Chapter 50 Omake – Class Rep’s Observation Diary: Behind the Scenes

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I am known as Class Rep. My real name? (Omitted)


『Now then, it’s time for our meeting to commence』





 Right after school, just as people were about to make a beeline home, an announcement notifying the commencement of the designated 『Class Rep & Classroom Meeting』was sent via the LINE group chat and thus, their replies came in one after another.

 For the purpose of today’s meeting, I had opened the group chat and sent out invitations to everyone with the exception of『Asakura-san』,『Andou-kun』and『Momoi-san』; and of course,『Yamada』.

 In other words, for this meeting, all of the classmates with the exception of the three of them plus one were participating in today’s exchange. Now, as to the reason why only these trio『Asakura-san』,『Andou-kun』and『Momoi-san』… And that extra,『Yamada』were excluded from this meeting—


『Now then, our class will now commence the session… on how the class shall deal with both Asakura-san and Andou-kun』





 That is to say, that’s exactly what this is about. In the incident the other day, Asakura-san went berserk trying to cover it up. Whilst at a glance, it looked like everything had been resolved but as one might expect, none of the classmates had any idea what she was on about. Of course, there are some amongst them that are cheering them on but the same can be said for those who oppose the relationship. Hence, it was thereafter that incident that I was often busy scurrying to get everyone to make time so that we can set up this group chat so that everyone’s complaints can be heard and to control the class from making any weird passes at the duo.

 Yamada was also left out of the meeting, simply because he’ll be a nuisance during the meeting. As for『Momoi-san』, with her close relationship as Asakura-san’s best friend, she is more likely to notice my moves. Therefore, as a precaution, I had excluded her from the lineup.

 By the way, counting today, this is the third time we’ve held this meeting.


『Alright. First, let’s have all the representatives from each group voice their opinions』


 In our class, there exists several cliques.


『Right! We, the「Other Girls Clique」, retain the same opinion as before that we wholeheartedly accept and will cooperate with the union of the two as a couple』


 Just as the name implies, the『Other Girls Clique』is a faction of the remaining girls in our classroom once Momoi-san and Asakura-san are excluded. Amongst the other cliques, they’re the most moderate faction.


 If you’re curious about the reason, well that’s because Asakura-san is the prettiest girl in school so therefore, there are plenty of guys aiming for her. Hence, there are also a lot of popular guys that most of the female students like that are also interested in『Asakura-san』. However, should Asakura-san get into a relationship with Andou-kun, then all the guys that were previously gunning for her will have to abandon hope and therein lies an opportunity for the rest of the girls to strike. As an added bonus, Andou-kun, the guy that Asakura-san is delirious with, isn’t someone that the girls are big on.

 In other words, as girls, they have no reason to interfere with Asakura-san’s love.


『Alright. Next group』

『We, the「Spineless Men Union」, just like the girls, will do our utmost best to cooperate』


 Just like the girls, the『Spineless Men Union』consists of male moderates. This group was a collection of all the spineless man in class that initially thought『We will never stand a chance with Asakura-san, that’s why it doesn’t concern us whomever Asakura-san ends up with. Rather, as long as it makes our goddess「Asakura-san」happy, who cares』. The problem, however, resides with the other group…


『Then, finally, can the「Carnivore-Baseball Club Alliance」chime in with their view on the subject?』


      And finally, the last faction that we have is… the『Carnivore-Baseball Club Alliance』. These fellows are part of an alliance that comprise of the carnivore men and the most vocal group of guys in the class, the baseball club kids. These boys are the only group that maintains their outright refusal to back『Asakura-san』and『Andou-kun’s』relationship. By the way, their reason for that was『We don’t like Andou-kun』.


『We… The「Carnivore-Baseball Club Alliance」— will absolutely not interfere with this matter. We will neither assist nor be a hindrance. Do as you like』


 Oh? They’re not going to cooperate… but if they’re not meddling either, that just means they’re taking the middle ground? 


『Ara, wasn’t it in our last meeting that you guys said that if he made a false move, you’ll shut Subject A-kun up? Exactly what made you all change your minds?』

『…I came into contact with Subject A 』


 ’I‘? The leader of『Carnivore-Baseball Club Alliance』? Well, the most vocal in the baseball club is the substantial top of the alliance… so the leader is inevitably the baseball club’s… Ahh, which reminds me, didn’t he spoke with Andou-kun today? Though I don’t know what it was about since I didn’t ask further.


『So then, why did you suddenly change your mind?』

『…It’s a secret』

『Word! Ya know, Subject A called leader ‘baldie’. Word!』

『Seriously? LOL. That fits! LOL』



『Even though he’s bald, it’s f***ing hilarious LOLOLLL』

『SHUT UPPPPPP! Even if you’re herbivores, I’ll murder you all first thing tomorrow!』

『Our sincere apologies!』


 Andou-kun… Just what did you say to him.


『Anyway, why did you change your mind?』

『… I thought that fellow was just a gloomy loner. However, I might be wrong. Hence, until I understand why he’s worthy of our goddess, we’ll just watch from the sidelines. That’s all there is to it』

『I see』



『For our goddess to have such a sad expression during that incident…We, us boys, don’t wish for her to make that expression again』


 Haa~ Like I thought, Asakura-san’s popular, ain’t she…


『But if that was how you felt then you shouldn’t have opposed it so vehemently from the start…』



 If they hadn’t, then I wouldn’t have needed to start up this LINE group meeting so that『starting from henceforth, let’s (the entire class) cheer them on!』.


『Word! Let me just put it out there though. It’s not as if Leader had actually opposed it in the first place, ya know?』

『Word! But he had to pretend he was, ya know? Like some of the guys and the baseball club fellows were making a ruckus so Leader had to do something about it』

『Well you’re bloody in love with the goddess too, asshole! Word!』

『Oi, Sawatari! Zip it, you idiot!』

『W, Word!? Wha-! Don’t use real names, Yoshi! LOLOLLL』

『Then, why did you wrote「Yoshi」!?』

『What a lovely group of friends, eh?』

『Haa… Since I’ve collected everyone’s opinions,  how about we end the meeting for today?』



『Thanks for your hard work~』


 Now that the meeting was over, I switched off my smartphone and collapsed on the bed.


「Haa~ I’m exhausted…」


 With this, there’ll be no one in class that’ll bother the two of them for a while. But, who would have thought Yoshida-kun was suppressing those die hard fanboys. After all… isn’t he clearly in love with Asakura-san?

 Anyway, from tomorrow onwards, I can finally be at ease–……


「Seriously, why am I going through all that trouble for the two of them…?」


 Tiro Tiro~ Finale♪ ← Ringtone


「Hnn? Someone personally LINE me… Just who in the would could it be from? 」


Momo-chan☆『Class rep, you’ve done greatー♪ Thanks for your hard work☆』


「N, No way…Why does Momoi-san know my LINE account…」





  1. Carnivore men? What? Welp, that’s how Japanese girls label their guys. For more on the how they term men, check this article out:
  2. Friends can either refer to Friends the TV series, or Friends from Kemono Friends.
  3. FINALLY A PROPER ANIME REFERENCE. Tiro Tiro~ Finale is in reference to Mami Tomoe, legendary and famed first blood from Puella Magi Madoka Magica’s ultimate move. In other words, class rep admitted she’s the first sacrifice, the pillar to ensure Andou and Asakura’s relationship. WAKAKAKAK


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