Chapter 44 Omake – What if Series 「What if Asakura-san was a guy?」

Translator: Kriz

Editor: Forsetti

First published on Ainushi



「Morning, Andou-kun」


The handsomest guy in school, the famous 『Asakura』just spoke to me, the person seated right next to him…As the most popular person in our class, I’m sure he’s just treating a 『loner』like myself the same as he does with everyone else. Yup, yup. As expected from the coolest guy in school. It’s not just his looks, his heart is noble too…

Yeah, his cool factor is way more than I can handle that I’m feeling irritated by it. I’m just going to ignore him for now. (Andou)



「Did you ignore me!? A-Andou-kun!? Shouldn’t you be returning my greeting since we’re both classmates?」

「Eh … No?  I’m just a『loner』. For me to greet you, Asakura-kun, an existence with the status of the『King of Normies (AHAHAHAHHA)』would be too magnanimous… and overstepping the line, so it’s impossible for me」

「What the heck is the ‘King of Normies’!? Hold on, are you dissing me nonchalantly!?」

「That – hahahaha – is absurd – hahahhaha – oh Normie Lord, Asakura (AHAHAHAHA)」

「No, you’re clearly making fun of me!?」


Kek! Well obviously! HELLLOOOO! To begin with, why would a normie like yourself come up to talk to me, a『loner』everyday!? (Andou)


Mmm, why does Andou-kun always treat me so coldly… All I want is to be friends with Andou-kun and converse about light novels… (Asakura)


「Well, until the teacher gets here, I’m just going to head to the toi—」*plop* ← the sound of a gingko nuts falling off the desk

「Ah! Andou-kun, the gingko nuts on your desk fell onto the floor」

「Oh, sorry…」

「No, no, all good. I’ll get ‘em—」


Eh? If I grab the gingko nuts that fell onto the floor, then my hand will— (Andou)


Ah! If I grab the gingko nuts and gave them to him then— (Asakura)






My hands are—on his… (Asakura) *doki doki*


「…………」 *stares*

「…………」 *stares*


Um, I really wished he’ll let go of my hand though… (Andou)





 As one would expect, nothing came out of it.



Translator’s Notes:


WHAT??? NUUUU. GIVE ME MY BOY LOVE!!!!! *rages Kriz*



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