Those of you following the Chinese drama scene will know that recently, one of Priest’s BL novels, Guardian was adapted into a TV drama series. Starring Zhu Yi Long as Shen Wei, the enigmatic professor and Bai Yu as Zhao Yun Lan, a proactive investigator with a knack of solving mysteries, this series has become the hottest web drama this season to air in China.

It’s now available on YouTube! Thanks to Yo Yo and is community subbed. So if you don’t know Chinese, fret not! The subs are there to save the day 😀




Anyway, I was fortunate to find out that a wonderful translator by the name of Rainbowse7en has started working on this project. In fact, her translations are so quick, it puts me to shame! T_T

I’ve reached out to her via one of my girls, CatsShadow from SDC to ask for permission to re-post this from Wattpad to our site and she’s graciously granted it to me. Thank you so much, Rainbowse7en!

In respect and honor of this privilege, the releases on our site will be delayed by a week from the releases on Wattpad. Therefore, if you want the latest chapters, please check her site out. Ours is purely a backup and also, an alternative site to read Guardian from.

P.S. Misaki Yata and I are editing/proofreading the project as we noticed quite a few things that needs reworking. So there are some changes to the text. ^^;;;

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