a rush, do they knock on the door~? 

Well, that’s what I was wondering (Andou)

「…………Andou-kun, let me just give you a piece of advice」

「Sure. What about?」

「You know, girls… we don’t go to『toilets』♪」

「EHHHH! B, But――」

「We don’t go to『toilets』♪」


「We don’t … go to『To・i・lets』♪」 *Grrrr!*

「Ah, yes…」

That day, I learnt one of the many secrets that『girls』have (Andou)

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