Chapter 25 Omake: Manga

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「Speaking of which, do you read manga, Asakura-san?」

「Well … It’s not like I don’t read any. Lately, I’ve been reading manga adaptations of Narou novels. Aside from that, the usual stuff that people read」

「I see」



Stuff that everyone reads… The sort that the other girls in the class read? That would mean the monthlyC Fantasy magazine or shoujo manga? (Andou)

Yeah, I don’t really read any mangas aside from the Narou adaptions. If I have to name a few of those, it’s the Jump-type mangas like『No Piece』,『MARUTO』,『White Clover』,『Gaiso Renkin』,『My Hero Company』. The usual sort. (Asakura)


「Andou-kun, do you read manga?」

「Yea, I read a few」

「Heh~ You read a lot of light novels though, do you even have time for manga?」

「Ahahaha. I’m a『loner』so I have all the time in the world」





*crickets creaking*


「T, Then… What type of manga do you usually read?」

「I―― read all sorts? I read the three most popular weekly manga magazines. If it’s other magazines like the monthly publications or the Young series, then it’s『C Fantasy』,『Young Manual』,『Good Morning』and『Sandai Young Magazine』. Finally, if it’s shoujo manga, then I read『Yume to Hana』,『Saga Red』and『Friends』magazine」

「A, Andou-kun… You seriously read only those mangas? On top of that, you read light novels as well…? You seriously have a lot of money, don’t you?」

「Ahaha… Well, I’m a『loner』so I don’t use much money」



Even though I said that, I mostly read the magazines when I’m browsing in the store and I borrow the shoujo mangas that my sister buys to read as I don’t want to be financially burdened by buying manga (Andou)



「Even so, it’s not that time consuming whether I’m reading magazines or tankoubons」



It takes me about an hour to read the entire thing whether it’s a magazine or a tankoubon… (Asakura)


「Andou-kun, how long do you take to read?」

「Yeah… Hmm, it takes me thirty minutes to read a magazine or tankouban… No, if I speed through it, I can do it in fifteen minutes」

「You’re joking!?」


That’s fast! Andou-kun, can you seriously read like that!? (Asakura)


「Yeah, pretty much…? But compared to novels, manga is just pictures so it doesn’t take up too much time」

「Wel… Well, that’s definitely true! Now that I think about it, that’s the same amount of time I take to read too! Ohoho~」


Eh? Don’t tell me… I’m too slow at reading manga!? (Asakura)



「I, Incidentally… Andou-kun, how long does it take for you to read a light novel volume?

Ah, though I said that, I don’t mean bulky light novels like『Hor●zon (Donki)』, the usual types that are around 300 pages?」


Those type of light novels tend to take about three hours for me but… (Andou)


「Hmm. If it’s that, about an hour, give or take」


Besides manga, I’m also slow at reading light novelssssssssssssss!? (Asakura)


「I, I see! Yeah, I read about the same speed as well!」

「Oh, is that so? Ahaha」


Starting from tomorrow, I’ll start practicing on speeding up my reading… (Asakura)

Oh, but the light novel that I read yesterday took about forty minutes… Well, forty minutes or an hour, it’s all the same! (Andou)


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