Chapter 24 Omake: Survey

Translator: Krrizis

Editor: Me3


「This is a survey」

「Eh, what? What’s up with this all of a sudden… Asakura-san?」

「Never mind about that! Anyway, it’s a survey! All you have to do is just answer my questions, Andou-kun!」*Hmph!*

「A, alright… Got it」

「Then, I’ll begin ♪」*excited*


「First question:『Do you eat rice for breakfast? Or are you a bread person?』」

「I don’t have an appetite in the morning so I don’t eat breakfast」

「Heh~ You’re not a morning person, are you?」

「Yeah well」



I wonder what’s going on? Is Asakura-san suggesting that it’s unlike me again? (Andou)


Fufun! Somehow I was able to get Andou-kun to take the survey without him suspecting anything! As expected of me! To tell you the truth, I want to know more about Andou-kun but with my pride as『the prettiest girl in the school』,  I can’t openly ask him questions. So by pretending to conduct a survey, I can freely ask him questions about his private life and his tastes. It’s a nice strategy! (Asakura)


Well, Asakura-san always says crazy things so I’ll just go along with it (Andou)


Fufufu … Andou-kun, get ready! From now on, I’m going to pretend that it’s a normal survey whilst I chuck random questions at you! (Asakura)



「『Which would you raise with your prospective wife? Dog or cat?』」

「…? Um, a cat?」


「『When you get into the shower, where do you wash first?』」

「… The neck」


「『At what age would you want to get married in the future?』」

「Eh? Hmm … I haven’t really thought about it but maybe when I’m thirty?」


「『If you have kids in the future, would it be about size of a baseball team? Or a soccer team?』」

「… No, two’s enough?」



Nyohohoho! Oh my god! He thinks this is a normal survey so he’s answering my questions one after the other! How brilliant I am for coming up with this strategy~♪ (Asakura)


What the hell… is with these questions? It’s like as though Asakura-san is actually in love with me… so to hide her embarrassment, she’s pretending to conduct a survey to ask about my plans for the future――Wait, hold on! I’m getting way too delusional! There is no way that Asakura-san is in love with me!

 That’s right… A loner doesn’t have anybody of the opposite sex that they’re awfully intimate with that’s why I’ve easily misunderstood this.

 You! Don’t be deluded! Don’t misunderstand it! (Andou)



「Okay, last questions」

「Uh huh」

「Andou-kun… Do you like it『small』or『big』?」

「What’s the subject!?」

「I, It doesn’t matter what it is! You just have to tell me which do you like, that’s all!」




Urk …『Subject』. There’s no way I could say such an embarrassing thing out loud! I mean … the question was whether you like『small breasts』or『big breasts』afterall! ARGHHHHHHH! (Asakura)



「Go on, Andou-kun. Answer!」

「U, Ummm…」



What’s up with this… Compared to the previous questions, this has strayed from the pattern―― Ahah! Is that what this is?

 All the『silly questions』leading up to this was a camouflage! It was all merely to pave the way for this question.

 Then, that means this is『certainly』the question that Asakura-san wanted to ask… But if that’s the case, why won’t Asakura-san tell me the subject? Telling me that she can’t say it means she can’t possibly say… No, that it’s too difficult to voice it out. The fact that Asakura-san is asking me and has difficulties speaking about it in this place can only mean… it’s about『light novels』!

 In short, the actual question is whether I like『pocket sized light novels』or『large sized light novels』? That’s the question! In that case, of course I’m into the『small ones』~~ (Andou)


Now then, Andou-kun … What will you answer? Is it『small ones』? Or『moderate ones』? (Asakura)


Alright… (Andou)


「I am UN・WAVERINGLY into the『large ones』!」



Well, if we’re talking about light novels, then I most certainly like the『pocket sized 』types the most but…! (Andou)


「As you can expect, the『sense of accomplishment』you get from large ones (after you’ve read them) is very different! I mean, small ones have their charms too… But when you hold them(light novels)in your hands, the『weight』makes a lot of difference!

   Since there’s a feeling that comes across like “Ah, I’m definitely『holding』a『large one』” so that’s the reason I『love』it!」


GRRRR――――――! (Asakura)


「…………」*trembles slightly*

「A, Asakura-san…?」

「――eight too」

「Eh? What? I can’t hear――」

「『Small ones』have『weight』too!」*shrieks*

「GUAHHHHHHHHH! M, My ear aa… A, Asakura-san?」

「Andou-kun, take a good look! One day, that is going to grow ginormous!」

「Eh, eh? Eh?」



I’ll absolutely have bigger ones! (Asakura)


Seriously, what the heck was that about…? (Andou)




That day, Asakura-san guzzled milk before she slept.

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