Chapter 19 Omake: Illustrations


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「Asakura-san, what is the minimum amount of illustrations that you would want in a light novel?」

「Well, at least four to five pages. What about you, Andou-kun?」

「Hmm, for me, it has to be a minimum of three pages. But if I have to say it, I would be thrilled if I could have at least six pages」

「Well, that’s a given. If one has to declare what the appeal of a light novel is, then it has to be the frontmost cover page. After which, it’s the illustrations tucked inside the contents as you’re reading through the texts and the frontispiece」

「Well, if it’s a novella, there aren’t any illustrations in them though」

「Because that’s just the way it has always 『been』.  I mean, when you buy a light novel novella, with the exception of the front cover, you don’t expect there to be any illustrations inside, do you?」

「Of course」

「That being the case, when the the light novel that you buy has illustrations not only on the covers but inside, wouldn’t you obviously get excited and feel geared up by the illustrations♪」

「Yeah, that’s true. Well then, Asakura-san. Let’s go to the launch of that narou novel that we enjoy and for once, count the illustrations in it」

「Sure, Andou-kun♪」



0 Illustrations



「「You’re kidding!?」」

「Ahhh, Andou-kun, is this a nightmare perchance that I’m witnessing… If it was just say one or two illustrations, I get it but……『zero』!? How can there not be any illustrations!? Is this even a light novel?」

「Asakura-san, it’s just like a『novella』, ain’t it? Sorry to disappoint you though, but this is a『light novel』…

 The publication of this book is on par with a light novel but the illustrations are only on the front and back covers of the book. Certainly, there’s the frontispiece but to use the same illustration as the front cover, it’ll be better if it didn’t use an illustration at all …」

「But, the front cover illustration is absolutely, utterly adorable! T, To go that far…」

「I understand! The front cover is absolutely, utterly adorable but even so there aren’t enough illustrations! Without those, it’s not a light novel!」

「Sure, I know that this particular publisher has relatively few illustrations in their light novels but the fact there are none this time round is utterly astounding…」

「But the illustrator they employ every time is really skilled」

「EXACTLYYYYYYYYY! I want to keep looking at this illustration but why are there so few illustrations!!!」

「There is a way that you can see more of this light novel’s illustrations, Asakura-san!」

「Andou-kun! That would be!?」

「By continuing to buy the new publication every time it comes out at the bookstores! If the fans of the light novel keep doing it, they’ll continue releasing new books and we’ll be able to see new illustrations!」

「Andou-kun… You’re a genius!」



And so, the two of us continue to squander our money on light novels again (Asakura)



「Oh … But Andou-kun, this publisher is going to discontinue all their publications next month…」



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