Chapter 41 Omake: Fashion Sense

Translator: Kriz

Editor: Mochimochi

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「By the way, Onii-chan, which amongst all the clothes here in『Uniqlo』fits your fashion sense?」

「Eh, what… What’s with that sarcastic opening question from you…?」

「It’s exactly as you said. You might as well take the opportunity to go all out and slay in a fashion sense that you imagine as『cool!』」

「What kind of fashion breaker slayer delusion are you conjuring up!?」



First Point:  Plaid Shirts


「Hmm, I don’t know about this but I guess it works?」

「Onii-chan… That’s awful.」

「What is!?」

「No, just no… No one wears plaid shirts in this day and age, Oniichan… Seriously, no one.」

「Eh? What!? Plaids are a no-go? Not the shape of the collar or the color?」



Second Point:  Racing Jacket


「How do you feel about this? Onii-chan, I’m confident this time t—–Somehow, I guess this isn’t meant to be…」

「Don’t tell me I look like a letdown!?」

「No no no no, Onii-chan. This looks like you’re overreaching though…」

「Overreaching!? What do you mean by that, my dear sister! Aren’t there tons of actors dressing up in these on television? Besides, didn’t you say something earlier along the lines of『There are no issues if you’re dressed in clothes like the ones that are being worn by fashion models』?」

「Haaa, Oniichan… Listen up. There are certain places in this world that an amateur shouldn’t recklessly dip their hands into… Therefore Onii-chan, as a low class commoner with garbage fashion sense, you shouldn’t put your hands on the upper-class fashion styles that actors wear, okay?」

「There’s even clothing inequality in society!?」



Third Point:  Plain『Giraffe』Illustrated T-shirt



「Onii-chan… What is up with that pointless speedy gonzales giraffe illustrated t-shirt?」

「Eh, isn’t this cute? Is that a no?」

「That’s definitely a no! Why is it that even though I told you to pick something that matches your style, you had to go and choose this『weird giraffe t-shirt』?」

「No good, huh? Mmm… Even though I thought it’s adorable…」

「What? Onii-chan, are you secretly into cute stuffs?」


Seriously, with such character, Onii-chan’s—- (Sister)


「Hah? Me… Oh no, I selected this because I thought this t-shirt looks good on you.」

「— Hoee… Me?」

「Yes indeed. Girls like these sort of weird illustrated characters, don’t they? Oh, of course, it’s just for lounge wear though?」


Onii-chan… He chose this for me? (Sister)


「Hehe… I, I see~~ Man, Onii-chan. You’re seriously gross~~♪」

「Even though I chose that especially for you, who are you calling gross!?」





「Eh, so… Did you end up buying that t-shirt in the end?」

「More or less! I felt bad about it because I rejected everything due to Onii-chan’s god-awful fashion sense. Therefore as his sister…『It can’t be helped』, I said and bought it… 『Only that!』, of course~~♪」


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