Chapter 39 Omake: Asakura-san’s Daily Life

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Chirp, chirp… chirppp!  ← Sounds of birds chirping


6:00AM  Rise and shine

「Hnngh… It’s a nice day today!」

I woke up just fine. After all, my daily routine started as usual with me getting up fairly early in the morning, taking a quick shower before having my breakfast.

6:30AM Shower ~ Breakfast


My family preferred bread for breakfast. Hence, every morning once I was done with my shower, I’d have the breakfast that mama had prepared on the table – sandwich, milk and salad.

7:00AM  Change clothes, Head to school

「Mama, I’m heading off now.」

「O~kay! Have a great day at school! Ufufu~♪」

I had till 8AM to make my way to school, however, I could get there in a jiffy. Well, it was not as if it would take forever but I always came to school early. The reason for that was――

「If I keep up the pace, I’ll get to school in 15 minutes. Ufufu! And when I do, I’ll have 30 minutes set aside to read the light novel that I’m currently reading!」

That’s right, it was simply because I wanted to read my light novels. That was not to say that anyone would notice if I read works off of 「Narou」on my handphone in class or hid my light novel in plain sight with a dust jacket covering it. Even so, I had the reputation of being the『prettiest girl in school』. Hence, in order to avoid anyone finding out that I was a『light novel otaku』, I only read my light novels in the morning where there was hardly anyone in the classroom.  

Besides, if there were more students in class, I’d be constantly worried that people were going to find out.

7:30AM  Read light novels in the classroom

「Fufufu~n♪ As I expected, no one shows up till it’s 40 minutes before school starts.」

Yup. Right now, in this classroom… There was only me…

「………… There isn’t anyone around, is there?」 *glances around*

I double-checked to make sure that none of the other students had been in class yet before I sneakily got out of my seat… And in the seat next to mine―― I laid my head on his desk.

「Fuhaaa~~♪ Andou-kun’s seat… The table that Andou-kun uses… Andou-kun’s chair…………」 *sniff sniff* ……

This was the latest addition to my daily routine. Exactly! I read my light novels at Andou-kun’s seat!

 N, No… There wasn’t any deeper meaning to this! Even though it seemed like this… wasn’t it『normal』for a girl who’d fallen in love to want to bury her head in her crush’s seat and read the same light novels that they both shared an interest in?  But no one wanted a girl who acted like that… It was rather off-putting, wasn’t it? That was why, early in the morning when there was no one around in the classroom, I sneakily rested my head for several minutes just to feel Andou-kun’s warmth!

 Tap tap ← Sound of footsteps approaching the classroom

*inhales exhales* … Huh? Footsteps!? I have to quickly get back to my seat or!」 *ZOOM!*

 *rattle*~ ← Sound of the door opening

「Oh my! Asakura-san, good morning. You’re here early as usual.」

「Morning, class rep. You too, you’re always early as well.」

「I am the class rep so obviously I have to come early. On the other hand, you’re amazing because you’re always here earlier than me.」

「Oh, really? Fufu~♪」

8:30AM First period

「So… In this English literature piece――」

「…………」 *stares–*

「zzZZ~~」 *sleeping peacefully*

I was seriously paying attention to sensei’s lecture in class whilst taking notes. But my eyes were focused on the seat next to mine, observing Andou-kun’s sleeping profile to perfection as he napped. As to how perfect it was, on the left side of the page on which I had copied down notes from the blackboard, below a large rose at the top was a portrait of Andou-kun sleeping peacefully that I had drawn! Just perfect!

12:30PM  Lunch break

「Muu… Andou-kun is always quick to disappear off to god knows where whenever it’s lunch time…」

「Sa~kura♪ Want to grab lunch at the cafeteria?」

「Sure, Momo. Shall we head to the cafeteria?」

If I could, I would have loved to invite Andou-kun to lunch but unfortunately, whenever it was lunchtime, Andou-kun immediately disappeared. Despite that, lunch was usually the time when I ate at the cafeteria together with the rest of my classmates and deepened my friendship with them.

2:30PM Sixth period

「Ah, here… This formula here. It was a hassle to create the exam paper so this’ll come out in the test. Those who suck at scoring points in maths, you better take this down in your notes! 」


「Our maths teacher is really too much……」 *scribbles*

Andou-kun basically slept through half of the classes but only for maths, he was always wide awake and listening attentively to the lesson. Perhaps it was because he liked the class. And of course, though I was watching Andou-kun, I was paying full attention to the lesson. I’d taken down the notes and I understood perfectly everything that the teacher had said. As to how perfect it was, given that Andou-kun’s profile as he seriously took in the lesson was very precious, on an entire page of the notebook was a perfect portrayal of Andou-kun with a gallant expression as he took down his notes accompanied by a rose in his mouth. Just perfect!

4:30PM School ends

「Fuu~School was great today as always♪」

After having returned home, I went to my room and studied my notes. After all, a student’s duty was to study. That was why it was important that we must revise and prepare for the next lesson. Well, once I was done with it though, I’d be reading light novels till it was time for bed.

6:30PM   Dinner

「Guhehehe~~… When I get married, I hope I’ll definitely get children that are the absolute trashy or over-capable genius sorts~♪」

 Knock knock ← Sound of knocking on the door

「Dinner’s ready~~」

「Mama! Oh, it’s already this late. Mmm, I guess this much prep is fine? Yup, I’m coming down now!」

7:30PM  Bath and, Reading time

「Fu~ I feel refreshed… Now then, I’ve studied, eaten dinner, had my bath, and all that’s left is to read the light novels that I’ve been accumulating!」

11:00PM Bedtime

「Munyamunya… Sleepy… I should go to sleep soon. Ufufu… This light novel is entertaining. I got to tell Andou-kun about it tomorrow…」 zzZZ~~♪

 And so, this was how I passed my days happily.


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