Chapter 32 Omake: Scoop Pt. 1

Translator: Kriz

Editor: Mochimochi

First published on Ainushi


「Andou-kun, what do you refer to when you’re searching for new light novels?」

「Let’s see. I frequently check out the recommended light novels from various famous bloggers before I read anything.」

「Famous bloggers… such as?」

「I say that but there’s really only two?『Gurgur818』and『Light Novel Oujisama』?」

「Heh, if you’re recommending those blogs, then perhaps I should check them out. Is there no other means of looking for new light novels? Lately I’ve run out of things to read so I was hoping to pick up a new light novel…」

「Oh, I know the feeling. It’s like you feel super energized to run through the first couple of pages when you get your hands on a new light novel that you’ve never read before… That feeling, right?」

「That’s the one! I mean, there are works that are like『Ah! Isn’t this that light novel that’s been all the talk of late?』… but sometimes, you end up feeling hesitant like『So, should I buy and read it?』…」

「People have different preferences so even if someone were to recommend something, it might not be to your taste… That being the case, the blogs I recommended earlier? The bloggers have comparatively similar taste to mine so that’s why I refer to them.」

「That’s great to hear then~ Me too… The type of light novels I like is similar to yours… Ah so, you know, I really value your recommendations?」



But there are a lot of Asakura-san’s recommendations that don’t mesh with my interests… (Andou)

Mufufu♪ I knew it! We have extraordinary compatibility! (Asakura)



The light novel review blogs that the author references in this omake are the following:

I swear… they weren’t that easy to find.

Free talk:

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