Waiting Upon You – Chapter 5 Act 12

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Act 12: Pet…




Feng Hao had his back to the camera, blocking his actions from view, making it more fascinating for the audience.


“Open your mouth,” Feng Hao ordered curtly.


Ling Lang’s face was filled with unwillingness, but he was in no position to refuse.


Viewing the scene from behind, Ling Lang seemed to want to back out right at the moment when Feng Hao was about to enter, but Feng Hao had already seen through his plans.


“Bite me then,” said Feng Hao, causing Ling Lang to flinch in surprise, freezing as he realized that his intentions were seen through. He continued, “I’ll throw you out of here if you dare.  


“If I can save you from the hands of those people, then I can send you back there, but they won’t treat you as nicely as I do.”


“Don’t you want to get out of here?” Ling Lang leaned back, turning towards the camera.


“It seems you still haven’t understood your situation.” Feng Hao leaned over and gripped his chin. “Do you really think you can escape on your own? I can’t even guarantee if you will survive the day. With just a single word from me, that pack of hungry wolves out there can fuck you to death.”


Ling Lang couldn’t refute him, gazing at him with resentment.


“You have two choices: first, you get fucked by me, then you can take me out.” He released his grip. “Second, you can just stay here so I can fuck you for the rest of your life.”


Feng Hao straightened his posture and looked down condescendingly on the kneeling Ling Lang. His magnetic voice was hard to defy. “Now, lick me, and do it properly.”


“Who wrote this script?” the assistant asked the manager in a whisper.


“I heard that it was a scriptwriter surnamed Yi, but they didn’t dare to sign their name.”


The scene was giving the assistant both a headache and a heartache. “This is too obscene, it’s hard to watch.”


“Ling Lang has never taken on these types of films in the past, this is quite the turnaround,” she added.


The manager was actually just as perplexed as her. Mr. Mo had never allowed Ling Lang to take on such a role before, and now he had actually sent someone to bring this kind of script over. His actions really were too unpredictable.


As for that Feng Hao…… While the manager watched the scene upstairs with worry, he recalled the scene from that morning and couldn’t help but knit his brows.


As soon as the scene switched around, Ling Lang was already being pressed down on the bed inside of the cell by Feng Hao, and the two were already close to being nude. Ling Lang was still unwilling in the end and wanted to struggle, but Feng Hao quickly showed him with his actions that resistance was futile.


This was his first time exposing his own body in front of the camera and he was even sticking so close to another man. The only thing Ling Lang could feel was every inch of his skin that came in contact with Feng Hao’s heating up, though the pain coming from underneath his body kept his mind clear. Yet, with every movement, Feng Hao’s heavy breathing would steer his mind away.


Feng Hao was using quite a bit of force to hold him down by the wrist, and the memory of the gentle, flowing movements of his fingertips were still lingering from before. The confession from the previous night drifted back and forth in Ling Lang’s mind like an animated sign, repeating in an unending cycle.


In his trance, a formless hand flowed over his alter ego, rhythmically stimulating his erogenous zones. Ling Lang’s entire body was lit by the flames of passion, but the flame was encased in a prison of ice, unable to extricate itself. As if his entire being was bound by chains, he could not move, and every cell of his body, every hair, every organ, were all screaming to be released.


When Feng Hao reached the peak of his excitement, he grabbed the crown of Ling Lang’s head with one hand and forcefully raised it high, displaying it to the camera. With his breath haggard, Ling Lang’s face was flushed scarlet and he seemed almost to have bitten through the skin of his lips. As he was moved, he couldn’t help himself and groaned under the ramming and friction of the man behind him. They clearly knew that the two were just acting, but it still made the blood of the spectators heat up; there were even quite a few of the younger staff who had turned their faces away in embarrassment.


Such an erotic scene would definitely be cut off in the domestic release, but it would be indispensable once the movie hits the overseas market. Although the theme of the film was about jailbreaking, they would’ve been too embarrassed to even take the investment money if this year’s films weren’t at least contaminated with some erotic scenes.


Even if it was released abroad, this bed scene would take up at most a minute or two of the film, but in order to provide more material for editing, it was necessary for them to provide a considerable amount of footage. When the director finally announced the wrap up of the scene, Ling Lang could barely feel his limbs anymore; they were powerless as if he had just gotten out of a fierce battle.


The staff members all drew towards the two to help them change. Feng Hao gave Ling Lang’s arm a light rub, ignoring the people around them. As he had used quite a fair bit of strength this time due to the requirements of the scene, there would inevitably be some bruises left behind.


“Does it hurt?” Feng Hao asked pitifully.


“Isn’t that what you wanted?”


“I want you to hurt, because that is how you like it, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t make my heart ache.”


Feng Hao smoothed his hand gently over Ling Lang’s bruises. Ling Lang recalled how his teacher had taught him how to make a deep impression on his audience during the elective scriptwriting class he took during university——You have to give them a hit, then offer them a piece of candy, then the audience would think that the candy tastes particularly sweet.


Now that he thought about it, Feng Hao may also have taken that course, and he had even used that lesson with such high proficiency.


The assistant brought some towels over. For the sake of adding onto the effect of the scene, the two were sprayed with water as a way to simulate sweat, and the crystal clear droplets lay transparent on their skin under the bright lights, giving off a sexy feeling.


Seeing Feng Hao receive the towels, Ling Lang extended his hand over to take one. “I’ll do it myself.”


Feng Hao refused him. “Generally, a master would dry off their pet dog after a bath.”


Ling Lang was speechless, the key was still in Feng Hao’s hands so he had no right to say anything, no matter what Feng Hao did to him.


On the other side, the foreign director had started to talk to his assistant again, and after waiting for the two to finish talking, the assistant director finally had the guts to ask the director.


“Ano, director, do you speak Chinese sumida?”




“Director, if I may ask, is it really alright for us to make this scene so fiery? If things don’t go well, it may be cut by the SARFT. Us Asians pay great attention to a more low-key form of beauty, do you understand? Hazy beauty!”


“You, don’t be a fool, in our country, people will only watch if there is such a scene! And I think that these Asian actors are too conservative, when our actors from the west act in bed scenes, they never wear underwear! If you have the interest, come to my room tonight, and we can perform some cultural exchange?”


“Then…… do you wear underwear during a cultural exchange?”


“Of course not!”


It was just a short film, but they still hadn’t finished shooting after a whole day’s worth of work. The more extras there were, the higher chance of there being an NG, any person in any angle could have the wrong expression on and the director would trash the entire clip. With just the scene of Ling Lang having his clothes torn off, the amount of clothes he had to change into due to NGs numbered about seven or eight, maybe even more.


After getting busy for a whole day, it was finally dinner time. Ling Lang’s brows were knitted into a frown as soon as he took a look at the meal sent over by the delivery man, while the blunt little assistant girl called out directly, “Fish again? We’ve been having fish back to back for three days, I want to eat vegetables!”


“Just bear with it for a bit,” the manager said, digging in hungrily. “The vegetables around the island are more expensive than the meat back at home, isn’t it great to have fish? And it’s not like the fish today was the same as the one from yesterday. Speaking of which, aren’t pickled cucumbers vegetables?”


The assistant pouted her mouth in dissatisfaction and poked at the fish in her lunchbox. “But it’s not like I’m a cat.”


While Ling Lang did not complain, he only took two bites before putting down his food. Feng Hao, who was sitting by his side, saw every move he made.


After dinner, they rushed to start the shooting for the nighttime scenes again. In order to cover for Ling Lang, Feng Hao deliberately caused trouble for the warden, tugging at him, not allowing him to leave, and even provoked a commotion within the prison.


Although it was the same film, the two were acting in different scenes so the filming was done separately, and the scenes would be clipped together during editing. The main scenes to be shot tonight were Feng Hao’s parts, so Ling Lang spent most of his time watching from outside of the set.


The Feng Hao within the film was calm and overbearing, he was cold and ruthless, and sometimes he even had the rough air of a ruffian. The prisoners locked up in there were all wicked beyond forgiveness, and they were all under life imprisonment, yet he alone was able to control the entire territory of Block C. The demeanor of a king Feng Hao displayed made it hard for Ling Lang to take his eyes off of him, and his eyes couldn’t help but follow his every move.


“Did I pull you in?” Feng Hao walked towards him with a smile.


Startled, Ling Lang realized that he’d gone into a trance while watching Feng Hao’s performance, he hadn’t even noticed when the director had called for a wrap up. He lowered his eyes hurriedly.


“It’s good that the shot was successful, we can get off early,” Feng Hao said casually, purposefully speaking in that manner. “I’ve made you wait, senior, let’s go.”


“Who said I was waiting for you?”


Feng Hao couldn’t help but laugh. “You’re also very cute when you’re acting proud, senior.”


Ling Lang made his appearance in Feng Hao’s room once again, and everything happened the same as yesterday. Feng Hao put the collar on him before taking off the lock, and now he was washing him up in the bathroom with his sleeves rolled up.


Ling Lang closed his eyes, feeling the water flow down from the top of his head. He suddenly recalled Feng Hao’s metaphor of a pet dog that he had mentioned during the day.


Ling Lang waited for Feng Hao to shut the water before asking, “Should I be shaking my fur dry right now for your pleasure?”


Amused, Feng Hao responded, “I wouldn’t mind if you want to.”


He rubbed the shower gel over the man’s body gently, and finally came to the place that had been restricted for a whole day.


“Such a pitiful little thing. Must’ve been hard on it today, holding itself back like that.” Under his caress, the pitiful little thing quickly rose up spiritedly.


“I didn’t know that the master had to help his pet dog solve its physiological needs as well,” Ling Lang said sarcastically.


“You’re right.” Feng Hao stopped his movements, and turned on the shower to wash the bubbles off the other’s body. “They would usually rub themselves on their master’s leg.”


He took out a towel and wiped Ling Lang dry, then turned around to sit at the edge of the bathtub, and lightly tapped the tip of his foot on the ground.


“Come on.”


For a moment, Ling Lang wasn’t able to say anything, he just stared at Feng Hao as he stood still, and he was also looking at him silently.


A short moment passed before Ling Lang was able to find his voice again. “You’re serious?”


“Do you think I’m joking?”


Ling Lang continued to stare at him. The smile on Feng Hao’s face was impeccable, but it was hard to believe the words that came from his mouth.


However, what made Ling Lang embarrassed was not Feng Hao’s words, but rather his body’s reaction after hearing the command.


Clearly, Feng Hao had also noticed it. “You’ve already made it suffer for a whole day, do you still plan to continue ignoring its needs?”


He reached out and clenched his hand in a catching motion in front of Ling Lang’s face. “Senior, when will you be able to take off your mask in front of me?”


Under Feng Hao’s gaze, Ling Lang slowly kneeled down in front of him and eagerly rubbed his desire that was at its limit on the other party’s body in obeyance.


When he was almost at his peak, Feng Hao forcefully lifted up his chin. “Remember my face, remember the pleasure I bring you, and……”


Ling Lang tried hard to distinguish through his hazy eyes the shape of his lips. “Remember that I am your master.”


Ling Lang gradually calmed down, he didn’t think that he could really do such a shameful thing under temptation.


But Feng Hao’s expression was the same as before, as if his behaviour earlier was simply one that a pet should have.


Ling Lang who was kneeling on the ground suddenly laughed. “In the past, I’ve always thought that I was a pervert, but I didn’t think that you were even more of a pervert than I am.”


“Isn’t that great?” Feng Hao patted his head. “A pervert staying together with a pervert, that’s why we were born to be a pair.”

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