Chapter 22 Omake: Asakura-san’s Magnificent Gourmet

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Editor: Me3



「Everyone, thank you for inviting me to lunch today」




Ufufu. Today, I was invited to have lunch today together with ten of the girls in my class in the cafeteria. Usually I always have it with my best friend. Nevertheless, there are a lot of kids within and outside of my class that tend to ask me out. Therefore, once in a while I will go out for lunch with these kids (Asakura)



「Wah~ To be able to have lunch with the Asakura-san, what an honour!」

「Isn’t this exceedingly delightful, right, friends?」

「Today, I’m so thrilled that… I’ll get the spring cabbage specials!」



Fufu, they’re all such good kids (Asakura)



「Then, shall we dig in? Itadakimasu」




As I expected, lunch is livelier when you’re eating with a crowd. Now, I should get started on the hamburg set that I requested (Asakura)



「But… I’m surprised that you ordered a『hamburg』, Asakura-san」

「That’s totally unexpected, right, friends?」

「Me too! With Asakura-san’s『elegance』and『grace』,『spaghetti』or a more『stylish dish』would suit her image」



Well, that’s a given. But my favorite food is hamburg and it’s not as if I care if my image is tarnished. After all, to me, a shallow image is unnecessary (Asakura)



「Ufufu, does the fact that I ordered a『hamburg』seem so out of place? Even so, I’m fond of menus like these. Fufu, doesn’t it mean I’m childish?」



Hence, I’ll brazenly devour my beloved『hamburg』whilst donning the mask as『the prettiest girl in school』! (Asakura)



「No way! You’re not childish at all! Rather, the fact that you’re eating it makes the『hamburg』seem as though it’s a high class french dish」

「It looks super yummy, right, friends?」

「Moreover, the way you use the knife and fork is so elegant! If not for you, Asakura-san, the『hamburg』wouldn’t change into a『stylish dish』!」

「Fufufu, thank you. But having people assess the way I eat is a tad bit embarrassing」

『Ugh … S, Sorry』

「Ufufu, it’s alright. I’m just not used to it.


『…………』 *stares*



Since it’s Asakura-san, surely the moment she ate it, even the reporter of an epicure program would remark embarrassingly at how amazingly『stylish』,『elegant』and『refined』the flavors burst inside their mouth…(Everyone)


Delicious! Why, this is so good! This hamburg is really delicious! (Asakura)



「…Yup, it’s tasty♪」 *chomp chomp*♪





That was the image【(the perfect) Asakura-san】had before she met Andou-kun.


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