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24. The Feelings of the Surroundings and Miroku’s Sense of Distance.

「I heard the radio! I’ll be cheering you on 344!」
「Um, I like the easygoing and smooth and rich atmosphere……」
「Miroku-san, will you sing?」
「By Idol debut, you mean those three!?」

When Miroku went for his model work, there were reactions to his radio appearance at once.
From the office side, Yoichi did publicity activities, but not only on social media and the official site, he sent mail and handed over advertisements addressed to Miroku’s acquaintances and the staff at his workplace too.
Thanks to that, a lot of people listened to the radio.

「There are requests for you to appear as a guest for events, even from the shopping district near the office.」

「Is that so, thank you.」

「You three have already become famous in the neighbourhood thanks to that performance!」

Today, Fumi had accompanied him after a long time. Miroku was a little bit awkward having met after a long time, but because it was work, he could somehow switch over and reply normally.

「But still……It’s amazing that Miroku-san’s popularity stands out.」

「Hm, well, that’s because I was a model before.」

「That’s not what I meant.」

For some reason, Fumi seemed to be in low spirits. Noticing that, Miroku couldn’t help placing his hand on Fumi’s head with a ‘pat’.

「What happened? Talk to me, Fumi-chan.」

Intending to meet Fumi’s gaze, who had downcast eyes, he bent down and looked into her face.

「……!! I-It’s that! It’s that guy!」


Miroku asked Fumi with a perplexed face. The sweet voice encouraging her still echoed within her head, and even Fumi, who had a reasonable resistance towards Miroku’s stunning face, quickly turned red from embarrassment.

「L-Leaking out sex appeal like that is banned!!!!」

「Uwa, I’m sorry Fumi-chan, I didn’t understand it well, but I still got it! That’s why, calm down!」

「You don’t understand!!!!」

Fumi softly punching Miroku on his back and Miroku not understanding why he was being punched, was a common sight at the location of the photoshoot.

「Can you believe it, that they aren’t dating?」
「They both are cute and healing, but I can’t stop my tears for some reason.」
「Let it go.」

Even though it was a sight that made one feel warm and relaxed, but for the single staff who lacked lovers, it was like scratching at their wills.
Let it go.

「Throwing the Flirting Report of the two in the dustbin, releasing a song for a debut is formulaic, right.」

「What’s with that Flirting Report. Moreover, you even threw it away.」

「Miroku-kun, there’s a limit to being a Prince too, you know?」

「I don’t get what you mean!」

In the conference room of the office, there were three individuals gathered to decide on the contents of the next time’s radio show, and one blushing in the corner.

「Nevertheless, Miroku-kun, the feeling of closeness you give gets stronger each time you meet someone new. Or should I say the sense of distance is reducing.」

「Ahh, come to think of it, he was really close the first time we met too. Today was normal though.」

「Eh? Is that so?」

「Didn’t I say it before?」

「But you didn’t……Ah, I think my eyesight is becoming worse as of late. I can’t see people’s faces easily while trying to memorise them.」

「「That’s it.」」

「Miroku-kun, I think you should normally wear glasses. It’ll also act as a disguise. It’ll have an impact on your photographs.」

「Yes. I could live without worrying about everything looking blurry.」

「Great, for the time being, the Prince pheromone can be cure a little with this.」

An atmosphere of relief overflowed in the room. Fumi too, felt relieved on knowing the cause. Because she thought that sense of distance was bad in many ways.

「Saying such a thing, doesn’t Shiju also get squeals from girls all the time?」

「They are my former guests and girls to whom they spread it to. It’s not my popularity.」

「No, isn’t that your popularity.」

「Even Yoichi the Ossan was waited for at the time of the Radio show.」

「That was……because I was mistaken for a voice actor with my voice.」

「But in the end, didn’t they say that they’ll cheer you on? ……Also, if you thought it was a recording, it was a live broadcast, you see. I mixed it up……」

「That’s because everyone was together. Producer Onee wanted to take the necessary measures, and wanted to debut us, who were just like that. A mail came immediately after the broadcast ended……」

The Radio broadcast was not recorded, but a live broadcast, could such a trick be performed?
That’s because it is Onee, they said, and with just that the three felt remorseful.

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