Chapter 34 Omake: Cookie

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「A, Andou-kun!」
「Nn? What’s up, Asakura-san?」
「Umm… That is, th, there was cooking practice today! A, Andou-kun, I was wondering how did it turn out?」
「Right, today at homemaking class, we were practicing how to bake cinnamon cookies. Yeah, if you’re referring to that, I the『loner』was chucked into a group as usual with guys that I have no relation with and it ended smoothly despite the horribly unpleasant atmosphere.」

Hahaha… I’m a『loner』, so it happens. First of all, suddenly segregating into groups is bound to make any group awkward. It’s expected! (Andou)

「T, That’s a disaster…」

That can’t just be all to the story!? Bring yourself together, Asakura! Your aim today is to pass the『cinnamon cookies』you made at practice to Andou-kun!

H, hmph! At most, it’s just passing excess cookies that I made in class to the boy sitting next to me… If, if you think about it, it’s a『normal』, 『often practiced』conduct! I, It’s not like there’s a special feeling or weird reason attached to it!?

That’s right… Now that I’ve calmed down and thought it through, they’re only『excess cookies』that I’m sharing with him! That’s what it is… so there isn’t a problem! E, Even if there were… why, it’s only just a coincidence that I have『excess cookies』, that are by chance『heart shaped』, and coincidentally『one of the pieces has a chocolate mint topping on it』, and coincidentally has a『cute pink wrapping on it』!

Y, Yeah! There’s nothing wrong with that! (Asakura)

「A-A-A, Andou-kyun!」
「Hnn? Is there something you need, Asakura-san?」
「T, That is… C, C–!」
「――ugh!」 *nods*

Give it! Come on! Give him the cookie! (Asakura)

「Oh, that! Of course I’ve read it! You know, that novel――」

I, I’m an idiotttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt! Why the heck am I acting like a loserrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Uhhuhuh… At this rate, I can’t butt in and steer the conversation away―― (Asakura)

「Oh! Right, Asakura-san, I have some excess『cinnamon cookies』that I made today, want them?」
「Hueee!? Y, You’re giving them to me!? Moreover, these are the cookies you made! 」
「Eh, uh, yeah… If you don’t like cookies, you don’t have to force yours――」
「I, I, I, I, I’ll take it! The truth is, you see, I love cookies three times more than I love rice!」
「R, Really? Then, that’s a relief. Here, these are the cookies I made.」
「Fuahhh! Thank you, Andou-kun! I’ll treasure these cookies forever!」
「No, it’s food so you don’t need to treasure it, just eat it?」

Asakura-san seems really happy… She must surely be starving from all that dieting that she does. (Andou)

Yahoooooooooooo! W, W, W, Who would have thought I would receive cookies from Andou-kun! I don’t know why he did it but today, I sure am super lucky! Hah, that reminds me! (Asakura)

「T, Thanks… O, Oh, yeah. I feel awful if I’m the only one receiving something. Like you, I happen to have some『excess cookies』leftover so as thanks, please have them♪」
「Eh? Seriously? Woah, awesome! These cookies look amazing… As expected, girls really are way better at baking.」
「Y, Yeah…」
「Thanks, Asakura-san.」
「No, the pleasure is all mine. Thanks, Andou-kun.」

Scored! With that, I’ve successfully passed my cookies to Andou-kun! Ufufufu~~ I wonder if he’ll say they’re『delicious』♪ (Asakura)

Yeah, I’m going to pass these cookies to my sister when I get home. She definitely likes sweets as pretty as these! (Andou)

That Night

「Andou-kun’s cookies, they’re much more delicious than the ones I baked…」*Grrrr!*



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