Chapter 29 Omake: I have, I have

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Editor: Mochimochi

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「Asakura-san, are you the type that’s bothered by elevator etiquettes?」

「Elevator etiquettes? Andou-kun, what is this all about?」

「You see, since it was Sunday yesterday, I went out to have a meal at『Jonast』. So when I was about to take the elevator up to the fourth floor where Jonast was, someone rushed over and I had to hold the elevator to let them in.」

「Isn’t that a fine thing to do?… That aside, you went to a family restaurant on the weekend alone…」

「Asakura-san, I haven’t gotten to the crux of the story yet. Besides, there’s nothing wrong with the situation. Lunch at『Jonast』is reasonably priced and I was able to slowly read a light novel after having a meal so I highly recommend the place to you.」

「Andou-kun, you didn’t refute the fact that I called you out for being alone…」

「………… Anyway, that person rode on the elevator with me after that.」

He blatantly returned to the subject!? (Asakura)

「… So what happened after that?」

「No, see, that person forgot to press the button when they got in and so, I thought, “Oh, that person’s headed to Junast as well.” The instant we arrived at the fourth floor, that person got off first and got a seat in the restaurant before me.」


I have, I haveeeeeee! That feeling when you got on the elevator first, yet it’s the person that got on afterwards that gets off first and『jumping the queue』, getting into the same place you were headed, way ahead of you…… Ugh! (Asakura)

「Andou-kun, that feeling… I totally understand! That’s just purely『jumping the queue』!?」

「Thank goddddddddd! I’m so relieved that you understand it… Right!? Isn’t that a splendid example of『cutting the queue』! Isn’t it natural to just question that? Like, why do you get to go first when I got on the elevator first and even held it for you? I’m not simply narrow-minded, am I?」

「It’s justified! It’s hard to speak up when that actually happens… On top of which, there’s that feeling of being used so you have plenty of reasons to be angry! I always wanted to tell them, I’m not an elevator girl!¹」

「True, true! Moreover, once you’re in the restaurant, your seat may be hidden in a corner or you end up waiting ten minutes to be served…」

「Uwaaa… Well, it is Sunday so it is going to be packed, therefore it’s meaningless for me to say but it’s inevitable.」

「Yeah, that’s right! And after that, you know how there are several lines when you place an order at, say, a fast food restaurant?」

「Yup yup, I quite get the gist…」

「So, don’t you at times feel dissatisfied when the other lines are steadily moving whilst the line you’ve lined up in isn’t moving at all?」

「Aaaaa! I have, I haveeeeeeee! So it’s actually that! I had those horrible times when people move ahead of me and get to place their order first but I’ve been waiting for five minutes and my line isn’t even moving!」

「Yeah! When I look at the register, I see that only the cashier from my line is taking down orders whilst assisting the other registers…」

「Frankly, you’d think that if they were going to operate two registers while short on manpower, wouldn’t it have been been better if they just open a single register instead?」

「AND when you go to the toilet and open the toilet bow, don’t you go『what!?』when the toilet seat is clearly wet?」

「I haveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Seriously, what the heck were they up to that it’d become like that!」

「Right? It’s like they were purposefully cleaning up— … Huh? Speaking of which, didn’t you say you don’t use the『toilet』,  Asakura-san?」



*Gin-Gon-Gan-Go-N* ♪




At Andou-kun’s House


「Eh? I… don’t have any memory of going to school today though!?」



  1. Elevator Girl: Basically elevator attendants. Usually girls hired in Japan to man the elevators. They’re always impeccably dressed in their uniforms with a chirpy, melodious voice.


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