Chapter 26 Omake: Japanese Test Questions

Translator: Krrizis

Editor: Me3

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Question 1  Write the reading of the kanji in【】alphabets.

『To struggle for victory is to be【relentless (karetsu)】till the end』

On Asakura-san’s Side

Fumufumu… I’ve often see this kanji in the Battle Object light novel. The answer is【karetsu!】(Asakura)

On Andou-kun’s Side

Ummm…………Ah hah! It’s that thing that has a meaning along the lines of『fervant』and or maybe『terrific』…… Shit! What could it be? Now that it’s come down to this, I should write an answer along those lines… That should do it! (Andou)

Answer:『To struggle for victory is to【cheat】till the end』



Question 2  Read the speech from the following character.
Explain what you feel are the motivations behind their speech.

『N, No! It’s not like I even like you at all! It’s just if I leave you be, who
knows when this task will be wrapped up… It can’t be helped! Yeah. It
can’t be helped so I’ll lend you a hand therefore don’t misunderstand me!』

On Asakura-san’s Side

I totally feel you…! That feeling of being in love but not being able to be honest about it!  This character is honestly, extremely, helplessly in love with the other but is scared to be upfront with their emotions hence they repeatedly make excuses… But no matter what they’re unable to forsake them so masking their true feelings under a pretense by grumbling, they’re assisting them to do the work… (Asakura)

On Andou-kun’s Side


I see… If this was the usual, then writing that this is a【typical tsundere】would be the correct interpretation. However, I know, after reading multiple light novels with tsundere heroines… that in this world (reality), there’s no such thing as a cute moe tsundere girl! Therefore, THIS has got to be the answer! (Andou) 

Answer:『Perhaps, they needed to go to the toilet』


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