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Part 2.6


“It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if you disappoint me. As long as you remain who you are, I will…… always love you.”

The male lead said thus.

For a moment Fan Yuan remained silent, thinking that the male lead had been fervently emotional. Whenever they disagreed with each other, he would start to say sickeningly sappy words. Talking to his younger brother as if he was confessing to his lover, just hearing it gave Fan Yuan goosebumps! If it hadn’t been for the plot, and knowing that the male lead was so straight that he couldn’t get any straighter, Fan Yuan would’ve misunderstood him. That’s all well and good. I know you pamper your little brother, alright?!

Fan Yuan, with a shy smile, responded in a small voice, “Brother, you are very kind to me.”

Xiao Wu: “……” Silence is a good thing.

Gu Qi: “…………” Have I spoken these words of love to a deaf?!


In any case, under Fan Yuan’s effort, the tragedy of the little brother’s transfer was avoided at last. And the plot was still traveling steadily on the right track.

Soon classes had resumed, and the real plot began.

Fan Yuan was a gay love rival with very little presence in the early stage. It could be said that he didn’t need to walk through the plot at all. All he had to do was occasionally spend time with the male lead, go to school regularly, and wait for the male lead to bring the female protagonist home to meet their parents. There’s no pressure!

However, after breakfast, the moment the male lead insisted on taking him to school, he finally lost his composure. Because the male lead and the female protagonist would finally have their fated encounter this very morning!

As the luxurious car of  a second generation nouveau riche started to go over a ditch, it dirtied the skirt of the cinderella’s new uniform. Without so much as a word of apology, nor even a glance out of charity, he tossed a bunch of bright red bank notes out of the window and left without ever looking back.

But the female protagonist was different from those flirtatious sluts out there. She might be poor, but what she wanted was dignity, not money! The male lead threw her a wad of bills, which was a blatant slap to her face, mocking her for her poverty! This couldn’t be tolerated! So from then on, the female protagonist committed the male lead’s face to memory. Though he had a handsome face, it was a hateful appearance.

Don’t ask stupid questions like why the male lead was carrying so much cash on him. Because he’s rich!

But this was not the crux of the matter. Now the question was, how could this female protagonist be so aggressive towards the male lead without this inevitable encounter taking place?! How could he possibly find out that she was different from other women if she wouldn’t challenge him?! The plot was about to come crashing down!

Fan Yuan grabbed the male lead’s arm and stopped him from going out. “Brother, I don’t want to bother you,” he said. “Just ask the driver. It’s not good to be late on your first day in your new school.”

Gu Qi took his hand, smiling a little helplessly. “Little fool. Did you forget? Our father is Sheng Di High’s chairman of the board.”

Fan Yuan was no longer able to speak a word. This evil and privileged society!

Ding. There is a Goubuli Steamed Bun restaurant on Yangming road. Master can let the male lead go over there first to buy some steamed buns so that he won’t miss the female protagonist.”

Fan Yuan immediately brightened up and adoringly praised him. “You’re so good, Xiao Wu!”

Sure enough, after the male lead heard that his little brother wanted to eat some steamed buns, he agreed without another word. When Gu Yuan got into the car, he helped him buckle up. Gu Qi laughed ambiguously and said, “Brother knows that the little breakfast we had wasn’t enough to fill Xiao Yuan’s belly, and you would definitely want to go out to eat again.”

Fan Yuan forced a laugh out of his mouth. “Ha…… Truly, Brother knows me so well.” You jerk! My job isn’t being a foodie, okay!

Seeing that they were close to the steamed bun store, Fan Yuan felt his heart burn with flames of anxiety. From the corner of his eye, he glanced at the calm and relaxed male lead daren. For the first time in his life, he understood what it meant by the eunuch being more anxious than the emperor (or the onlooker being more anxious than the player). He was just a gay love rival, why did he need to be a part-time matchmaker too! Yet he wasn’t even given any pay raise!

Ding. Female protagonist detected 100 meters ahead. Please be patient, Master.”

Fan Yuan sighed and breathed. “Xiao Wu, is it just my imagination? Why do I feel that there are way too many unexpected events happening during this assignment?”

Ding. The plot is extremely susceptible. And there may be unknown factors interfering with the plot. I ask the host to please continue to strive for an early completion of this mission.”

Fan Yuan just wanted to reply with a “good”. But he just saw the male lead drive past the female protagonist without even leaving an impression.

Fan Yuan: (⊙o⊙)?

Xiao Wu: ……………..

Where was the driving through the muddy water?! Where was the money tossing?! Could it be that the male lead, you did it that day only because you were freaking bored?! For God’s sake, can’t you please do it again!!


Gu Qi made an indescribable face and stepped on the brakes. He patted Gu Yuan’s head while in a good mood, saying with a laugh, “What? Don’t want to eat steamed buns anymore? Want to change to something else, hm?”

F*ck changing to something else! Didn’t you know you could have changed your wife?!

Gu Yuan looked at the rear-view mirror and found that the female protagonist was no longer in sight. He took the male lead’s hand and asked. “Brother, did you notice that we passed by a girl wearing Sheng Di High school uniform?”

Gu Qi gazed at the small hand and nodded absently. “Yes, so it seems that there was such a person.”

“Can we turn the car around and go back? I need to find her!”

Gu Qi was confused. What type of person his little brother was, of course he knew better than anyone. How could he know this one girl? But seeing that he was very persistent, he reluctantly turned back. Fortunately she didn’t get too far. They managed to catch up to Qiu Mimi.

Fan Yuan fumbled around in the car. Sure enough, he found a wad of bills. This very thing was what started the male lead and the female protagonist on the path to love!

Fan Yuan pulled Gu Qi out of the car and then dragged him to the female protagonist. With a domineering face and head held high, he was the very picture of a spoiled and rich second generation young master.

Ding. Master…… you’re screwing your character settings.”

“You think I want to do this?! If I don’t act now, the whole plot will fly off! Do you want the task to fail directly?! If you want to deduct the reward, then go ahead and deduct ToT”

Ding……” Xiao Wu was speechless.

Gu Qi was already staring. His little brother who had closely resembled a lovable, cute little sheep all the while, now suddenly had the look of a proud and arrogant cat. He really wanted to hold him in his arms and never let go……

Qiu Mimi saw that she was going to be late when she was stopped by two strangers. She would’ve been very furious if she hadn’t seen their good looks. She reigned in her temper and asked them. “Um, do you have some business with me? I don’t think we’ve met before.”

Fan Yuan felt that they had stood before her long enough. It should be enough for the female protagonist to remember the male lead’s face. He snorted, his delicate face wearing an arrogant mask. “We haven’t! I just don’t like you much!”

Qiu Mimi: “?????”

Fan Yuan slapped money into the woman’s hand. “This master shall give you this! You pitiful commoner!”

Qiu Mimi: “!!!!!”

She gaped at Gu Yuan and Gu Qi who drove away in their fancy car, still holding the wad of money in her hands. For a long time she didn’t come back to her senses. In her heart, she thought that nowadays the way rich people flaunt their wealth was getting harder and harder for common people to understand.


Back in the car, Gu Yuan was tired physically and mentally. Nowadays, it had been tough for the gay love rival. He even had to help the male lead follow the plot QAQ What the hell was with that?!

Gu Qi looked at him with amusement, caressing his soft hair. The slightly cold touch felt comfortable making him squeeze his eyes shut.

“The little kitty that had just bared its teeth suddenly becomes so feeble. What did the girl do to you?”

Gu Yuan shook his head and tried to hold back. “I just don’t like her.”

Gu Qi’s smile could not be suppressed. “So, the way you hate people is somewhat special. Giving out a large sum of money for no reason. I would have thought you liked her if I didn’t know.”

“I was insulting her with that money!”


Don’t make a face like it’s none of your business! Who do you think is the cause /TOT/~~

Ding. Master has done really well. Please continue to make persistent efforts.”

Fan Yuan: “……” I want to die!


The class had already started for a dozen or so minutes before the car reached the gates of Song Zhen High School. But Fan Yuan was not worried because his family was also a major shareholder in this school. That’s right! In this world, the rich feared nothing!

Goodbye, male lead daren. Fan Yuan finally opened the campus arc. Although the details of this part of the plot were not included in the script, as an excellent actor, he still had to play the part of the original well.

“Xiao Wu, what did the original host usually do at school?”

Ding. Buy manhuas from bookstores and read manhuas in the library.”


Ding, nothing else.”

“………. Alright.” Although the original host’s daily life was pretty simple, as a professional actor, he would add color to his performance!

It was self-study time in the morning. There was no teacher in the classroom. Fan Yuan found his seat according to the original host’s memories.

A few men walked up to him with malicious intent. And the people sitting to his left and right, immediately left their seats and went to other places.

A boy not in school uniform was sitting opposite him, looking straight at him. And the others standing were apparently headed by that boy.

There was no mention of these people in the script. Fan Yuan went through the original host’s memories for a long time before he found it. The one sitting was called Yu Kai, a young master of a triad. Next to him were his subordinates who liked to nitpick the original host at every opportunity. But because they feared Gu Qi, they hadn’t dared to go too far.

Now that Gu Qi was gone, they thought they could bully him?

A boy chewing his gum said, “Gu Yuan, I heard your brother transferred schools. Is it because you are too annoying so he left?”

Another echoed his words. “It must be because you have a girly face, and talk and act like a girl, that he couldn’t stand it any longer. Gu Qi is unfortunate to have a weakling of a brother like you holding him back.”

The others laughed, as if the topic was something very amusing.

Fan Yuan grabbed his book with a slight pause, and then, as if nothing happened, took his book out of the bag, seemingly undisturbed. But if carefully observed, one could see his slight trembling.

Yu Kai, who had yet to speak, laughed at him. He squinted at Fan Yuan for a moment, then leaned in his ear. “You look so pitiful. You look like you need a fuck. If your brother can’t satisfy you, you can come to me.”

Fan Yuan’s eyes went cold. In the next second the book that was in his hand was thrown at Yu Kai and hit him right on his face which appeared to need a spanking.

The room went quiet. No one dared to breathe.

Ding, Master……”

Fan Yuan coldly interrupted him. “I know I messed up. Anyway, I already messed up once. A second time won’t matter to me!”



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