Chapter 37: Signed Book

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「A-A-A, Asakura-san…W, Wait…Take a look at this…」

「What’s the matter, Andou-kun? You’re behaving way more suspicious than usual. Oh my! Isn’t this the first volume of『My Pure Love Romantic Comedy is Homosexualized, As I Expected』?  If I’m not mistaken, the 121st volume was released after two years thanks to the fans’ fervent petition but why are you holding on to that volume?」

「Yeah, the truth is… it’s just like you said the latest edition was launched and so I was considering picking up the first volume to check it out but isn’t there a ton of volumes? Hence, since the first volume was out of print, I went to『Kairanban』, a second hand shop to pick up the first volume for 100 yen」

「Oh, so that’s what it was. True, considering how long this title has been serialized, it’ll definitely take up a lot of space on the bookshelves to sell all those volumes…」

「And so, I immediately went home yesterday to read it but… take a look at this」*thurm* ← Cover being turned over

「Hnn? Why are you turning the cover—— HUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!?  Is that『Koukai』written with a felt pen on the back of the cover!? A-A-A, Andou-kun! I-I-I, is this, could this be an autographed edition from the author himself, THE『Koukai』!?」

「Yup, it sure seems to be… When I was checking the author’s signature on the internet to verify it, the form and the balance of the strokes looked identical that I thought the same as well… Moreover, check this out!」*thrum* ← Flipping to the publication page

「F-F-F『First edition』!? Andou-kun, no way! It’s a first edition signed copy!? Was this seriously sold for『100 Yen』? … Wait a minute. If you were to auction this, wouldn’t it fetch a high price… ?」

「That’s the same thought I had. So yesterday, I went on the auction market on my phone to check out the highest bidding amount… Here」*plunk* ← Takes out his smart phone


『My Pure Love Romantic Comedy is Homosexualized, As I Expected』Volume 1, First Edition, Signed copy

Winning Bid『100,000 Yen』

Number of bids 18

「「One, ten, three, four, five zeros…………A hundred thousand yen!」」

「Hold on, Andou-kun! What are you going to do with this!? Having such a『freebie』like that is practically unheard of!」

「Asakura-san, w-w-w-what should I do!? I might actually be rich!」

「Calm down… Andou-kun, calm down right now… Yosh! First of all, how about we sell this signed light novel? On the way home, let’s stop by『Kairanban』and get them to assess how much it’s worth…」

「Y-Y-Y, You’re right, Asakura-san!」



And so, after school…


「As we can’t guarantee that the signature is authentic, that’ll be 10 yen♪」


Assessed Amount

『10 Yen』 *whoosh*








  1. 『My Pure Love Romantic Comedy is Homosexualized, As I Expected』is a parody of My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I Expected aka OreGairu. Not a super fan of this series though 
  2. By the way, I purchased a signed copy of two light novels in Japan when I was down there in April. They only cost like 50 yen extra than the unsigned editions so I’m really not sure what the fuss is all about with signed editions.
  3. Going by the current USD rates,  10 yen = 0.09, 100 yen = $0.91, 100,000 yen = $931
  4. Also, they went back to Kairanban? =.=;;;;

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