Chapter 31 Omake: What If Series 「What if Asakura-san didn’t become a blundering idiot?」

Translator: Kriz

Editor: Mochimochi

First published on Ainushi


「Andou-kun, good morning♪」

「Ah, yeah. Morning.」


This is the guy that sits next to me and reads light novels, Andou-kun. I’ll love to chat with him as a secret light novel otaku myself, however… Perhaps I should go all out and try to invite him for lunch? (Asakura)


「Ufufu. Hey, if you’re cool with it, how about we have lunch together today?」






I, I was ignoredddddddddddddddddddddddddddd!? (Asakura)


I wonder who she was addressing? It can’t possibly be me… right? But there is no way anyone in this world would be a fool to ignore an invitation from the girl known as『the saintess of the school』, Asakura-san, yeah~ (Andou)




No matter how hard she tried, Asakura-san was not fated to be with Andou-kun.


*Also, for some reason, her nickname『the prettiest girl in the school』became『the saintess of the school』


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