Chapter 28 Omake: Social Studies Test Questions

Translator: Kriz

Editor: Me3

First published on Ainushi

Question 1  Write what the famous saying is in 【】

『There are two tragedies in life. One is to【】. The other is to【】』

 *Bernard Shaw -「Man and Superman」

On Asakura-san’s Side

Thank god… I reviewed this question yesterday before I went to bed! The answer is【to lose your heart’s desire】! The other one is【to gain it】! (Asakura)

On Andou-kun’s Side

How would I know!? This was definitely not taught in class! … Or was it? Well, whatever. For the time being, if I just write down something similar, perhaps it might be right.

Hmm, I just have to write two tragedies… (Andou)

Answer:『There are two tragedies in life. One is to【find out that there are no new publications of the light novel I’m reading】. The other is to【find out that it’s been discontinued】』

 *Andou-kun -「The Latest Happenings」

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