Waiting Upon You – Chapter 5 Act 14

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Act 14: Paparazzi…




At the hotel where the crew was staying at, a young man wearing a pair of sunglasses with a messenger bag slung around his shoulder showed up in the narrow corridor.


He appeared to be very cautious, looking around in a seemingly indifferent manner every few steps he took, making sure that nobody was behind him before he continued to walk forward towards the door labelled ‘1603’. After going through the process of elimination for several days, he had pinpointed this as Ling Lang’s room.


He wasn’t just anyone, he was the paparazzi that had been stalking Ling Lang and Feng Hao that day, and he was also the one who exposed the first scandal in ten years of the King of the Silver Screen. In a short period of time, all the newspapers under his news group had an increase in sales, and the topic became the editor-in-chief’s main focus.


This time, he had found the real location where Ling Lang’s new film was being shot after bribing an insider. The editor-in-chief gave him a large sum of money so that he could arrive there ahead of the crew to prepare his ambush.


Originally, he had wanted to become a respected detective, but for the sake of his livelihood, he was forced to live as a despised paparazzi. Even so, he had to do his job as extraordinarily as possible.


If you were to say that he had a different way of thinking compared to his peers, then his biggest difference was: other paparazzis were only interested in looking for gossip or exposing scandals, whereas he would assume that the gossip was there and would confirm his hypothesis through various means.


The paparazzi looked around vigilantly, and with a shake of his sleeves, a pair of pointed surgical tweezers appeared in his hand.


The tweezers plunged carefully into the crevice of the door hinge, and a single toothpick in good condition was retrieved by the paparazzi.


His eyes lit up. The toothpick was not broken, proving his guess correct: Ling Lang did not, in fact, return to his room last night.


But he saw Ling Lang returning to the hotel last night with his own eyes. If he didn’t return to his own room, where could he have slept? The paparazzi’s line of sight floated to the door diagonally opposite him, room 1606.


Sensing someone near him, the paparazzi immediately pretended to have come out of room 1603, lowering his head to rustle around his bag.


The person who had come over was a housekeeper from the hotel. Seeing the guest, she came up to him, offered a polite nod, and greeted him.


“Do you require housekeeping?” For several days in a row, the do not disturb door hanger had been hanging outside of room 1603, and nobody had ever entered for cleaning.


The paparazzi looked back at the door hanger, and, so as not to arouse any suspicion, shook his head. “Not for the time being.”


“Alright.” The housekeeper pushed the cart and walked past him. The paparazzi suddenly remembered something and stopped her. “Ah, that’s right, where’s the laundry room in this hotel?”


“If you require laundry services, you can just call the general service desk.”


“No, that’s not it, I seem to have left something important in my pocket and he had just taken my clothes away, I’d like to rush on over to search for it.”


The housekeeper gave him an understanding nod. “It’s on the third floor of the hotel, you can get there by turning right from the staff passage.”


Following the staff passage, the paparazzi got down to the third floor, but did not exit immediately. Instead, he changed into a set of the hotel staff’s uniform, another tool he had prepared beforehand.


He lowered his head and entered the laundry room. The people inside had seen someone enter, but they didn’t look too closely at him either, they just thought him as someone who came to pick up some clothes. “What took you so long? Those are done, send them up, quickly.”


The paparazzi nodded his head. He walked to a nook and quickly scrounged through the clothes destined for the sixteenth floor, locking accurately onto the target he was looking for.


If he remembered correctly, this was the shirt Ling Lang wore on the island.


He took the shirt down from the rack and rummaged for the label inside. There were four large numbers written on top, 1606.


The paparazzi’s mouth curled into a faint smile. These were Ling Lang’s clothes, yet they had been sent for laundering from Feng Hao’s room.


Ah, my dear King of the Silver Screen, let’s see how you’re going to explain this one.


The dry cleaning machines started to turn, and under the cover of the noise, the paparazzi took out his pocket camera to take a few shots, saving the evidence into his memory card.


Ling Lang heard the shutter sounds, and raised his head vigilantly. “Someone’s there.”


Feng Hao had also leaned over to listen. “Someone’s knocking on the door.”


Ling Lang wanted to struggle, but Feng Hao pacified him gently, “It’s fine.”


The door had opened to reveal a small slit, both Ling Lang and his manager’s faces were dark.


“I saw one of the staff sending some clothes over here just now.”


Feng Hao received the clothes with a smile. “Thank you very much.”


“Where’s Ling Lang?” the manager probed, trying to look around inside.


Feng Hao turned his body and covered up all the sunlight coming into the room. “Come now, there’s no need to be so sensitive, I’m just meeting up with senior so we can practice our lines.”


“You lot……” The manager was just about to say ‘you lot better not do anything stupid’, but thinking back to it the two of them were already doing just that so he could only change his words. “You lot better stay cautious, don’t leave your tails out for grabs, you got me?”


“We’re on an island, how could the paparazzi possibly have chased us this far? You’re exaggerating,” replied Feng Hao.


“Caution is the parent of safety, I’m telling you, Ling Lang has never in ten years……”




The door was ruthlessly slammed shut in his face before he could finish his long-winded speech.


“……It’s hot.”


Feng Hao pressed the ‘do not disturb’ signal button. “Senior, I’ve made you wait.”


Ling Lang did not utter a word, his face slightly ashen.


Feng Hao picked up the script. “Now where did we leave off at? Ah, here it is.”


He pointed to the script with his hand and recited it word by word. “Why are we digging out this part in particular?”


“If we keep going down from here, we’ll reach the sewers for zone C”


“But the sewers are closed off with iron gates, there’s no way we can get past it.”


“The keys to the gates are in the second compartment of the safe in the warden’s office, the password  is, L2, C8, M5, X4……”


“Wrong, it’s X3,” interrupted Feng Hao briskly, “You got it wrong again, senior.”


A flash of panic flitted across Ling Lang’s face.


Feng Hao pretended not to have seen it and he leaned down to stuff another bead inside. “Why don’t you count, how many does this make now?”


“Don’t,” pleaded Ling Lang languishly.


“Your mouth never seems to say the things you mean, senior.” Feng Hao returned to his seat. “Let’s ask this one, do you like it?”


He gently pressed on the bottom of Ling Lang’s body with the tip of his foot, and the little buddy nodded energetically.


“Mmgh……” Ling Lang suppressed his voice.


“If you have to blame someone, senior, you can only blame yourself for not memorizing the script well.” Feng Hao caressed his head.


Ling Lang shot him a glance with a reluctant expression. “How the hell do you think I’m going to concentrate like this?”


The movements of Feng Hao’s hand stopped, and the smile on his lips also faded. “If you talk back to me one more time, I’ll make sure you visit the studio tomorrow while you’re all stuffed up.”


Ling Lang shut his mouth immediately. After getting along with Feng Hao for some time, he had started to understand his personality more and more. On the surface, he may have had the smile of an angel, but as soon as you turned around, he would transform into a devil. As long as he said it, he would definitely be able to do it.


Seeing him go quiet, a smile broke out on Feng Hao’s face once more. “Now there’s a good boy. Come, let me reward you.”


He got up to retrieve something from his box, and as soon as Ling Lang saw the shape of it, he bit down on his lip.


“I see you know what this is for.” Feng Hao carefully clamped the object in his hands on the bulges in front of Ling Lang’s chest. Soon after, that area had perked up quite a fair bit due to the stimulation.


“It turns out that you’re quite sensitive here, senior, you’ll definitely like this one.” Feng Hao fiddled around with the controller, and the vibrating egg hanging from the clamps immediately started to vibrate at a high frequency.


“Ah~~” This time, Ling Lang could no longer hold back his voice.


“Do you like it?” asked Feng Hao.


Both the sensitive areas on Ling Lang’s chest and behind were stimulated at the same time,  whereas the part that craved it the most was thrown to the side. Both his hands just had to be tied behind him, and couldn’t move. He was so sad, he could almost cry.


“If you want it, then just say it, I’ll give it to you if you do.”


Ling Lang bit his lip and shook his head.


Feng Hao stared at him for a short moment, then posing in a relenting manner, he said helplessly, “That’s fine too.”


Gently he caressed the mouth of Ling Lang’s bud, and evenly applied the glittering and translucent fluid flowing out of it over its entire front. The sudden stimulation made Ling Lang’s body tremble.


Feng Hao’s finger was brought to Ling Lang’s mouth. “Open your mouth.”


Ling Lang’s lips subconsciously opened slightly, and Feng Hao took advantage of that opportunity to pry open his teeth, invading his mouth with his fingers. A salty and musky taste was brought with them as they stirred around his mouth.


After allowing him to run amok, Ling Lang suddenly bit down. Feng Hao stared at him motionlessly, expression unchanging. Under his watchful gaze, Ling Lang slowly started to release his grip, there was nothing he could do but suck it up.


“Your tongue is quite agile,” commented Feng Hao. He pulled his fingers out of his mouth and wiped them off with a paper towel. He then took out a pair of white gloves from his box and put them on.


“You have the right to remain silent, senior.” Feng Hao grabbed Ling Lang by the collar and threw him to the bed. With every movement he made, Ling Lang could feel the beads colliding with each other within his tight hole and rubbing against his sensitive prostate. “Besides, we’ve got all night.”


Feng Hao’s forefinger crossed over Ling Lang’s engorged desire slowly, and the feeling akin to that of delicate silk gloves made Ling Lang arc his waist in need, as if he were pleading for more.


The projection of his desires was passed on to Feng Hao, and the hand kneading his body felt as if it were enchanted with witchcraft, causing his sensitivity to skyrocket. He could feel the trail left by the fingers even with his eyes closed.


An illusion appeared before his eyes, and his entire being felt as if it were thrown into a different space in time. All around him was a dark tunnel and he was running through it. A long distance before him was an exit, he was just one step away from being able to touch that light, but he was instantly dragged back into the darkness by a resistant force.


“No——” called out Ling Lang vulnerably, unable to stop himself, but his call fell on deaf ears, Feng Hao’s hand had already parted from his sexual organ and was now gently drawing circles on his inner thigh.


It took a long time before Ling Lang was able to slowly recover his breaths, the desire within his eyes starting to fade slightly. However, Feng Hao had silently slipped his hand over once more.


He stirred up Ling Lang’s desire effortlessly, then left it aside and ignored it every time he was close. Ling Lang did not know how many times Feng Hao tormented him, but it felt like never-ending torture.


When his hand left his burning erection once again, Ling Lang’s body began to twist without control, desperately trying to break his hands free from the bondage.


“Let me go! Let me go! Untie me, you bastard!” he roared at Feng Hao, almost in fury, but that person watched him struggle like a bound beast in satisfaction, as if he were admiring a good film that he himself had directed.


Ling Lang was unable to free himself even after exhausting all the energy in his body, only stopping when he couldn’t move anymore. During that, Feng Hao played with the clamps on his chest, and the taut string in Ling Lang’s mind snapped.


“I want it, give it to me, please, let me cum,” pleaded Ling Lang almost in tears. At this moment, as long as Feng Hao allowed him release, he would do anything he willed him to.


“Only if you answer me honestly.” Feng Hao held his sexual organ, and started to work it at a speed that was neither too fast nor too slow. “When you’re doing this by yourself…… Have you ever thought about me?”


“I……” Ling Lang bit his lips subconsciously.


Feng Hao gave a light chuckle and Ling Lang could feel that his hand was about to withdraw from his body once more. In that split moment, all his reservations turned to nought, and all his shame scattered like ashes. He called out without a care in the world, “Yes! Yes! I did!”


That giant force pushed him out of that tunnel in a flash, and instantly he was shrouded by light, his whole person was bathed in holy rays, with small bodies of brightness slowly dancing around him. A dream-like bell sounded in his ears, echoing around him.


Ling Lang desperately raised his neck and his pupils dilated, his heart was beating so fast that it was about to jump out of his chest, and both his hands and feet convulsed from the overstimulation.


After a moment, he fell languishly down on the bed, the vibrating egg clamped to his chest still buzzing.


Feng Hao shut off the device and began to meticulously perform the aftercare on Ling Lang’s body. Even moving a pinky was quite the struggle for Ling Lang, all he could do was close his eyes and allow the other party to manipulate his body at will.


At first he thought that Feng Hao would enter him, but even after Feng Hao released the bonds of his hands, he still had not seen half a smidge of such an intent.


These days, no matter how Feng Hao treated him, he had never once violated him. The only time he had seen Feng Hao’s body was during the shooting.


Other than that, it wouldn’t matter when it was, Feng Hao would always be dressed in a neat and orderly fashion, even in his sleep. No matter how debauche Ling Lang had displayed himself, he would never reveal even a slight hint of impulse, so much so that Ling Lang even suspected him to be impotent.


“Don’t you have any desires?” asked Ling Lang, unable to control himself as he stared at that calm face.


Feng Hao looked at him with some surprise in his eyes. “I’m a normal guy too, of course I have desires.” One by one, he cleaned the tools and put them back in the strongbox. “But I do not wish to force you. I will wait patiently for the day when you, senior, can take the initiative with me.”

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