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Becoming a Crossdressing Angel, I’ll Save the Hero

Author : Mitsuki Beni (BENI)‬

I became an angel after I died, but for some reason I was mistaken as a male as I was dressed like one and like that got the task to go to another world to save the hero. My angel name was Laguille. As Laguille I became close to the hero, Ansel, but……?




It seems I died.
Why you ask? It’s because I turned into an angel. And my light and bouncy steps feel as if I’m above the clouds. Furthermore, the clear blue sky. I saw something that seemed like a shrine too.
White wings had sprouted on my back, and I was wearing white clothes. For some reason I was wearing a pant-like thing. It somehow gives off a feeling of wearing a gakuran(1).
However, don’t have an experience, since I’m a woman.

「If you die with your chastity preserved, you shall become an Angel. Lately the number of such youngsters has grown. Earth is now crowded with angels. That’s why, you’ll be in charge of a different planet.」

A girl with beautiful black hair informed me with a troubled smile. On her back, as expected, were wings.
The white one-piece made her seem all the more young, but her way of speech gave an impression that she was considerably older.
Therefore, she said, making me fly. It’s was not with wings or the like, but something like magic that transferred me.
In there, was not a blue sky but a starlit one.
Overwhelmed by the sheer number of stars, more than I had ever seen, I opened my mouth agape.

「Are you the new angel?」

The one who addressed me, was a man.
He too, was wearing white gakuran-like clothes like me.
He was a handsome man, wearing glasses, with silver hair that seemed to shine under the starlit sky. As expected, he had wings on his back.

「It’s immediate, but I have some work I need you to do. I want you to save the Hero who ordered the subjugation of the Demon King.」
「Haa……how should I rescue him?」
「That I leave to your judgement.」

Ehh. Subcontracting.
Shouldn’t you be kinder to a new angel, angel industry? (T/N – can be service too)

「Because you are a “Man” you should be able to make a judgement by yourself to that extent.」

Eh? What did he say just now?
Didn’t he say I’m a man?
Though I have a short haired bob cut, and though I seem as if I dress up as a man. To be mistaken for a man is shocking.
While I was at a loss for words due to the excessive shock, the glasses angel-senpai briskly went.
For now, when I decided to wander around, trying to understand the Heaven of the plane different form earth, I chanced upon a well.
It wasn’t as if I was particularly thirsty, but I neared and took a peek.
It reflected the so-called surface.
When I thought “Can’t I see any towns?” it reflected towns. It seemed it was a well that could show anything. While I got excited thinking “Isn’t it amazing”, I came to understand, observing the town at night.
That world was one like the Middle Ages, it was common practice for women to wear dresses and let their hair grow long. Maybe the misunderstanding of the glasses angel-senpai came from this common practice.
Well, nevermind. Like that I gazed into the well.
That continued for several days.
There were no worries as for as the angels were concerned. Because I’m already dead, it’s seems there’s no need for food or sleep. But all the same, I’d let out a yawn out of tiredness.
I saw the child who had been chosen as the hero.
Too old to be called a child, yet too young to be called an adult. Or should I call him a boy on the verge of becoming an adult?
He was a redhead, even with very beautiful looks, doing intensive training with an earnest look.
He trained day in and day out. Intensively training in Magic and Swordsmanship, he’d fall asleep when he was in tatters(T/N – wiped out/in pieces). Just looking at it made me feel tired.
It got me thinking. Even though he’s young, he’s facing so many hardships.
Since he’s even younger than me, it’s pitiable seeing him carry a heavy burden like the subjugation of the Demon King.

「How long do intend to just look?」
「Ha! Senpai!」

When I realised, the glasses angel-senpai was peering in.

「To heal him, what’s the best way to go about it? Is it beyond your capabilities to even think of such things?」
「Even If you say that, ……I don’t even know what an angel can do.」
「What? You came her without learning anything? That’s inexcusable!」

After that reproachful gaze, he apologised in a regretful manner.
It seems like heaven wasn’t as black as I thought.
It was just a mere misunderstanding that had arisen amongst both parties. Maybe I was originally to be taught by that Black-haired beauty.

「My name is Michael. If that’s so, then you must not have been given your angel name?」
「Yes. That’s right.」
「Then, I’ll give you one. Accept it with gratitude. Your name shall be Laguille.」

This glasses angel-senpai has an oresama(2) attribute.

「Thank you. But there’s one correction.」

I decided to tell him that I’m a girl.

「Look, now go heal the Hero. Laguille. If you pray, he’ll be healed. Go now.」
「Eh? Ehh?」

Is that even possible!?
I was pushed with a bam, and fell into the well.
I went through the water’s surface with a splash, and the next moment, I was in the spacious room in the hero’s castle that had been reflected.

「Who is it?」

It’s natural that the hero Ansel, who was lying on the bed jumped to his feet, and pressed a question to be who had suddenly appeared in his room.
I confirmed that I had wings on my back. I’ll have persuasive power with them.
I made a pose of clasping my hands and praying.

「I’m called the angel, Laguille. I am the one to watch over you, Ansel-Sama.」
「Yes, I’m an angel.」

This is the first time I’ve introduced myself though.
I showed a gentle smile.

「I came to heal you, who endeavours in intensive training every single day.」

Umm, if I pray, he’ll heal.
I prayed. That this kid be healed.
When I did that, sparking light that seemed like golden threads(3) rained down and, in a blink of and eye all scratches and other wounds on Ansel disappeared.


Ansel, who had been on guard, from recognising me as a suspicious person who crept in, came to understand me to be an angel, and his nerves visibly relaxed.

「Is it fine if I come again to heal you like this? Ansel-sama.」
「Thatd be of great help. Um, please, by all means, call me Ansel. Angel-sama. 」
「Well then, Ansel. You may call me too, Laguille.」
「Then, Laguille ……」

Ansel showed a smile that seemed of his age.
I too broadened my smile.

「Well then, I shall return home for today. Let us meet again, Ansel.」

Waving my hand, I flapped my wings that I’d felt for the first time stretching from my back, and turned toward the ceiling and flew. When I did so, before i could bump against the ceiling, I crossed the water’s surface.
Ah, thank god I returned. I finished it without showing myself bumping against the ceiling to Ansel.

「That’s the way.」

The glasses angel-senpai aka Michael senpai who had been watching over, nodding satisfactorily, left, flapping his white wings.
In the end, didn’t I miss the chance to say that I’m female?
Well, nevermind. He’ll come to know one of these days.
I tried peering into the well. In the dark water, my face was lightly reflected.
A black bob cut and round eyes.
This, looks like a man……?
From their point of view, maybe i look like a boy with a feminine face.
I’m short. It’s a complex……

From that day onwards, I went to Ansel to heal him every night.
Surprisingly, Ansel told that he had met a goddess. It seems she personally gave him the task of the Demon King’s Subjugation. That’s why, he wasn’t suspicious at the appearance of an angel.
Even though I didn’t know because voices weren’t picked up when I watched from the well, I could ascertain that Ansel was a keigo-character(4) . I understood while speaking with him. Because he had acted as a knight’s follower from a young age, it seemed he couldn’t get rid of the habit.
The Knight from his time as an attendant, was not pleased with Ansel being elected as a hero and for a long time harassed him on the sly. However he reported with a smile「I splendidly defeated him in a duel」. It seems he’s not been harassed since then.
But he has quite the unyielding spirt. It’s an unexpected side.
Talking for a bit while healing, we became close.
Even if I called it talking, I had no topic as such, I mostly heard things about Ansel. Things that went well, things that did not go so well, and things he wanted to complain about, I empathically listened to everything.

「Laguille’s wings are beautiful. Is it fine if I touch them?」
「Hm, go ahead.」

I held out a wing to Ansel, who was sitting on the bed, and place it on his lap.
Letting out a voice「Waa……」, he softly and carefully touched it. It tickled a bit.

「Was Laguille born an angel?」
「No, that’s not it. I don’t know about the other angels though.」
「Then you became an angel? How?」
「That……When you die devoting your fidelity, you become an angel.」
「……Then, mustn’t there be a lot of angels?」

Ansel blankly tilted his neck.
Hm. I wonder if it’s a comparatively normal thing in this planet. It might be comparatively more common to die devoting your fidelity. But there weren’t many angels from this planet. There may be a different prerequisite to become an angel. That’s why even I was assigned.

「I formerly lived in such a planet.」

I decided to answer so.

「Then, if angels engage in sexual acts, what will happen?」

I gave out a shrill cry.
For a younger man to ask such a thing, it’s embarrassing.
As expected, Ansel has mistaken me for a man.

「I’ll try asking my superiors……」

If I ask such a thing to Michael senpai, will he get angry?
When I returned to heaven, I looked For Michael senpai, flapping my wings.
I confirmed that there were other angels present too, however I want to enquire.

「I was asked by the Hero, if an angel is unable to preserve their chastity, what will happen. I became an angel as I died preserving my fidelity ……so will I die?」
「No, you obtained the body of an angel, so you’ll only lose your status as an angel and fall to a human.」
「Eh. Is that so? I’ll lose my wings and become a human.」
「Ah, that’s right. You’ll be a so-called fallen angel, so it’s a matter of course that you won’t be able to return to heaven. Don’t think of stupid things, concentrate on your work.」

Nodding my head profusely, I was overjoyed at the topic I was talking with Ansel about being closed.
At night the next day, I talked at once to Ansel, after I finished healing.

「I see……」

Ansel muttering as if talking to himself, and gave a relieved smile, seemingly happy about something.
Ansel’s father was a knight who had been killed by demons. That’s why his mother was left behind. Different from Ansel, who did have the leisure to meet her, I confirmed Ansel’s mother’s conditions through the well. Ansel, who loved his mother, seems happy at hearing that his mother was doing well.

Before long, the Hero ・Ansel’s preparations for defeating the Demon King were complete, and he set out.
But still, my daily healing won’t change.
That’s why, he made me meet his comrades who were going to accompany him on the journey.

「Pleased to meet you, I heal Ansel. I’m the angel, Laguille 」

Facing the hero’s party that had surrounded the bonfire, I gave a bow.

「He’s an awfully bishounen(5) angel, right!?」

The male warrior who was laughing heartily had grown an admirable beard.
A B-Bishounen!? Is it the angel aura’s fault I seem like that!?
I shuddered inwardly.

「For an angel to be an ally too, as expected of the Hero chosen by the goddess.」

The woman mage whom you could even call bewitchingly laughed elegantly.
She face the smile which had interest towards Ansel, but Ansel showed no interest.

「Please Beal me today too, Laguille.」

Seeing Ansel, who requested me with a smile, I nodded and prayed and healed Ansel who had fought with demons. The sparkling golden thread-like faint light twinkled, surrounding him.

「Its good that we have someone who can heal.」

The short glasses wearing man was a summoning mage.

「I am the angel who helps the hero. If you need me please say so. I’ll be watching over from the skies.」

I tried gently informing him, clasping my hands.
Taking my hands like that, Ansel smiles gently, squinting his eyes.

「I’ll be in your care, Laguille.」
「I’ll always be watching over, Ansel.」

The journey from then on seemed intense.
Entering the Demon king’s country and the days of fighting against the demons.
There were many times when I went to heal, not waiting for the night to fall.
And at last, they arrived at the Demon King’s castle. I healed the hero’s party so that they fight in their best condition.

「Laguille……I’ll be going.」
「Yeah, Ansel. Let’s meet again.」

Because Ansel(6) grasped my hand to entwine our fingers, I returned the grasp.
When I let go of that hand, it felt a somewhat lonely, but I saw off a strong back.
Returning to heaven, I looked over the battle between Ansel and the Demon King through the well.
It was a terrible fight. As expected the Demon King let out sinister magic at Ansel, he was strong.
Ansel too, gave his best with all his strength and obtained an admirable victory.
But I went first and foremost to heal.


He hugged me tightly the first thing when I appeared. That’s why I returned the hug.
You did your best. You really did your best.
In order to convey that feeling, I gave a burning hug.
The hero party that admirably subjugated the demon lord, especially the Hero・Ansel, were extolled.
I confirmed the figure that was the toast of the country through the well.
Ansel seemed busy. But still, as soon as night fell, he’d begin offering a prayer.
It seemed as if he were calling out to me, and so I jumped into the well and went to Ansel’s room.
「Ansel. What are you praying for?」
「I want permission from the goddess.」(T/N – permissions/approval/authority)
「Permission from the goddess?」

Not the least bit surprised at me suddenly appearing, Ansel who stopped the prayer pose faced me and broadened his smile.
Doing so, he grabbed my arm and pushed me down on the bed.

「That give me Laguille, somehow or the other.」
Like that, Ansel straddled over me.
I, who panicked being sit astride by the opposite sex, ended up saying.

「W-Wait! I’m a-a Girl!?」

If you think carefully, it’s not something you’d say when being pushed down by the opposite sex.
But it seemed Ansel had mistaken me to be a man, and thinking if that was the case he might be homosexual, I mist reveal it once and for all!

「I know. I realised it the time when we hugged.」

I see! If you hug, you’ll know even if you hate it!
Even if it isn’t seen under my clothes, believe it or not, I have a bust!

「But I’m fine either way. Whether Laguille is a man or a woman. Because what I want is Laguille.」

While placing my arm over his head, Ansel smiled gently.
Saying I want and the like, he made my face go all hot.
He even said it didn’t matter if I was a man or a woman.
Does he like me that much? At that feeling, a fever erupted from the bottom of my heart.

「Is there any reason why Laguille must remain an angel?」
「T-There isn’t, but……」
「Then become my wife, we can live happily.」
Like that, Ansel kissed me while smiling gently.

「B-But, I won’t be able to heal Ansel anymore!?」

I, who panicked again, said that.
At my first kiss, my head become hot enough to make me lose my reason.

「I’ll be healed just by Laguille being there. That’s good enough.」

I, who was an angel, was hugged by the Hero Ansel.
In the end, I who didn’t hate Ansel and rather liked him, became a human, accepted Ansel’s proposal and became a human.

The End

1. “Gakuran” is the name of the boys’ school uniform with the upstanding collar. It’s a male uniform in Japanese schools


2. Basically, a character who’s full of himself.

3. Raw says Lamé. It’s a kind of fabric. Looks like this.


4. Someone who always uses polite speech while speaking. Imagine the way aristocrats speak. Keigo (lit- polite speech) is used in formal and ceremonial circumstances, and in certain cases when those of lower social position are address those higher-up. For example, shop clerks generally address customers using keigo forms.

5. Bishies are love, Bishies are life!! *Ahem ahem* Bishounen basically translates to pretty boy.

6. I think there’s a error in the raws here. They said Laguille.

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