Chapter 40 Omake: Andou-kun’s Daily Life

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Editor: Mochimochi

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   Bwak Bwak … Bwaaak——————-! ← Sound of the chicken crowing




7:00AM  Rise and shine


「Onii-chan! It’s morning already~! You’re going to be late to school~! 」

 I wake up just fine. That was why every morning, I was quick to get up, quick to shower and quick to devour my breakfast. Still, my sister came to wake me up… T, There was no need for her to do so…

「Ri~ght… Night…」

「Hey, don’t go back to sleep!!!」

 None at all…



7:15AM  Shower ~ Breakfast


「Seriously, Onii-chan! You’re always so slow to get up! I’m going to head off to school first. Oh! I’ve left your portion of breakfast on the table~」

「Yes, yes. Get going~」

「Right! See you later, Onii-chan~♪」

「Phew… Now then, I have 5 minutes to gobble everything up. Itadakimasu.」

   My family prefers rice for breakfast. Hence every morning once I was done with my shower, I’d dig in to the breakfast my sister had prepared on the table – rice, miso soup and leftover dishes from yesterday.



7:45AM   Head to school


「… I’m off.」

   In my family, both my parents were working professionals, therefore once my sister headed out, there was no one else at home.

   I had till 8AM to make my way to school, however, I could get there in a jiffy. Well, it was not as if I needed to be in a hurry to get to school  that『quickly』in a sense. What I meant by that was—

「45 minutes… Yep. If I go by this pace as well today, I’ll get to my seat just as the bell rings.」

 Yes, I simply brisk walked when I made my way to school. I always slipped into class in the nick of time just as the homeroom bell rang. Till then, I would usually be indulging in my laziness. In other words, until it was high time, I just slacked off at home. Thanks to that, I’d never been late to class.



7:59:55AM  Get to my seat in class


「Morning, Andou-kun.」

「Morning, Asakura-san.」




    I got to my seat just as the bell rang. Yup, I was on time again today!

    However when I sat down, for some reason, it felt lukewarm…

 This—-It had to be Asakura-san’s doing.  

 I dare say I was sure someone must have wanted to speak to Asakura-san earlier in the morning so until I got to school, they used my seat… Yup yup. Asakura-san is『the prettiest girl in school』so there were tons of people who’d want to talk to her. Hence, though the seat belonged to a『loner』such as myself, there were plenty of normies who’d sit on my seat as they pleased just to build a relationship with Asakura-san.

「Asakura-san, where’s the teacher?」

「He’s not here yet.」

「I thought so…」

By the way, our classroom was the only class the homeroom teacher of which didn’t show up when it was homeroom time. Every day, the teacher only came in five minutes after the bell had rung. However, as the class rep kept a watchful eye on only the attendance, if you were not in your seat by 8AM, you’d be marked as late so it was important to be vigilant.

「Maybe the only person that arrived late in our class is our teacher…」

「Ahaha…That goes without saying.」

This was why, lately, I’d been spending a lot of time conversing about light novels with Asakura-san, the person seated next to me.



8:39AM  First period  Sleep


「So… In this English literature piece――」



「zzZZ~~」 *sleeping peacefully*

Since I honestly didn’t understand what the heck the teacher was explaining in English class, it became my precious sleep time. Beside me, Asakura-san’s proactively writing notes down but I didn’t understand why in the world she could write that much for such a boring lesson.

As I didn’t quite get it, I glanced at Asakura-san’s pretty face and burnt it into my mind whilst heading off to la-la land.



12:30PM  Lunch break




「T, That’s all for today… Bye.」

「――!」 *clatter*!


「…………」 *brisk walks*~♪

Given that the classroom became livelier because of the normies when lunch came around, I zoomed out and took refuge at the convenience store outside of school. But occasionally I felt sluggish to head there when it rained so there were times where I’d get lunch from the nearby stores and head to the library to read my light novels. Well, on those occasions, I tended to get into rows with the class rep when I was there.  


2:30PM  Sixth period


「Ah, here… This formula here. It was a hassle to create the exam paper so this’ll come out in the test. Those who suck at scoring points in maths, you better take this down in your notes! 」



「Our maths teacher is really too much……」 *scribbles*

Basically, I spent half of my time sleeping in class but only for maths class, I stayed awake and paid attention to it. That was not to say it was because I liked maths; it was simply because I could grasp it. But because I roughly got the gist of it when I spent half the time listening to the lesson, I used the other half to solve the problems that were outlined earlier ahead of time.   



4:30PM School ends

「Haa… School’s over for the day again.」

 When I got home from school, I was just going to read my light novels. Because we took turns to prepare dinner, I did cook it at times but as it was my sister’s duty to do it today, aside from dinner, I’d just be curling up and reading my light novels.

 Eh? My responsibilities as a student…? What’s that? Is that a new「Narou」novel? An “I am OP” work?



0:30AM Bedtime


「Fuaa~… Sleepy… I should go to bed soon. Aaah, that’s right… This light novel is fascinating. I got to recommend it to Asakura-san tomorrow…」 zzZZ~~



And so, this was how I passed my days peacefully.

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