Overflow (Pt 3)

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Implicitly he was saying, “I’ll put up with you only til our time’s up” or something of that sort.

“……You’ll listen to me… That’s because you’re from the top, right?”

“Because I’ll be the boss in the near future.”

Although that’s the case, though he said ‘in the near future’, Tachibana-san doesn’t treat me as a senior already.

“But right now aren’t you at the same junior staff level as me? That’s why, I’m the senior.”

Although I said I’m the senior with my chest pumped up a little, all I did was join the company before Tachibana-san; it’s not like I’m better than him.

“… Then, why are you putting ‘san’ to my name?? Why are you speaking so politely?? Kiuchi-san, you’re my senior right? All the other guys my age are addressed as ‘kun’, but why does everyone add ‘san’ only to my name?”

Tachibana-san looked a bit frustrated, but he drew closer to me with a somewhat sad expression on his face.

“It’s because you will become the boss in the near future. If people always call you ‘kun’, wouldn’t it be a bit difficult to change to ‘san’ after you’ve become the boss? That’s why everyone has been attaching ‘san’ to Tachibana-san’s name since the start.”

At my reply, Tachibana-san’s face turned more and more into a frown.

But, the corners of his mouth lifted slightly as Tachibana-san thought of something.

That was certainly the face of someone who was planning something.

“The President’s command is absolute right?? Then, the future President’s command should be absolute too, right??”

“Can I not say that the President’s command is absolute?? If there is too much tyranny then wouldn’t you be forced to resign at the meeting?”

When I refuted Tachibana-san while tilting my head,

“If someone tries to force a resignation from me, I’ll cut their necks before that happens.”

Tachibana imitated a sword slicing his neck while saying ‘Beheaded!!’

… Scary.

Why is he suddenly saying such terrifying things? This guy.

Just as I wondered if killing someone was that easy,

“Kiuchi-san, from now on honorifics are forbidden. Also, address me as ‘kun’. Even if I become President, don’t change the way you call me. It’s the future President’s order.”

Tachibana-san smiled broadly like a little boy.

… His laughing face was cute.

… Or rather,

“It’s impossible right now.”

I’ve already gotten used to calling him ‘Tachibana-san.’

“Kiuchi-san, do you want to have your neck sliced off??”

This time, Tachibana-san said ‘Decapitation!!’ while he made a gesture of slicing his neck from the side.

Tachibana-san who had a cute smile was a little egotistical brat.

“… Tyrannical President.”

I gave Tachibana-san a disappointed look and,


Tachibana-san laughed happily as he replied.

His smiling face made me laugh as well.

Somehow, whenever Tachibana-san’s present, my bitter feelings calm down.

“… Ah, look at the time!!”

When I looked at my wristwatch, it showed it was five minutes before lunch break ended.

“I’ll head back first.”

I tucked the empty tupperware under my arms and was about to make my way from the roof when,

“I want to eat fried shrimps next.”

Tachibana-san made his request for the next lunchbox while waving his hands.

… Looks like I’ll be troubled into making it again in the morning.

But, if it’s Tachibana-san, he’d eat it with relish.

“Ok!! Understood!!”

I replied in a pleasant tone.


After all, Tachibana-san makes me feel so happy.

That’s why I thought, I want Tachibana-san to eat what I make.





—– Because I was off the next day, I decided to go and check out the property I found on the net yesterday.

I had three visits in the morning.

One of them had an affordable rent, and was 10 minute walking distance from the station and 30 minutes away from my workplace by train. It was quite a good property.

There was also a supermarket nearby, and the building itself was relatively new.

I wanted to move out as soon as possible, so I immediately decided on that place.

Yosh!! The room has been decided. Next are the household appliances.

As I was on my way to the electronics shop, my phone vibrated in my pocket.

I took out the phone and tapped the screen.

{Kiuchi-san, it’s your day off today, right? Thanks to that, I had to have a convenience store lunchbox today. Have you had lunch??}

It was a LINE message from Tachibana-kun.

… What’s with this ‘I had to make do with eating a convenience store lunch box because of you’ kind of sentence.

Convenience store lunch box tastes good too. It’s also cheap.

Speaking of, I haven’t eaten lunch yet.

I didn’t have time to eat lunch since I was too busy with the property viewing appointments.

{I have been viewing properties, so I haven’t had lunch.}

I stopped walking and sent a reply.

{I see. Was there anything good??}

Tachibana-san’s reply came immediately.

I wonder if the shop isn’t busy today. Tachibana-kun, is it okay for you to be using LINE?? You’re the next President so are you sure it’s okay to do that??

{It went well. They’re OK with me moving in immediately, so I plan to move on my next day off. Right now, I’m headed to the electronics shop.}

For now, I replied as such and then,

{Someone will cover for me on that day. I’ll help you move.}

Swiftly-replying-back Tachibana-kun, please do your job.

And again, I got a ‘I’ll help you’ from the top.

{I don’t have a lot of stuffs, so I’m fine doing it alone.}

It’s not that I was irritated by how he was looking down on me, I really am not at a point of needing any assistance, that’s why I replied with a refusal.

Besides, it’s only clothes that I need to bring from the room I used to live in with Satoshi.

There’s nothing else to take.

I will try my hardest not to take any of those memories with me.

Just then, my phone started vibrating longer.

Hmm?? An incoming call??

Reflected on the screen were the letters, ‘Tachibana-kun’.

Why did you call, Tachibana-kun!! Aren’t you in the middle of your shift!?

‘I said I’ll help you.’

I was interrupted the moment I greeted him.

What’s up with this impudent call?

“No, as I said, I’m fine doing it al…”

‘I said I’ll help you.’

Tachibana-kun seems to be unwilling to listen to me.

I mean, what?? This person, can he not understand Japanese??

‘I said I’ll help you. I said I’ll help you.’

Thus went Tachibana-kun’s mysterious repetitions.

… How troublesome.

“… Tachibana-kun, right now you’re in the middle of a shift, aren’t you??”

‘I said I’ll help you. Isn’t it obvious? I said I had a stomachache so I’m in the bathroom right now. I said I’ll help you. Don’t you think it’s because of you that I’m making stools here? I said I’ll help you.’

Tachibana-kun kept repeating his words over and over again like a broken down tape recorder.

… Rather, oi.

“That’s irritating!! Why do you want to help out so much!??”

‘Because I want you to cook a warm meal for me as a reward, that’s why I’ve decided to help out. I said I’ll help you.’

Tachibana-kun has probably been capturing women’s hearts in this way.

Because it was cute, suddenly being told words that would make people happy, I said to him

“……… Please help me.”

I suppose Tachibana-kun would want to eat a warm meal rather than a cold one.

‘Yup, I’ll help you out.’

Tachibana-kun hung up in satisfaction.


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Kriz here posting on behalf of chibiPotato. I decided to leave the dialogue boxes as is since the text just looked awkward if I kept to the original Japanese format.

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