Waiting Upon You – Chapter 4 Act 10

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Act 10: Confession…



“Senior, how long do you plan on standing there?” Feng Hao sat cozily by the bed, and in a delighted mood he watched Ling Lang who stood afar by the door.

Since his entry through the door, Ling Lang had already been standing in the same spot for five minutes. Under Feng Hao’s watchful gaze, he couldn’t bring himself to take even a single step forward.

“I don’t mind if senior wishes to stand there for an entire night, but I’m afraid that senior may not have enough energy for the shoot tomorrow.”

Ling Lang struggled to move his feet, One step, then another…… He’d only taken a few steps, but it felt as if he’d been walking for an entire century.

Feng Hao watched in satisfaction as Ling Lang stood in front of him, waiting quietly for him to speak.

“Give me back the key,” Ling Lang’s voice clearly showed his lack of spirit.

Feng Hao continued to watch him without a word.

“Give me back the key,” His voice was raised slightly.

“So this is what comes of senior’s long, thoughtful consideration?” Feng Hao shook his finger, “Senior, you have to make a clear consideration, is this an order? Or a plea? To give you back the key, or, to please give you back the key, it may only be a difference of one word, but the produced result is completely different.”

“What on earth do you want?” Yelled Ling Lang, unable to resist.

Feng Hao opened his hand, and what sat on his palm was none other than Ling Lang’s key.

When Ling Lang saw the key, he instinctively reached his hand out to snatch it, but Feng Hao instead caught his wrist. Feng Hao was seemingly stronger than him, so for a moment, Ling Lang was unable to move his hand in the slightest.

Feng Hao rushed towards Ling Lang and revealed a dazzling smile, but a fleeting one. In the very next moment, Ling Lang was dragged over to the washroom by Feng Hao, and with wide eyes, he watched as Feng Hao threw what he held in his hand into the toilet at lightning speed and pressed the flush button.

“No!!” Ling Lang screamed as he struggled with Feng Hao’s grip and quickly rushed over, but the figure of the key was nowhere to be found.

“You!”Ling Lang angrily looked back, but all he saw was Feng Hao opening his right hand slowly, and the key lay there, intact, in the center of his palm.

Ling Lang, as if suddenly feeling defeated, staggered a step back.

“Now,” Feng Hao’s voice rang up leisurely, “Senior, have you thought it through?”

Feng Hao returned to the seat he was originally resting on, with Ling Lang standing in front of him as before. Feng Hao did not speak, and even after a long time passed, he still remained silent.

This silence continued for a good length of time when Feng Hao suddenly laughed, the laugh did not make much noise, but it was like a large bomb had been set off in this abnormally quiet scene, making Ling Lang’s heart jump in surprise.

“Does senior not know what to say because there’s no script?”

Ling Lang grit his teeth, “Please give me back the key.”

The foremost word was spoken very quietly, and Feng Hao showed no indication of whether he had heard it at all.

“Please give me back the key,” This time, gritting his teeth harder, the words that came out of his mouth almost seemed as if they came out through the cracks of his teeth.

Feng Hao cocked his head to the side, “Sure.”

His easy response left Ling Lang feeling that things definitely wouldn’t be as simple.

And as expected, Feng Hao continued, “But I have a condition.”

When Ling Lang heard the word ‘condition’, an uneasy feeling rose within him.

Feng Hao slightly leaned his body forward, “I want to help you unlock it, personally.”

Ling Lang clenched his fists, and his nails nearly digging into his flesh. It wasn’t that he hadn’t expected Feng Hao to make such an excessive demand, but actually hearing it from the other party still made his blood surge.

“It’s fine even if senior does not agree,” Feng Hao leaned back again, “At most, we’d only be staying on this island for three months, you just have to endure for a while until we return and it will ultimately pass… Hold on. Senior, did you prepare a spare key? If not, it would be quite awkward if you had to hire someone to your house to open the lock.”

Ling Lang stared fixedly at Feng Hao as if he wanted nothing more than to cut him into pieces. Feng Hao shot him a friendly smile without care.

Ling Lang knew that even if he continued delaying, things still won’t turn around. Feng Hao was right, Mr. Mo had only given him a single key each time, so unless he planned to hire a locksmith, his only option now was to get the key back from Feng Hao.

With trembling hands, he touched the button by his waist, but his actions were halted by Feng Hao’s hand.

“Wait,” Feng Hao tapped the back of his hand with his forefinger, “Start from the top.”

Ling Lang’s body froze up for several seconds. He released his hand from the other party’s grip, and with some difficulty, slowly moved it up to his collar.

Since he signed his contract with Mr.Mo, he’d never exposed his body in front of anyone. The last time he went to a public bath was when he was still in his university years.

Even when he acted in a film, there was never a need to bare his chest. Initially, he thought of it as just mere coincidence, but it was only recently that he’d been able to guess that such scenes were presumably rejected by his manager.

For the first time in ten years, he would show his body to someone else, but never did he expect it to be in this way.

Feng Hao was calmly admiring Ling Lang’s every move. There was no sense of eroticism within his eyes, but rather, it was as though he was admiring a work of art.

Feng Hao eyed him with such direct frankness that Ling Lang could almost feel the burn of his gaze sweeping over his skin.

“So this was the one that senior chose,” Feng Hao’s gaze which trailed from top to bottom, finally fixed itself on a certain point, “That’s very clever of you, this type wouldn’t be exposed even if you were only wearing underwear.”

Ling Lang understood what he meant. In the script, there was a bed scene between the two of them. Although the scene wouldn’t really be shot, the nude scenes needed for it still had to be there, and he would possibly be allowed only his underwear during the shooting. This will probably be Ling Lang’s biggest display on screen as of yet.

“Help me take it off,” As soon as Ling Lang spoke, he could feel the dryness in his throat, even his voice came out slightly hoarse.

“What’s the hurry?” Feng Hao slowed his speech, “I want to take a good look at you.”

He carefully looked at the beautiful body that stood before him, “Ever since I saw you on that stage, I’ve always dreamed of one day taking a good look at you just like this.”

“Wasn’t your dream to perform with me on the same stage?”

Feng Hao chuckled, “That is also one of my dreams.”

He stood up and locked eyes with Ling Lang: “And now they have all come true.”

The two stood face to face. Feng Hao was fully dressed whereas there was not a single thread on Ling Lang’s body, and he had finally found something more embarrassing than his body being exposed by force.

Under Feng Hao’s undisguised gaze, he actually had one more reaction that he wasn’t supposed to have, but the reaction had soon turned into a painful signal being sent to his head. Ling Lang pursed his lips firmly and an indiscernible frown emerged on his face.

“Does it hurt?” The slight change of expression on Ling Lang’s face failed to escape Feng Hao’s eyes.

Seeing how Ling Lang did not rebuke him, Feng Hao lowered his head and laughed, “Seems I’ve neglected to remember that senior is someone who gets shy easily.”

After that, he turned around and took out a black strongbox from the closet where his luggage was kept, he put it down on the desk and opened it, “Actually, I’ve brought this here from so far away but I wasn’t even sure if it would come to see use, so I have to thank senior for giving me this opportunity so soon.”

With his back blocking his view, Ling Lang wasn’t able to make out what the object was, he had only seen Feng Hao holding a length of black ribbon in his hands as he walked over.

Feng Hao’s hand was very steady as he tied the knot, “I like this more than a mask, because it feels as if I am wrapping a present, step by step, almost as if…… packing senior up into a gift and taking you away with me.”

All Ling Lang could see was a field of darkness, but he could clearly feel the force at the moment the knot was tightened.

Both of Ling Lang’s sense of touch and hearing, with the deprivation of his sight, became much more sensitive, and he could feel even a slight chill on his exposed skin.

Within this absolute darkness, his destiny unknown, along with a great sense of anxiety, had instead risen unbearable excitement up within him.

He was afraid, but he was also anticipant, and once again he felt as though there was nowhere he could hide after the discovery of his true feelings. He felt ashamed of this reaction, and he wanted to get out of it, but it was hard to free himself as he immersed into this state of mind.

The floor that was covered with thick carpets concealed the sound of Feng Hao’s footsteps, so Ling Lang could try to discern what the other party was taking from his safe again only based on the limited sounds that emerged.

The sound stopped, and not long after, something of the same rough texture was cuffed around his neck. Even without seeing it, Ling Lang could clearly tell what it was. The collar fit tightly around his neck but it did not give him any difficulty breathing, as if it was tailor-made just for him.

After putting the collar on him, Feng Hao left again, and after a while, his hands were secured behind his back in the same way.

“You are so beautiful,” Exclaimed Feng Hao as he looked at his own achievements, “You are already so sexy even without much decoration.”

He lifted the key to Ling Lang’s ear, and with a light flick of his finger, a crisp sound rang out, “I will open it for you now.”

Ling Lang could hear sounds of the key being inserted into the lock, then a thump, the object that confined his lower body an entire day had finally been taken down.

Ling Lang had yet to relax when the feeling of Feng Hao embracing him from behind emerged, he stroked his arm across his body, from his neck, to his clavicle, down to his chest.

“I would never have imagined that one day, I would hold you like this.” He buried his face in Ling Lang’s neck and nuzzled against it with the tip of his nose, “I’ve been dreaming of this for years, I’ve been dreaming of it since the first time I saw you, senior, I dreamt about it every day.”

“Did you know? When I saw the look in your eyes while you were tied up, I’ve known since then what type of person you were, senior. You and me, we were born a pair, there’s no one else in this world who understands you better than I do.”

He softly nibbled on his body, “Just like this, I’ve wanted to strip you, cage you, kiss you, possess you, I even want to crack my whip on you, I want to fuck you until your knees go soft, and I want to hear you plead through your tears. Because I like you, this is my desire, and none of this is anything to be ashamed of.”

Feng Hao ran his hand down, sweeping past Ling Lang’s flat stomach, and grasped the organ that had already begun to raise its head, “I don’t want to force you, but senior, you always close yourself up, you would neither look nor listen, so this is the only method I can use, the only way to show you the voice in my heart.”

“As long as senior can be mine, it doesn’t matter to me whether I have to coerce you into it, or if I would have to use force, I am still willing to do it.”

Ling Lang drooped his head, his shoulders were trembling and his breathing became short, but the movements of Feng Hao’s hand did not show any signs of slowing down, “But what I really want, is not to force you into obedience, but rather for senior to give me an answer from your heart. I want you to like me the same way I like you, and understand that I would do all of this not because I want to humiliate you.”

Feng Hao’s breath brushed against Ling Lang’s ear, “I like you, whether it is the front you put up, or the real you, they all make me so enthralled.”

“Everything you’ve wanted but couldn’t have, I will make them come true for you.”

“Every fantasy you have, I will turn them into reality.”

“Every desire you didn’t dare face, I will help you face them.”

Ling Lang raised his head abruptly and a suppressed moan leaked from his throat, a white light shone through the black cloth covering his eyes, shining into his retina, materializing Feng Hao’s every word, imprinting deeply into his mind like the Holy Bible.

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