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Radio MiYoShi!』〜Let’s Compose a Song

<Opening Theme>

「Good evening everyone! I’m Miroku, planned vocals for 344(MiYoShi)! 」

「The same, I’m Yoichi, director of Saratsuki Company and…」

「The same, I’m the lead dancer, Shiju. 」

「The three of us together…」

「「「Are 344(MiYoShi)!」」」

「Yoichi-san, why do you always emphasise your company?」

「I’m complaining about being busy all time. To the producer that is.」

「Even if you do complain, you’ll surely be rejected, so don’t do such unnecessary things, Yoichi the Ossan.」

「Shiju, I’ve said this many times, but you and I are just one year apart……」

「Well then! Today’s theme is 『Let’s Compose a Song!』」

「Miroku will take charge……for you to come till here after being a hikikomori……」

「It’s deeply inspiring ……Continue on, Miroku-kun.」

「……I’ll continue then. Anyway, we’re planning to debut as idols. So we thought, isn’t the a 『Debut Song』the first most important thing? ……and so.」

「Ahh, that’s why there’s the thing about creating a song.」

「Since we’ll be singing a pop song about love, we decided to think about the lyrics of the song. But have you two thought of anything?」

「Ooh, I’ll go first then. I’m the type to get the things I hate done first. Ossan, read it with the standard of a voice actor’s beautiful voice.」

「That’s fine, but what’s with the voice actor standard?」

「Weren’t you mistaken with a certain voice actor on the radio last time and waited upon?」

「Ahh, they were really nice youngsters. I wonder if they’re listening this time too……」

「Yoichi-san, hurry. Time is……」

「Ah, I see. Sorry, umm……The butterflies that flutter about in the night……Rather, that definitely isn’t pop! Moreover, we can’t broadcast it from the middle!」


「Can an Ossan even think of a pop-like song?」

「What about Yoichi-san?」

「Mine is……The School Uniform-wearing You seems a bit dazzling.」

「「Is this the 70s!!?[1]」」

「In the end, we got a request for Miroku.」

「Welcome back to Radio 『MiYoShi!』. So, today’s theme was to create a song, but……」

「The lyrics us three Ossans thought up of were all rejected……」

「What will the pop-song-like lyrics from our last star of hope, Miroku, be like? Is it alright if I read it?」

「Please do! Uwa, how embarrassing!」

「Here goes……

I did love you. It isn’t such a simple story.
Love isn’t something you do, it isn’t something you fall in either.

I fell deep. I fell deep for you.
It’s become like a puzzle, that fits without any gaps.

Do you love me? Such a convenient chat?
One can love by themselves too. I comfort myself by saying that.

I fell deep. I fell deep for you.
A puzzle that two can complete. It’d be great if it were you and me.

The three things you wished for. Always together. Always smiling.
And the last one was……

You fell deep. You fell deep for me.
The puzzle completed by two, surely won’t break anymore.

「W-What happened?」

「Damn it, I’m gonna cry tears of sugar.」

「I felt like eating pickles halfway through.」

「What does it mean!!」

「Miroku-kun has a heart that’s too pure for a 36-year-old.」

「We can’t think of this.」


「For the time being, shall we ask the listeners for their 『Opinions On Miroku-kun’s Lyrics』?」

「Yeah! My regards to the person who cried tears of sugar like me! Apologies from my side!」

「Why are you apologising!?」

「Also, if you have any opinions on the programme or any requests, please do send them! ……On my count.」

「「This was 344(MiYoShi)!! See you next week!!」」

「W-Wait a sec!! Wait for me!!」

<Ending Theme>

1. It says Showa which basically includes the time period from December 25, 1926 until January 7, 1989 (It’s the period of the reign of the previous Japanese emperor). But assuming Yoichi’s age, it’s probably referring to that time period.

Hasr: Happy Independence Day, I guess?

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