Waiting Upon You – Chapter 4 Act 11

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Act 11: Transaction…




Ling Lang could only feel the strength drain from his legs which gave him some trouble in standing up still, he had to lean into Feng Hao’s arms and rest for a long time before he was able to calm down.


“How is it? Isn’t this way better than taking care of it by holing yourself up in the washroom?” Feng Hao joked.


Ling Lang suddenly felt lucky that his eyes were blindfolded at that time, otherwise he wasn’t sure how we was going to face Feng Hao’s teasing, it turns out for him that there had been no secrets all along in front of this person.


Feng Hao’s warmth parted from his body, and the sound of running water came from the bathroom not long after. After the sound of the water stopped, a short moment of silence was formed again, then the leather handcuffs around Ling Lang’s wrists were removed.


After the ribbon around his eyes had been taken off, Ling Lang shut his eyes out of habit, and slowly opened them after a while of getting used to the light again. The first thing he did after regaining his ability to see clearly was to inspect the state of his wrists.


“Don’t worry, these props are very safe, I wouldn’t let you participate in the shooting with any marks on you,” Feng Hao could guess his concerns at a glance.


Ling Lang heaved a sigh of relief, then he raised his hand again to undo the collar on his neck, but he wasn’t able to take it off no matter what.


“This,” He couldn’t help but hint this aloud to Feng Hao.


“Don’t waste your energy, this was specially made and I am the only one who can take it off.”


“Take it off me.”


“Mm, I’ll take it off first thing tomorrow.”


“What?” Ling Lang glared at him in disbelief.


“Why don’t you sleep here tonight,” Feng Hao went up once more to hold him in an embrace, “Don’t worry, I won’t make a move on you, we will simply be sleeping.”


“Are you asking for my opinion? Do I have a choice?”


Feng Hao rested his chin on his shoulder and shook his head, “Nope.”


He thought about it, and added, “Unless you don’t mind showing up like this in front of everyone tomorrow.”


Ling Lang knew that Feng Hao was serious about what he said, he left him no room for refusal at all. He glanced over to his clothes scattered across the ground, “My sleepwear are still in the room.”


“Just this is fine, there no need for clothes.”


“I’m not used to being nude.”


“You’ll get used to it after a few times.”


Feng Hao gave his head a pat, “Will you be washing up first, or will you do your washing up after I’m done with mine?”


Ling Lang scoffed in anger, his laugh was filled with ridicule, “Why don’t you just force me into the shower with you?”


Feng Hao laughed as well, he shook his head, “I still can’t, not yet.”


When Feng Hao came out from the bathroom, Ling Lang was already on the bed, pretending to sleep. Feng Hao carried him into his arms and pecked lightly on his forehead, just as he promised, he did not derail at all from his promise other than the kiss.


“Good night, my precious,” he closed in on Ling Lang’s ear and whispered, while the latter only pretended not to hear.


Ling Lang had originally thought this to be a sleepless night, but he did not expect that he would fall into a daze as he rested in Feng Hao’s arms and fell asleep, he couldn’t even remember when he had fallen asleep.


In the past six months, Ling Lang had always been suffering from insomnia, his mind had always been plagued with dreams and he was easily woken, he did not expect that he could sleep for the entire night, up till the sun came up on this night, and he was even woken only by the landline phone in Feng Hao’s room.


Feng Hao stumbled awake and only then did he suddenly realize he had slept so deeply next to this person he was supposed to be holding his guard against. Feng Hao did not allow him to wear clothes, while he himself was wrapped up quite tightly. In addition of the collar around his neck, it really gave him the illusion that they were master and pet.


The phone was ringing non-stop, Feng Hao extended a hand over and pressed on the speaker option, “Who’s calling?”


“It’s me,” The person on the other side of the call was Feng Hao’s agent, “It’s raining outside, so we’re switching to an indoors scene.”


Out of habit, Ling Lang peered over to the window. The thick curtains were blocking his view so he could not see the weather outside.


“Which scene?” Asked Feng Hao.


The noise from the other side of the line seemed to be of a script being flipped, “Act seven, Scene three.”


The look on Ling Lang’s face changed abruptly as he heard what was said, whereas a satisfied smile was plastered on Feng Hao’s face.


“Got it,” Out of his convenience, he moved his hand over and hung up the call. He got off the bed and walked to the window, and pulled open one side of the curtains.


Ling Lang had also seen that the rain outside was very heavy, the sound proofing in the room was too good so both the inside and outside were isolated into two separate worlds, those in the room actually had no notice of the rain at all.


“It seems that even God is helping me,” exclaimed Feng Hao, “I thought fate would only allow me one night with senior, but now it seems not so.”


Ling Lang fell to the bed powerlessly, he did not feel like moving at all.


“It seems that senior does not have much confidence in your own self-control, but I can understand, the fabric used for the prison uniforms this time really are too thin, I think it’s completely plausible for you to complain to the costume design team.”


“But before that…… It would be a great shame if any accidents were to happen.”


Feng Hao retrieved from the box what he had taken away from Ling Lang, “Which line should we be at currently in the script?”


Ling Lang closed his eyes, “Please put it on for me.”


Ling Lang did not care about the clothes he had worn over from yesterday night, he took out a bathrobe directly from Feng Hao’s bathroom, “I’m going back to change my clothes.”


“Mm, I’ll wait for you.”


As soon as Ling Lang opened the door, he could see that his manager was currently knocking on his own door.


Seeing Ling Lang walk out from Feng Hao’s room in a bathrobe so early in the morning, the manager was so shocked that his eyes nearly fell out.


“What’s wrong?”


The manager replied mechanically, “Your cell phone was off when I tried to call, and nobody was picking up the landline either, I came over to tell you that……”


“It’s raining, and we’ve switched to an indoors scene right? I found out already.”


Up till Ling Lang walked into his own room, and was about to shut his door in front of the manager’s face, only then was the manager shook out from his daze, so this was called having some damn measures? If there aren’t any measures are you guys going to pop out a baby soon as well?


A seam was left on Feng Hao’s door. The manager pretended to pass by and look inside, but the door suddenly opened.


“Morning,” Feng Hao greeted him with a smile.


The corners of the manager’s lips twitched, “Morning.”


“Here to check the room?”


“Don’t over do it,” The manager toned down his voice and reminded him indignantly.


Feng Hao flashed a smile at him without any mind, “Senior’s clothes are with me, can I bother you to call up the dry cleaners service for him?”


When Ling Lang and Feng Hao arrived at the scene, the staff had already done all the preparations and several dozens of extras were also on stand-by, a good half of them were foreigners, they were all burly, muscular guys with shaved heads, and many of them even had tattoos painted on them.


Ling Lang stood on the second floor of the prison and looked down, and Feng Hao appeared suddenly behind him again, “Aren’t you quite anticipant? Watching them, thinking about what’s going to happen in a while.”


Since the two left the hotel, Ling Lang had not spoken a single word to Feng Hao, but the latter did not seem to mind keeping up this one-man show at all.


He walked over to Ling Lang’s side, and extended his two hands towards the scene downstairs, mimicking the frame of a camera, “This scene, these actors, if you change this to the scene of a gay porn shooting, this scene would definitely be very exciting, you must be thinking that as well, aren’t you?”


The assistant director began calling over the actors to get ready, Feng Hao gave a pat on Ling Lang’s back, “Go on, my protagonist.”


Ling Lang slapped off the restless hand on his back with the back of his hand, “Don’t touch me!”


“What have we here!” The inmate stuck his tongue out and licked the area that was hit by Ling Lang, “It seems this young little chick is quite bashful.”


The people around him laughed out loud, they all reached a hand out to grope at Ling Lang’s body with no good intentions. Ling Lang could stop one but not all, he was forced to step back but no matter where he retreated, there would be people around. the encirclement was getting smaller and smaller with each step, and in the end Ling Lang was surrounded within the circle.


“Get away from me!” Ling Lang cried in horror.


The leader of the prisoners broke out in laughter, “No need to be scared, there’s a first for everything, everyone will treat you just fine.”


Just as he spoke, someone from behind caught Ling Lang’s neck. Without even thinking, Ling Lang lowered his head and bit down on the arm, and the one who got bit yelled out in pain.


Taking advantage of the weakening of his grip, he struck behind him with an elbow and gave a kick to the guy in front who tried to grab at him as well.


However, such resistance was obviously in vain within this encirclement of people. The leg kicked out by Ling Lang was caught by someone, and soon his arm was also forcefully locked behind his body. He struggled and struggled, but the only thing he got out of it was the increase of their aggression towards suppressing him.


“Bastard!” The inmate who had gotten bit cussed at him while holding the bite mark on his wrist, “How dare you bite me? Hold onto his chin and smash his teeth in, I want to fuck that damn mouth of his!”


Ling Lang resisted desperately. Seeing that he had now turned into a trapped turtle in a jar, they started to lax in their strength. Every so often they would let him go deliberately, tease him a bit, then catch hold of him again, playing with him like a cat tossing a rat around its paws.


Following the noise of cloth being shred, the prison uniform on Ling Lang’s body was torn to shreds, and the crowd immediately burst into excited cheers. Very soon, people started to peel at Ling Lang’s trousers, Ling Lang who struggled for his life managed to land a kick on quite a few of them. The ones who got hit started to cuss again, Ling Lang’s resistance had also begun to slowly crumble.


The spectating inmates on the floor above them saw the development of the situation was reaching its peak, and they also started to make strange noises and banged on the railings incessantly, the hormones of all the men in the area were boiling up by the excitement, the masculinity buried within them were just itching to make a move.


As soon as Ling Lang raised his head, he could see Feng Hao leaning against the railings composedly with his arms folded upstairs, he had a look that suggested he was enjoying a good show, waiting to see him molested by the crowd. Seeing him, Ling Lang felt just like a drowning man finding the last bit of straw to keep him afloat.


“You said you would keep me safe!” yelled Ling Lang as he rushed towards Feng Hao.


“That’s right,” Feng Hao nodded without denying it, “But I never said I would keep your chastity safe.”


Those who heard Feng Hao’s words downstairs broke out into laughter again, “Even your roommate’s not going to save you, I’ll advise you to just give up like a good boy.”


Ling Lang shoved off another person’s hand again, “If you help me, I will do anything you want!”


“Will you keep your word on that?”


“I will!”


Feng Hao snapped his fingers. Although a look of disappointment took over the faces of those below, they still let go of Ling Lang immediately. Feng Hao had the highest position in this territory, nobody dares to go against his words, and naturally nobody could lay a hand on his men either.


The crisis lifted for Ling Lang temporarily, but his eyes still stayed alert and he was rushing to catch a breath, he scanned the surroundings with a gaze filled with hostility, and he only hurried to fix up the messy clothes on his body after making sure that they wouldn’t lay another hand on him. Step by step, he stepped out cautiously from the encirclement.


Ling Lang retreated to a safe area and raised his head to look at Feng Hao on the second floor. Feng Hao nudged his head towards the cell behind him, and a nervous look creeped up in Ling Lang’s eyes again.


There were inmates whistling at them again without fear of death, and seeing that Feng Hao did not get angry, even more people joined in. In this ear-piercing scene of loudness, Ling Lang shifted back over to his own cell step by step.


On the last shot of this scene, a snow white bedsheet was hung up high, implying of the shady transactions currently in progress.


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