Chapter 27 Omake: English Test Questions

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Question 1  Translate the following English sentence into Japanese.

『This street will lead you to the library』



On Asakura-san’s Side


Hmm…『This street』as in michi? No, it should mean『michi no ri (the way)』, right?  Next, the latter half of the sentence『you to the library』,『the library』means『toshokan』so it’s『anata wa toshokan ni iku』.  Moreover as『Lead』bears the meaning of『michibiku』… Therefore, the answer is【kono michi ni ikeba toshokan ni tsukimasu】! (Asakura)



On Andou-kun’s Side


…………… What language is this? No, no. Wait! This is an English test… Therefore, evidently, this scribble that looks like an ancient Roman incantation can only be『English』! If it’s English…Then surely I can read it! Let’s see…『you』!  I know what this is! It means『omae』! Right! Next up…『library』? I feel like I’ve seen this before… Umm,『raibaari-?』 raibari-……raibyiri? raiburi-? I remember!『raiburariー』. That’s to say, toshokan! Which means the answer is―― (Andou)


Answer:『omae wo toshokan ni shite yarou ka!』¹




Question 2  Read the following English sentence and
write a response in English

『My work prevents me from visiting you』



On Asakura-san’s Side


『My work』is『watashi no shigoto』…『Prevents』is『kimatageru』From what?… 『Visiting you』means『anta ni houmon』so that must mean『shigoto ga aru no de anta no ie ni ikemasen』. And, the answer for this patterned sentence was just taught in class recently… That means, I should write the English sentence【Please come to the next opportunity(tsugi no kikai ni kitekudasai)】that we learnt in class (Asakura)



On Andou-kun’s Side


I don’t get it… Someone, save me…! Wait, wait. Calm down! I just need to calm down and think it through then I’ll get it! Let’s see,『my work』is『watashi wa shigoto!』right?『Prevents』… NOPE! Don’t get it. Next!『me from』means『watashi ga iku!』and『visiting』, no clue!『you』! I know this! That’s『omae』! Basically when you string them together… it has the impression of『watashi wa shigoto! watashi wa iku! omae ni!』… I see! So that has to mean『watashi wa shigoto de omae no ie ni ikimasu』! I’m a genius. But even if I get it, there isn’t a response in English that comes to my mind… Oh, right!² (Andou)





*The teacher grasped the pen tightly as she marked the answer correct.



  1. Andou, that just translates to “Shall I turn ya into a library?”

  2. So as not to clutter the huge ass monologue above. Andou-kun’s mistranslation as he attempted to understand ‘my work prevents me from visiting you’ is as follows in bold:
  • Me from = watashi ga iku = I’ll go
  • 『watashi wa shigoto! watashi wa iku! omae ni!』= I work! I go! To you!
  • 『watashi wa shigoto de omae no ie ni ikimasu』= I will come over to your house from work)

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