Chapter 20 Omake: Site

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「I thought as much … but whenever we talk about webnovels, why do we only focus on『Narou』?」

「Asakura-san, what’s with this sudden topic? Aren’t we going into the meta here?」

「No but we mostly talk about『Narou』, don’t we? Think about it. Aren’t there other online publishing sites besides『Narou』such as『αHolis』or『Everyday』? Ah, and 『Kakuyomu』too」

「Asakura-san, somehow you sound awfully unnatural when you added『Kakuyomu』at the end… But yeah, when it comes to online publishing sites, the biggest is『Narou』and it’s the site that we both mostly read out of afterall. Frankly speaking, 『Kakuyomu』was a pain in the beginning, it was hopeless without the comment function」

「Andou-kun, I wonder if you’re ever afraid of anything … You spit out 『malicious』words so smoothly at times. Anyway, I wonder why I suddenly feel uneasy talking about『Narou』…」

「Asakura-san, wouldn’t you need to have a pretext to feel『unease』? I mean, it’s not like there’s anything that we should be troubled about conversing about『Light Novel Zakka ni Narou』aka『Narou』, is there? It’s not like there’s a site with the same name as『Light Novel Zakka ni Narou』aka『Narou』anyway」

「Y, You’re right… It’s fine! Even if we talk about『Light Novel Zakka ni Narou』aka『Narou』,『αHolis』or『Everyday』, there’s no problem. Ah, and also『Kakuyomu』?」

「Yup, that’s right! Hence, let’s just keep talking passionately about『Narou』!」

「I still feel afraid though … By the way, it seems like you’ve used『Kakuyomu』before but are you reading any『Kakuyomu』novels right now?」

「Yeah. It’s not at『Narou』’s level but I do read some from time to time」

「Heh~~ Really? The truth is I’ve never used any other sites besides『Narou』so I wonder what the other sites are like?」

「Nnn, compared to『Narou』, that site’s layout was shit!」


「Ueek! W, what’s the matter, Asakura-san?」

「『What’s the matter?』That goes for you as well, Andou-kun!? Why are you being four times more『malicious』than usual!?」

「But, you see virtually when it first started, the site was shit. Like I said earlier, there wasn’t a comment section at all, the letters on the heading of the site were difficult to see. In comparison to『Narou』, you couldn’t grow your page views. There was no『postscript』or『report section』, the rating system was meaningless――」


 You’ve got to keep that suicidal mouth of yours shut, Andou-kun!」

「Didn’t you say it first, Asakura-san…?」



Even so, I can’t help but feel that all of Andou-kun’s remarks today are 『peppery』(Asakura)


「However, it is because it was difficult to use that I can see the plus points of the site. In particular, the users on『Kakuyomu』are amazingly active 」

「Oh my, that’s one point that changed from what you pointed out earlier. Are you buttering me up?」

「Nah.『Kakuyomu』didn’t have a comment section in the beginning so readers were proactively leaving positive reviews to the authors instead. Moreover, the authors would respond back to them. Though their page views were less compared to『Narou』, the number of reviews were many times more than theirs. Even if the novel doesn’t have a significant amount of page views, readers are seriously following it. In response, the authors keep producing content and when the managers of the site witnessed that, it led to the site’s improvement including the implementation of the『comment feature』.

 Of course, the biggest novel publishing site has probably got to be『Narou』.  But either way, regardless of whether you『read or write』a『novel』, the most important thing isn’t『which site』you’re on but『the communication between the reader and the author』which is why I use『Kakuyomu』」


「But the number one site that I use the most has got to be『Narou』!」





As you know the topic today is on webnovels. Narou is in reference to Syosetsu, one of the largest webnovel publishing sites in Japan.


Alphaholis refers to Alphapolis ( It’s the publisher for one of my novels, Maid Kara Haha ni Narimashita. You’ll find they also publish various mangas under them. So they’re a fairly diverse publisher.


Everyday refers to Everystar ( There are some pretty good novels here but it pales in comparison to Alphapolis and Syosetsu

Kakuyomu ( Heh, that’s the new site the author is on. It’s owned by Kadokawa so you can imagine all the good stuffs that come out of that site.



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