Chapter 30 Omake: What if series 「What if Asakura-san had huge breasts?」

Translator: Kriz

Editor: Mochimochi

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「Andou-kun, good morning♪」 *bounce bounce!*

「A, Asakura-san… Morning」 *peeks*


Munyonyo~♪ My~~ Andou-kun’s taking a peek at『my breasts』again~♪

Andou-kun seriously loves『my breasts』, huh ~~ Unyonyonyo♪  (Asakura)


I’m sorry, I’m sorry… It’s because she suddenly called out to me that I once again stole a peek at the breasts of『Asakura-san, the prettiest girl in school with huge tits』… To look at Asakura-san with eyes like that, I’m the lowest! Yosh! Today, I won’t let myself be defeated by those『breasts』again! (Andou)


「Andou-ku~n? Good-mor-ning♪」 *boinnnnnnnnnng!*

「Fuaaa!? Momo, Momoi-san!? G, Good morning…」 *staresssssss*



WWWW-When it was my turn, all he did was『glance』but… when it’s Momo’s turn, he’s just 『staring fixatedly』at ittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt! (Asakura)





Even if Asakura-san had big breasts, she wouldn’t be able to win against Momoi-san in the『breasts』category.


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