Chapter 33 Omake: Scoop Pt. 2

Translator: Kriz

Editor: Mochimochi

First published on Ainushi

「Asakura-san, aside from my recommendations, what alternative means do you use to find other light novels?」

「I frankly buy by the cover!」


「H, Hold it! On top of buying books based on their cover, I do check the content and summary as well so don’t be quick to misunderstand, okay!?」

「No, of course not… However, at the end of the day, you do buy the book because the cover looks good, right?」

「Y, Yeah… kinda.」

「By the way, how many books do you have piled up because of that right now?」

「………… About ten?」

「Read them! Asakura-san, before you begin asking me to recommend other light novels, it’s best you start reading all those books that you’ve accumulated!」

「Somehow, I think I heard you say something outrageous!?」

「Seriously, Andou-kun! T, T, Take responsibility… W, When we leave sch, school…. I’m going to look for a new light novel at the bookstore so you have to accompany me!」

「And now you’re saying something far more outrageous!? Well, I was going to stop by the bookstore on my way back anyway… If you’re alright with me, I’ll accompany you.」

「Really? Then it’s decided♪」

Ufufu~! I did it! Just like that, I’m going on a date with Andou-kun to the bookstore again! (Asakura)

「That reminds me, Andou-kun. When you’re lost trying to decide which light novel to buy, what is the deciding factor that settles it?」

「When I’m lost, huh?… Hmm, that, huh?」


Well, in that case, it’s usually… (Andou)

「By the cover, of course!」


Free talk:


Well, the 100 prayers for my paternal grandma’s side is over. Now to worry about the next upcoming big workload that’s going to hit me soon. Ugh. Not looking forward to the September rush.


Speaking of, I’ve seen readers asked me multiple times when the omakes are going to end. I’ve mentioned it repeatedly over several free talks and I’ll say it again. Count per  official chapter and then minus off from there. You’ll get a rough figure. This is the last time I’ll answer this question. Either have patience, or just check back once arc 2 is in. Though, you’re going to miss out on quite a bit of the story plot, given how the author has woven it.


//ranting session:

On another note, does anyone read “The Eunuch is Pregnant”? I recently saw a post ranting about the translator’s appalling way of anti-theft pursuits. To be honest, I agree with that ranter. You can only go so far before anyone jumps ship to a pirate site. How many of you have faced the hardships of looking at a picture (on mobile), clicking on random links, having gibberish wall of texts without a proper way of distinguishing the chapters (please get your naming fixed!), etc etc all done on one site? I think it’s madness.

Furthermore, if anyone should side said translator, let me ask you a question. How old are you? Were you here before the rise of the internet and manga scanlations? Were you privy to the on-going pursuits by various manga groups to combat anti-theft with attempts to lock themselves in private IRCs, forums and livejournals before disappearing off the net because it was unsustainable? Did not, in the end, the aggregator sites triumph? MangaFox has been around since 2006-2007? It hasn’t died.  So any poor attempt to ward off aggregators are useless as you assume it’s only JUST automatically scavenge off the net through an RSS feeder (in which case, dear translator and readers, why not just turn rss off!?), when really, there are also readers submitting it to those sites.

So please ask yourself if it is worth it? Last but not least, ask yourself this… Are you not yourself a pirate? If you aren’t illegally translating translations (all of us are, frankly. That’s what fan translations is.), then you’re guilty as well. If someone brings you up to the author, well, I’ll be damned… it’s much easier to shut you down than it is with an aggregator. So, do keep that in mind! (On that note, heck… piratebay survived their lawsuit and purge. >.> megaupload came back and was rebranded as mega… Man, need I go on.)


//End rant.


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