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------ Their values were different.



After breaking up with Sakura, I got a new girlfriend.



No, strictly speaking, I was two timing.



I liked my new girlfriend. But, I didn’t think about breaking up with Sakura.



Even though we didn’t have sex, but it was pleasant to be with Sakura.

I wasn’t supposed to let go of such a sweet concept, but I was told to break up by Sakura when she found out the truth.


That I had a young and cute girlfriend.




That’s why my break up with Sakura was lonely, but there were no feelings of sadness.

But, my new girlfriend is really different than Sakura.




When we go out to eat, she’d say ‘Thank you for the meal’, and I’d have to pay for all of it.

If it was Sakura, then she would have done the calculation and then handed out half the amount as if it was natural.




When I can’t decide where to go for a date, my girlfriend just says ‘anywhere is fine’.



Sakura would always research on the net and picking at least 3, she would ask me, ‘What do you think, Satoru??’




My girlfriend is not good at cooking, and has few variations; Sakura used to be able to quickly make something even from the leftovers in the fridge.



Besides that, she has a lot of male friends. If I bring that up then she settles it with ‘Because you’re older, you have a narrow mind.’



Sakura didn’t hang out with male friends.



Sakura… If it was Sakura…  


Free talk:

Kriz has no sympathy for this cheating scumbag. Ah piu~

If anyone was confused by this chapter, Kiuchi’s full name is Kiuchi Sakura. \o

P.S. Last of the edited/translated chapters in my folders. It’ll be a while before the next chapters are out.

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