Chapter 43 Omake – What if series 「What if Andou-kun was a girl?」

Translator: Kriz

Editor: Forsetti

First published on Ainushi



「Ara! Morning, Andou-san」

「Hiek! Ah wa wa…G, Good morning… Asakura-san」

「Oh, Andou-san. You don’t have to be so polite with me. We’re classmates after all」

「T-T-T, That’s too much… I-I-I, I can’t do that! I mean, that’s because it’s you Asakura-san. You’re regarded as the classiest beauty even amongst all of us girls… Compared to you, someone like me is just…Hah, I’m just a dull light novel nerd…」



Uh huh…Oh, Andou-san! You always say that and try to avoid me when t, the truth is I’m a light novel otaku who really loves『Narou』. Which is why I really want to get to know you better as you love them just as much as I do… (Asakura)


「W, Well then! I’m just going to confine myself in the toilet for a while till the teacher arrives—-FUKYAHHH!」

「AHH! Andou-san!? If you stand up so abruptly, you’ll fall!」


Hawawawa! I tangled my legs when I got up so suddenly… (Andou)


That was dangerous, Andou-san…I have to help her up otherwise—!!! (Asakura)


「Andou-san, give me your hand!」





「Hawawa… My sincere apologies that you have to support this clumsy me…」

「Fuu, it’s alright as long as you’re alright, Andou-san♪」




Asakura-san’s hand… How tender and warm it feels. (Andou)


I wonder what’s wrong with Andou-san? She’s stiffened up. Speaking of which, Andou-san’s eyes… Taking a closer look at them, they’re really pretty. (Asakura)


「…………」 *stares*

「…………」 *stares*



Huh? This feeling that’s swelling up from deep within me… I wonder what it is? (Asakura & Andou) *blush*






  And so, something began to awaken within the two of them.


Translator’s Notes:


I actually look forward to a GL love story like this. Awawawa~

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